Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday #9 and Weekend Review {10/20}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

I actually wanted to share this song after my weekend in PA but didn't know the name.  After some research, I have found it.  They played this during the service that I went to with Teh Raleigh Roomie.

Jesus Paid It All - Passion Worship Band

Moving and life transitions are difficult.  Between this song and Oceans by Hillsong United, I can't get enough.

Note: I didn't forget to tell you about the cruise.  Come back tomorrow to hear read all about it.


I woke up early Friday morning to hit the road to meet Teh MD Adult Roomie to exchange the puppies.  On the way home, I stopped in Fayettenam to visit Teh Sister and let her meet Meri and hang out with her favorite nephdog.  It was a win for everyone because not only did she get time with my pups, I got time with Judge and Noodles, my nephdogs, and she made cannolis AND salmon patties for me.  NOMNOMNOM.

Honestly, I wasn't as ready as I could have been for them, which I mentioned in Friday's post (which I failed to link up anywhere, Megan fail).  I came home and was pulling out dog beds and setting up crates.  Neither Meri nor Phil cared about my plight.  They were happy to get to do zoomies in the backyard.

Ridin' in my car isn't as roomy as Teh MD Adult Roomie's.

Philbo braved the slippery floor like slippery floors never bothered him.
He's such a jerk.

Meri enjoyed toy diving.

Phil doesn't really understand "in the way."
He does understand, "move," which is very beneficial.


Noodles was gonna help me drive back to SC.

My little navigator was dozin' on the job.

The cutest view in my mirror.

Be still my heart.
I can't get enough of this photo.

Aunt Teh Sister gave Philbo a mustache stuffie for his birthday.
He liked it.

He also enjoyed his new yard.

Friday evening we were lazy.  Mr. Mystery grilled ribeyes for dinner and we watched Jurassic Park with captions.  That was a battle.  I'm a huge caption fan and Mr. Mystery says they are "distracting."  We finally came to the deal that the first time we watch a movie, it will be with no captions, after that, captions are on if I ask for them, unless he's being a dick....  I hadn't seen Jurassic Park all the way through, so it was a big deal for me to be watching it.

We were in bed by 9:30 that night.  Because it's been so cool, we've been leaving the bedroom window open and AC off as often as possible.  We heard the local high school marching band while we were laying in bed.  I told Mr. Mystery that we were officially old.  We laughed and then proceeded to continue check our phones and eventually went sleep.

We're old.  No fucks to give.


We had plans to meet Teh SC House Finder and her husband, Teh Architect, for lunch at Sesame so we slept in and it was glorious.  The dogs did rouse me around 0630, but I knew if I fed them it would be after breakfast naptime.  We finally got up around 10 and had breakfast and I messed around on the internets and Mr. Mystery was playing his video games.

At 1230 we met Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect.  We had to wait for our table and we were people watching the entire time.  I just can't get behind women with huge shoulder muscles that look like shoulder pads (actually, Teh MD Teenage Roomie gave me that terminology, she's great).  We saw 2 women in a group of crossfitters, of course, who had these shoulder pads and I couldn't wipe the look from my face.  I don't really like those muscles on a men either, so it's not a gender thing.

Huevos Rancheros with grits..

After lunch, we went back home to accomplish some tasks.  Mr. Mystery washed the truck and Yurtle and I built the media shelf and unpacked 2 boxes and did some laundry.  The dogs spend the afternoon running in and out of the house since we have the doors open since it's cool outside.  Meri ran up and down the fence line with the neighbor's dog and dug a few holes in the yard, which really wore her out.

She's just so cute.

It was a battle, and I had to watch a youtube video, but I made the damn baby gate work!

We decided to take up Teh SC House Finder on her offer to come hang out that evening and watch whatever football game was on.  We brought booze and Cards Against Humanity, which we sadly didn't get to play, but it was still a fun evening of meeting new people and hanging out.

Sunset on our way

One of the couples that was hanging out brought a blanket that had lots of lint balls on it.
They encouraged me to pick the entire blanket clean.  I barely made a dent, but I tried!

Around 10:30 we decided it was time to go since we had to drive the 30 minutes back home.  We definitely were out past our old people bedtime on Friday night!


We slept in again on Sunday morning.  It was on the food menu to go to brunch that morning, so I found 2 options, Hominy Grill or Heart Kitchen.  We decided on Hominy Grill since we'd both heard about it, but when we pulled up to the restaurant, there were a mabillion people standing outside, who we assumed were waiting on a table.  I quickly pulled up the directions to the other restaurant, which was only a few minutes away and we had brunch there instead.  Heart Kitchen wasn't so bad, but it took forever for our food to come out and the place wasn't really that busy.  About 5-10 minutes before our food came out, I kept telling Mr. Mystery that I was hungry, which was how I knew it was taking a long time.  Usually I can keep those comments to myself.

Scarf weather!
It's my first time wearing my mickey scarf from DW, win!!

After brunch, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up stuff for Mr. Mystery to make chicken and dumpling soup.  We came home and had a lazy day.  The dogs enjoyed the open door policy again (Meri is going to hate it when it actually gets cold and we have the doors shut).  Mr. Mystery turned on Predator, which I was supposed to watch, but failed at.  For 2 reasons: 1.  I was trying to write this blog.  2.  He refused to turn on the subtitles for me.  It wouldn't have worked out had I been invested in the movie because Teh Dad called and later, I skyped with Teh MD Roomies.  Eventually, Mr. Mystery just turned on the football games.

Look what I learned from Olive!

She finally crashed later that night while I was on Skype with Teh MD Roomies.

We also discovered that Charleston has an AA hockey team, which means yay for getting to see some hockey.  Miss Reflective is always talking about the local AA team in her area and how fun it is to go to the games, which made me curious if we had a team in the area.  We do!  WIN!

Finally, it was time for bed.  Sadly, the weekend was over.   We didn't really accomplish all that I wanted to get done, but that's ok because it was a relaxing weekend overall.  Hopefully, I can accomplish some of these tasks this week while Mr. Mystery is at work, but some of the item are a team effort, so we'll see.  Anyone wanna come over and help me hang shit?  I pay in food and dog food and good company!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. It seems like you had a super busy weekend. I am jealous of the ribeyes and scarf weather. It's still in the high 70's in Southern California.

  2. Dude, I have been ALL ABOUT some captions lately. I think I'm getting old too. It started with Dr. Who (the accents) and now it's just because all those dramatic sounds and music too often overpower the actual dialogue.


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