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Music Monday #8 and Weekend Review {10/6}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

It's the first of the month so today's Music Monday theme is: what is your favorite fall song?

Based on name alone, I have to go with The Autumn Effect by 10 Years.  I can't get into all of 10 Years's music because it can be a bit too heavy for me, but this song always floats my boat.

Let's review this fantabulous (last) weekend (in SoMD), shall we?


Friday morning started out at 0430 with a run with Teh MD Adult Roomie.  It was way too early for me.  The 30 minute difference between 0430 and 0500 is significant, if you weren't already aware.  After our run, I showered at her work and headed up to Bethesda for my allergy testing appointment.  By Friday, I'd had a full week of ZERO allergy/sinus meds.  I quit cold turkey and you better believe that I had my sudafed and zyrtec in a baggie in my purse to take immediately after I was finished.  

When I told the doc that I had a 7 out of 10 headache on the pain scale, he asked why and I was easily able to tell him, "Because I've not had any allergy medication for a week."  I take 4 different things for my allergy/sinus problem, I call it my "cocktail," but it works and makes my life better.

I was getting tested to see if I was allergic to penicillin and the doc refused to do any other testing because he didn't want it to affect the penicillin test, but he said he would run blood tests for allergens.  Whatever.  At first he tried to insinuate that if I wasn't feeling well I shouldn't do the tests at all and I said, "Oh, we are doing testing.  I drove 2 hours to get here with this headache.  We are doing something today."  The female doc that I had spoke with the week prior looked at him, looked at me, and she confirmed what I had said and added, "She drove up last week and we weren't able to do anything because she hadn't been told not to take her allergy meds."  

I was not allergic to the skin scrape or the intradermal injections, so they gave me 250mg of amoxicillin and observed me for 2 hours, where I attempted to nap.  After 2 hours, nothing happened, so I was released.  I went down to the cafeteria to eat lunch and then headed home.  Right as they started the tests, I got a call from an SC number, but since I was busy, I sent the call to voicemail.  I checked it as I was walking out of the hospital.  It was a guy calling about my resume, he wanted to do a phone screening!  SWWWEEETTT!!

I called him back on my way home (don't judge me, I was excited and I didn't want to wait much longer since it was already 2pm when I started driving home).  After chatting for a bit, we agreed on an interview time for next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOT!!!  20 minutes later, the hiring manager called me to confirm the date and time and explained that she was going to send me an email with a few more items I needed to fill out and return.  I knew that the job situation would eventually fall into place and that I just had to wait, but patience isn't my virtue.

Friday evening after I got home we had dinner and after dropping off Teh MD Teenage Roomie at practice, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I went shopping for a blazer for me to wear to my interview since I still don't have one, uuuggghh.  We weren't successful, but we did find some other cute items that may have came home with us, oops.  After picking up Teh MD Teenage Roomie, we went back home and I crashed soon after.  

Teh MD Adult Roomie did not approve of this outfit.

A really adorable Kate Spade dress that had zipper slits, so I totally had to get my sumo wrestler on.

The most adorable dogs on the planet, in this exact moment.


Saturday morning, I woke up with the hounds and started working on the paperwork the hiring manager had sent me.  I realized that I hadn't sent myself all my important files that I had saved at work, which meant that I had to go back to VX-1 and save my files to dropbox.  Fortunately, we were already planning to go to base since we did another color run together before I left since it was on base and we didn't have to drive 1.5 hours to get there.  

We went to base early to pick up our packets, since we hadn't made it the night before.  As we were standing around waiting on the run to start, these very ominous grey clouds came upon with a mighty wind that was making everyone very cold.  Everyone was swearing that it was going to rain.  Miraculously, it didn't.  By the time Teh MD Adult Roomie and I were at the halfway point, the entire sky was blue again and there was a breeze, but it wasn't blustery like it had been before.  

After the race, we waited around for the color toss and then we headed home.  I dropped my water bottle when I got out of the car at home, and it finally cracked at the bottom which led to devastation.  We came home to a dog who was very proud of herself because of her ability to get into the locked trashcan with her muzzle on.  I sent Teh MD Adult Roomie a text that said, "You get your dog, I get your daughter."  She knew it wasn't going to be good when she got home.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie and I had a heart to heart while Teh MD Adult Roomie told Olive of her immense displeasure.

