Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Ramble #1

-I can't call this post confessions because the linkup ended and I'm in mourning, but these are pretty much confessions without the link to Kathy's blog because habits.

-It cost me $140 to dye my hair blue.  I love it, it was worth every penny... IF I don't have to dye it a "natural" color when I start working.... on Thursday.. at Target...

-I have been mass applying to jobs.  I'm desperately NOT wanting to work at Target.

Btw, this is the best cover of Call Me Maybe after the Chatroulette version.
Don't care what you say.

-It took several minutes yesterday for me to find Grey's Anatomy on TV during the middle of the day.  I was about to be pissed.  It turned out better than I anticipated.  I got to watch 2 episodes of HIMYM before Grey's came on.

-There is blue dye on everything.  I love my blue hair, but I'm over the blue fingernails, blue shower, blue pillow cases, blue shirts...

-I ran on Monday morning AND took the dogs for a walk and felt like I deserved a break on Tuesday.  I might get in a run today, but that maybe too much achievement for the day prior to returning to work.

-I wasn't as enthralled with the NC Fair as I expected to be.  Everything just seemed overpriced, which I loathe.  $6 to ride a ride that lasts 30 seconds?  I guess it's not that much different than paying $50 to get into an amusement park, but still.  I hate being raped of my dollas.

-I'm taking the basic motorcycle safety class this weekend, which means that from 5-9 on Friday night, I'll be experiencing death by powerpoint instead of handing out candy to trick or treaters.  I'm slightly disappointed.

-Since I now have blue hair, I purchased a Thing 2 sweatshirt to wear to class on Halloween as my "costume."  Thing 1 doesn't exist, which is half the fun, so when people ask me where Thing 1 is, I can just shrug.

-I have put on more than 5 but less than 10 lbs since arriving in SC.  It hurts.  It hurts a lot.  I have purposely NOT snacked while I've been sitting on my ass at home, and I finally taught Mr. Mystery that his size portions aren't Megan sized portions.  He was giving me lots of crap about how "little" I ate until I asked him if he wanted me to become a dependapotamus... then he started letting me make my own plate.  I'm still capable of being a "growing" girl, but not in ways that either of us would really appreciate.

-Charleston experienced a few days of fall and now it's pretty much back to being miserable summer.  Ughhh.  I NEED SWEATSHIRT WEATHER!!

-When Meri and/or Phil fart in my direction while they are stretching, I find it amusing and gross at the same time.

-I often deal with Mr. Mystery's undesirable behaviors with bartering.  For instance, I told him that if he doesn't stop telling me every time he takes a dump, I'm going to start leaving the bathroom door open when I pee (which absolutely infuriates him for some reason).

-It's going to be quite interesting to see what shifts take place once I start working and I'm not sitting at home all day.  Like the fact that I won't always be reachable, unlike for the last few years where I'm almost immediately contactable.

-I knew that Kathy was going to stop hosting the linkup when I started doing it.  It's something about me where people stop doing them after I've started (which is usually WAAYYY after they were started).

-When Meri curls up under my arm or lays her head on my boobs and stares at me or tries to nose behind me and ends up with her head between her front legs, she's unbearably adorable.

-Blogger says I've reached 100093 page views since cIdad? was started..  I'm not sure how many of those are my own hits, but whatevs.  Google Analytics says I've gotten 1200 hits this month and I'm not willing to go through the months to do the math.  ANNNDD I put analytics on Teh Blog until several months to a year after I started blogging.  YAY some people and some Russian spam bots love me!

-I don't keep score in my relationship.  When Mr. Mystery left for work this morning he told me he owed me since I made and cleaned up dinner last night.  Honestly, I wasn't even worried about it.  The World Series was on and I knew that he was occupied.  I'm sure there's gonna be another night that I don't want to/am not available to help clean so it will be on him.  It is sweet that he said that though.

-If I see someone while I'm running, I'll keep running until I'm out of their view.. THEN stop and walk for a bit, no matter how much I need a break.


  1. Boo expensive fairs :( I totally get it, but I'm the type that would rather camp in a park and hike for 10$ than ride rides. Aka, somewhat of a loser.

    Boo blue hair dye, but YAY loving a new hairstyle!

    Hubs took the motorcycle course, I have not because I cannot even stand his bike up it's so heavy and no dollas for me to get my own lighter one anytime soon. Have fun, he said it was SO helpful! And his friend who he rides with told him he is SO much better than a guy whose been riding like 3-6 months longer but didn't take any type of class.

  2. how about we trade weather because it's cold as a mofo up hurr. as in i have to wear my winter coat WTF

  3. I'm also emensely sad about Kathy's link-up. So, so bummed. Which night day did you go to the fair? We were there on Tuesday. You're a better person than I, I won't touch those rides. Well, I don't trust the carnies who take them apart and put them back together.


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