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Music Monday #10 and Weekend Review {10/27}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

Gentle Readers, you should know something about me.  When I grew up, unsurprisingly, I listened to country music, because that's what Teh Parents listened to.  The one time I tried to change the radio station, Teh Mom flipped out on me like I'd grown a 3rd arm and she smacked my hand away like I was touching a hot stove.  I was not old enough to listen to anything other than country.  A few years went by and Teh Mom could no longer fight the inevitable.  It wasn't that I disliked country music, it was that I was a pre-teen/teenager and I was doing my own thing.

I've been a pop music fiend ever sense.  So this week, I give you. Mr. Probz - Waves.

Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) - Mr. Probz by Va - on Grooveshark


Friday was hair did day!  Expect a full recap on gettin' my hair did, but I will leave you with this gem:

Phil thought it was a bit brighter than he expected.

Gentle Readers, I LOVE IT!!!!  It took several hours and cost more than I had anticipated, but WORTH IT (unless I have to dye over it within the next 2 weeks, then I might cry). 

During my hair appt, Mr. Mystery delivered lunch because he's excellent and because I think he secretly wanted to see if I really was going to dye my hair blue.  After my hair appointment, I had to run by Lowe's to pick up some stuff and the first person to compliment my hair was a guy.  I'm not sure if he was being sarcastic or not, but I didn't even care a little bit. I made it home and had a skype date with Teh Humanitarian and Mr. Mystery came home.  

We agreed to leave later that evening for NC because he had found The One earlier in the week.  Oh, what is "The One?"  His dream motorcycle.  All I know is that it's a Ducati, it's fast, it's red, it's pretty (and not just because it's red) and it was in Raleigh for the right price.  Mr. Mystery knows my love of Raleigh, so he was easily able to con me into going on a trip to NC with him to pick up his bike. 

I was able to con him into going to the NC Fair in exchange for driving up with him (which meant that he could ride back to SC instead of hauling it in his truck).  We had decided to do the majority of the drive Friday night, so Saturday we'd only have to drive the hour from Fayettenam to Raleigh, since we were gonna bring the pups and stay with Teh Sister.  

We were slow getting out the door, but we were finally on the road by 6.  We stopped and picked up KFC on the way and OMG it was the best KFC I've ever eaten in my entire life, and I've eaten my fair share of KFC.  It was a foodgasm every time I took another bite.  Despite being full, I was so disappointed when I was out of food. We arrived at Teh Sister's house around 9:30 and we socialized for a little bit before finally deciding it was time to crash.

Waitin' on the noms.

Hello gorgeous clouds.


Teh Sister made breakfast on Saturday morning and Mr. Mystery called the dealership to make sure The One was ready (it was).  After breakfast, we got ready and headed to Raleigh, leaving the pups with Teh Sister and Mr. Utah, who were bitches and stood us up (they were supposed to come to the fair with us).  It worked out though, because they stayed home and fed the dogs.

Mr. Mystery and I headed up to Raleigh and we made our way to the dealership first.  Paperwork was easy-peasy.  Then we had to go shopping for gear.  Ouch.  Then we were out the door.  Due to RPM limitations, we tried to avoid the interstate/highways when it was possible.  I drove Mr. Mystery down Hillsborough Street so he could say he had seen NC State.  

A sexy biker in my mirror while gazing upon the ever-famous Mr. D.H. Hill.

We managed to find a pretty sweet parking spot on the side of the road because someone happened to be leaving and having no shame meant I yelled out the window to ask them if they were leaving, which they confirmed.  

After parking, we made our way in and food was our first objective.  Then we met up with Teh Advising Sister.  We bought some ride tickets and waited in line for way longer than I had anticipated.  Then again, we did go on the last Saturday the fair was going, so it kinda made sense in hindsight.  We rode rides and ate fried foods and eventually dinner.  

We wanted to ride this one first, but the line was super long and insanely slow.

We rode the zipper first instead.

He always wears an excited face while touching my boobs.
At least they can always make him happy, lol.

The best ride of the night.

YAY tall enough!

Mr. Mystery and Teh Advising Sister won a unicorn from Despicable Me for me.
They also learned that they should never, EVER, EVVVEERRR play darts with me.

I might have gotten a bit powdered sugar happy.
No regrets.

Our final ride, AND we were able to talk Teh Advising Sister into riding with us!


Fair panoramic, of course.


Looking up.


This actually made the carnie laugh.  He didn't want to, but he did.