We were supposed to go to a corn maze after lunch, but I had developed an allergic reaction to the penicillin during the night and after taking a benedryl and running the 5k, I needed a nap.  I met Ms. Motivator for dinner at Blue Wind Gourmet and we got to have one last hang out session before I departed.  I dropped off Teh Monopoly's flight suits that I had borrowed for my flight on Thursday since my flight suit was wayyyy too big and went back home where I announced that I hadn't done ANYTHING to celebrate my getting out of the Navy and that we needed to go get our nails done and my ears pierced.

All the nail places were closed since it was 7pm on a Saturday night (whhhhyyyyy?) and the only place open to pierce ears was Wal-Mart.  Whatevs, we went to Wal-Mart like classy bitches.  The lady at the jewelry counter was almost as excited as I was that I wanted my ears pierced.  She was excited because I wasn't a pain in the ass kid, I was excited because NO MORE REGULATIONS!!  It was a successful mission.

Well, that doesn't really feel good.



We came home afterwards and put our purchases away and played on the internet until bedtime.


Sunday morning I woke up early and went running with Teh MD Adult Roomie (for the 3rd day in a row).  Despite how early it was and that it was 10° cooler than it had been projected to be, I went running.  Mostly, it was due to the self-guilt knowing that I probably won't be running that much over the next week and while we're gone on the cruise (and I only feel a little bad about that, but I know my body needs a rest).

After the run, we came home and I showered and headed to my last church session at LPUMC.  After church, I came home and we ate lunch and then we headed out to DC for one last day trip.  We had decided to visit the Jefferson Memorial because I had never been there.  We walked around the entire Tidal Basin, which was awesome because we all got to see memorials that we hadn't ever seen before.  It was gorgeous outside, which meant awesome photos (that I had to take with my cell phone because I failed at bringing my camera).  

Tidal Basin

George Mason and I just huggin' it out.

Jefferson Memorial

WW1 DC Veteran's Memorial

MLK, Jr. Memorial

FDR Memorial

Me chillin' with FDR's shaggy dog.

Badass Minnie.

Teh MD Adult Roomie was trying to get good photos and Teh MD Teenage Roomie didn't realize I was the reason Teh MD Adult Roomie was laughing so hard... until I scared the crap out of her by tapping her on the head.

After making it all the way around the basin, we headed towards home.  We made a stop at Zekiah Farm on the way home so we could conquer a corn maze.  We actually ended up doing both corn mazes.  We started the 2nd (larger) maze with no map/photo and it didn't take me very long to get frustrated.  Teh MD Adult Roomie looked up the map online and I was able to lead us out of the maze with just the photo with wayyyy more expediency than we had started with.  After we made it through both mazes, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I played a game of corn hole.


Uhhhh, which way do we go?

We had to use a photo as a map to get around.  Otherwise, we would have been in there for days.

Having accomplished our corn maze mission and Teh MD Adult Roomie playing her first ever game of corn hole, we left and headed to "the last supper" at Red Robin, our go to place.  Red Robin was way better than Cheeseburger in Paradise had been last Thursday night, food wise and service wise.  The burger was everything I wanted it to be, and some things I didn't want it to be (messy).  After dinner, we headed home to hang out with the puppies and pack up my stuffs.

She was sad because it was our "last supper."

And an official photo of us!

It didn't really take that long considering 90% of my stuff is already in SC waiting on me, but it was still sad to be emptying out the closet and making sure I had everything.  We loaded up Yurtle as much as possible, so the only things left for this morning were my computer, the laundry, and items that I used this morning.

It is hard to drive away from Pax River.  I spent 3 years here.  It's the longest amount of time I've spent anywhere since college.  I've struggled here, I've excelled here, and I've done a LOT of growing up here.  I became a doggy-mom again here.  I made lifelong friends here.  Despite the quirks of the area, being in Pax River was a good thing for me.  I might miss it a little (and I'll definitely miss certain people a lot).

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  1. It seriously looks like you have fun every day! Cracked up over your sumo squats in that adorable KS dress! Thanks so much for linking up on Friday!!

  2. Holy cow you had a fun weekend! Mine was positively boring lol


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