Thursday, October 2, 2014

just my style...

Halloween is a special time in my life.  Not because the abundance of candy (about which, I do not complain) or the creepy decorations or scary movies (which I hate).. it's about the COSTUMES.

Last year, I discovered these foam hat thingies that Target had.. they were sweeeetttttt.
This year, they didn't disappoint either.

Happy October!!!
PS.  I saved the best photo for last.  Delayed gratification, Gentle Readers, delayed gratification.

It's my special witch hat.

It matched my shirt.

Yarrr matey!

The clllllllaaaaaaawwwwwwwww(ssssss)

Captain Redbeard... yesss.

Teh MD Adult Roomie can't always be behind the camera.

New visual for "googly eyes"


I may or may not have approached a random stranger in Target and asked her to take our photo.
In our defense, the Target employee who encouraged us was no where to be found,
otherwise, it would have been his job.

It's like the fairy from your nightmares, lol.

I personally have tried not to think about all the other people who have tried on these items and when I do, I think about how awesome they were when they tried this stuff on... not about the possibility of lice or skin conditions or any other gross body crap that could be contracted from this adventure.

Obliviousness is where it's at!


  1. I knew the last want to be that epic hair! I tried that one on and so did my husband it was hilarious! Target is the place for the most fun! I also have an awesome picture of my brother is a hotdog love it!

  2. This is awesome! My daughter & I do the same thing!


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