I had wanted to stay for the fireworks, but because we had an hour drive back to Fayettenam, I agreed to leave without seeing them.  Then we realized that Teh Advising Sister still had our sunglasses, so we asked her to meet us at a chinese place down the street, which she did.  Right before we left, a guy came up and asked if I could give him a boost.  We had heard them (he and his GF, I assumed) pull in the parking lot and it wasn't sounding too good.  He couldn't get his car started, so I offered to give them a ride back to campus, after we discovered they were students at NCSU.  I didn't even bother to ask them when they graduated, because it would only serve to make me feel a million years old.  

After dropping them off, we headed back to Fayettenam, Mr. Mystery following behind me on The One.  I was able to catch up with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover on the drive, which always makes me happy.  We got to chat about ebola and hair and boys and how much we missed each other.  

When we got back to Teh Sister's house, Phil and Meri greeted us at the door and we promptly crashed.


We tried to put off getting out of bed as much as possible Sunday morning.  I had told Teh Sister that we should all do Red Robin for lunch since there is no Red Robin in Charleston.  After dropping off Mr. Utah's car to get an oil change, we had lunch, which was as delicious as always.  We picked up Mr. Utah's car on the way back to the house.  When we got back, we loaded up the car and headed out. 

Side story:  We let the dogs out to roam around the yard while we were putting everything in Yurtle and when I asked Phil if he wanted to go bye-bye, he went and immediately jumped in Yurtle since the back was open.  Despite everyone's efforts, he refused to get out of the car.  I love my Mr. Baggins.

Mr. Mystery and I had decided to take side roads back to SC to avoid the interstate.  I had only agreed to this since 1) I had the navigational (i.e. Suzy2.5) power and I could look at it while driving.  2) Mr. Mystery would have had to remember the way home.  3) Side roads only added 30 minutes to the drive.  4) It was prettier.  5) It was something different. 

After a few more stops than I normally would have taken, we finally made back to Charleston a little after 5.  Being a lazy ass, I immediately changed into pjs.  Being even lazier (and having nothing thawed for dinner), we agreed to get take away (or out if you're from America and didn't live in Bahrain for a year) for dinner.  Mr. Mystery agreed to chinese, which he insisted on picking up because he didn't want to wait on it to be delivered (and he wanted another reason to ride his bike). 

Despite it being football Sunday, Mr. Mystery asked me if I wanted to watch How I Met Your Mother.  I couldn't believe it and I almost thought it was a trick.  He did tell me the World Series started at 8, but I told him I only had 3 episodes left, so we'd be done with HIMYM by then.  

Mr. Mystery was awesome and had tissues on the ready for me during the last 2 episodes.  I knew I was going to cry, Barney and Robin are my favvveee.  I know the person who is most excited to see that I've finally finished HIMYM is Britt, who has been asking me if I'm finished watching yet for the entire month (which I need and used as motivation to finish faster).  

What did I think of the last season?  Ehhhhh.. I'm still not sure. 

Honestly, I am still annoyed that almost the entire season took place in a 2-3 day window.  By the end even I was tired of the side stories.  And the actual ending, which I'd heard I was going to be disappointed in, was.. expected almost?  I also watched the alternate ending which I liked because of how it recapped some of the significant events, buttttt I knew it was only because the actual ending got these possible reactions from everyone: 

Of course. 

It would make sense that it would come full circle.  I did tell Mr. Mystery that if the final photo they took at the bar would have been the one in the opening credits the whole show, I would have had absolutely zero bad things to say about the show because I LOVEEEEE when things come full circle. 

After we finished HIMYM, we agreed, like the old people we are, to shower and go to bed (yes, we might actually be 90 years old).  I realized that we had went to bed SUPER early when I woke up and had messages from 9:15 that I hadn't heard/seen.  Sorry, Granny was asleep. 

The weekend was fantastic.  Mr. Mystery and I make a pretty good team.  Despite the fact that I was in Yurtle and not on a motorcycle, it was fun getting to "ride" with Mr. Mystery and it make me look forward to Motorcycle Safety Class even more (on the 31st) and eventually, one day, when I'm employed for more than $8.50 an hour, getting my own motorcycle so we can really ride together. 

One final thing, this post is up super late.. buttttt I was always told, "Better late than never!" Happy Last Week of October, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend!

    Apparently it was fair weekend for everybody. D and I went to the fair this weekend too.

  2. I get that reaction to HIMYM. Especially after hearing about how crappy it was from everyone. I think if you look at the series as a whole it was expected, but I binged the last season over 2-3 days and since 80% percent of it focused on the wedding weekend I just feel like the last two episodes did not make sense at ALL in context of just that season. It really felt like they just decided on a starting point and end point in the beginning, and then just threw random crap in the middle to stretch it out.


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