Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That one time I got blue hair.

I told ya'll on Friday that I was going to get my hair did.  Well, it happened!

I found a Groupon for Autumn Christian Studio while I was still in MD for "One haircut, style, deep conditioning treatment and full highlights or color" for $49.  I was pumped because I definitely wanted to get my hair colored something not in navy regs and it needed to be trimmed.

I had called several times on Thursday to ask if she had "crazy" colors and hadn't gotten an answer, so I was already walking in slightly irritated (like it takes much).  I got to the address and it was a building with suites, and it took walking all the way around the building to finally deduct which door I needed to go in.  Frustrated point #2.

But then, it only went uphill.

Right off the bat I told Autumn that I wanted to dye my hair a crazy color, blue or green preferably.  She immediately asked me if I had any photos.  A woman after my own heart, of course I had photos.  I had made a pinterest board earlier in the week and went a'pinnin'.  After seeing the photos, Autumn went to see what she had for color options.  She came back and informed me that she had some teal/blue and I told her that was fine with me.

She seemed hesitant at first because I came in looking normal and I was planning on walking out with blue hair and she wasn't sure if I was ready for that.  I tend to have that effect on my hair professionals.  When I told Paula, my hair dresser from home, home, that I wanted to cut it SUPER short, she cut it short, then had to cut it again because I told her it wasn't short enough.  I'm scary when I go into a salon... and I'm dedicated to whatever I've decided.

Autumn told me that she may have to mix the colors and I told her to go crazy, as long as it was blue when we were finished, I was going to be happy.  She was excited that she got to do some experimenting on my hair.  She was almost as excited as I was, which always makes for a fun day at the salon!

Goodbye Blah Blah Brown!

The first step was lifting the brown out of my hair, aka bleaching my hair.
Autumn started with the middle of my hair and then went back and did the roots and the ends since those don't take as long.

You could already see it starting to turn blonde.

This comb and I were friends.
The bleaching process made my head itch a bit, so Autumn let me borrow this comb so I could scratch.

The space helmet was nice and warrrrmmm.

After it set, it was time to rinse out the bleach.

This is going to be interesting...

Let's just say, on a public forum, that I will never willingly go blonde.


After Autumn dried my hair completely, it was time to start making me blue.  She had mixed two colors together so the color I got was completely unique.  Additionally, she didn't make it one color all over, she faded the colors in a semi-ombre look.

Getting started on adding the blue.

No turning back!

My new favorite crazy photo of myself.

At this point, the cell phone camera needed a break.. and it was time for lunch.  Mr. Mystery delivered since he was just across the street.  He is pretty excellent and I'm not overly biased.

I'm blue, da da de da da daaaa.

I went back in the space helmet again!

Blue and teal

After the allotted amount of time, it was time to rinse!

The blue dyed all the things.

After it was rinsed, it was time for a quick trim.


bahha, see what I did there.

Blow drying the hairs

We couldn't stop smiling and giggling.

After my blowout, Autumn styled it for me.

This must be what it's like to be a Dr. Seuss character!

Final product!!!
Autumn released me from my capes and the chair and we went outside to get some photos in really good light.

She was trying to get the camera to work and something was hilarious.

Blue nails = dedication!

Of course, I had to take some selfies.

Loooove the teal bottom.
It's like an almost ombre, but not quite and I loooove it.

I love the royal blue on the top and the lighter blue/teal at the front.

I tried to get some photos of me with blue hair with the dogs, but they really weren't interested.  Assholes.

What it looks like when it's not professionally done.

I really am starting to look like a smurf.
From scratching my head, my fingernails haven't returned to their normal color yet.

Guess how many towels and pillowcases in my house are blue???

My added price was $90, so all together with the groupon, that was $140.

I was a little bit upset by this since because I felt like I should have gotten the "deal price" ("$49 for the first option ($45 value) with full highlights or color ($80 value; $125 total value)") rather than the paid price.  I had told Autumn that I would pay the difference, since I knew that it was more of a process to bleach my hair then add the color, but I didn't realize the difference was going to be $90.  I was thinking more like $50ish.  Lesson learned.

Overall, despite the price tag, it was totally worth it.  I LOOOOOOOVE the blue.  I've gotten compliments from strangers in Lowe's (which was my first stop after leaving the salon), 10 year olds waiting on fair rides with us (which was the best because 10 year olds don't lie), and even strangers who have yelled at me across busy streets, "I love the blue!"  There was also a little girl in CVS (my 2nd stop after the salon) who whispered to her Mom, "Mommy, her hair is blue!"  I couldn't contain my smile.

Oddly enough, the most important compliment that I got was from Mr. Mystery when he said he liked it.  Not because I was worried about his approval (bahha, like I care about approval), but because he is the one that has to see it the most.

Thanks Autumn!!


  1. Woah, that is super blue! Definitely not regulation ;)

  2. I LOVE IT! I can't ever go a crazy color because of work but love people who can. There are a crap-ton of hidden fees at the salon. The last time I got my hair colored she asked if I wanted it blow dried and styled. I asked how much and she said $35. Ummm nope, I'll leave with wet hair thank you.


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