Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday #34


I've missed the ever-loving-crap out of my Gentle Readers and blogging in general.  Is it strange that I miss strangers on the internet?  Eh, no fucks given, I missed ya'll, IRL (in real life).  If it wasn't for scheduled posts (and my ability to sneak on the internet last Wednesday morning), it would have been way longer without me.

I think the blogging break kinda helped renew my bloggin' spirit.  I was feeling a bit burnt out doing the same blogs each week, but I know why I do my M/W/F schedule and I know that I like that schedule, so you can bet I'll just keep doing the same thing now that I'm (mostly) back.


Remember that job interview on the 8th?  Yeah well, it didn't go like I'd wanted.  The guy doing the interview found out when he came back from travel (on the 7th) that the job had been cancelled (on the 6th).  He wanted to do an interview anyways because he wanted to consider me for other positions within the company.  That's great.. except that the other positions are not yet available yet because they are awaiting the contract.  Once they receive the contract, then they can hire.. in a few months.  He did suggest applying with another company who works on the same contract, but I've been doing that and so far, that company has no love for me.  It surprised me that he suggested applying with another company, but I give him kudos for trying to help me out.

Good people make me happy.


Having left the dogs in MD with Teh MD Roomies, I really miss them.  I'm actually on my way right now (yay for scheduled posts!) to meet Teh MD Adult Roomie to do a dog exchange.  I'm super pumped.  I probably should have done more dog prepping, but I'm not really sure what to do besides lay down dog beds and set up Phil's crate.

Phil will definitely be staying in his crate when we leave home.  Due to his poor behavior over the last few months, I don't trust him to be home alone in the new house.  We didn't really trust him to be unsupervised in the MD house either, but after he got his muzzle caught on Teh MD Teenage Roomie's footboard, we were very concerned about leaving him muzzled and loose and we had a conundrum because his crate was already in SC.

Meri normally stays in her crate when no one is home.  It's always been that way for her because as a puppy she couldn't hold it unless she was in the crate.  Trust is a dangerous thing when it comes to pets.  I do hope that they enjoy our new yard though!

They've obviously missed me:


Changing addresses on all.the.things is obnoxious.  I changed my address on my banking stuff and I thought I changed my Amazon stuff, yet when I placed an order on Amazon, my stuff quickly arrived to the MD house.  Megan fail.  I definitely changed that when I got home from our cruise adventure.


I have shitty "sea legs."  I didn't get sea sick, probably thanks to my daily diet of Dramamine, but once I got back to land and after our flights home, I was having vertigo like the devil.  Apparently, that's normal after a cruise or at least several strangers on the internet had claimed it was happening to them too.  Thankfully, I was righted around yesterday.  If I was still having vertigo today, I would have definitely went to the doctor.  I can't handle that mess.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Welcome baaaacccckkkk!!!! Hope you had a fantastic time in your cruise! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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