Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Confessions {6/14}

-Promo codes for free groceries and free delivery at a time when I'm not allowed to drive?  #fate

-I bought new toys for Pax and Meri.  I was hoping to get super large toys.  I did not purchase wisely.  Also, I seem to have no concept of measurements.  #mathishard

-I added the toys I intended to buy to my Amazon wish list.  They will be there when I need them.

-I need to take care of some stuff for school, preferably before classes start in the fall, but not being allowed to drive is kinda cock-blocking progress.  I need to request a waiver for some required classes in lieu of work experience and other classes that I've already taken.  I'm hoping it is an easy yes, otherwise I have to take an English and History class that I do not need.

-Per my insurance website, the Ortho charged $66,500 for my hip surgery.  That's just his part.  That's not what the hospital charged me, or the pre-op labs, or the anesthesiologist/etc ologists that I haven't been billed for yet.  Hello, $100,000 ass!

-I got to move my CPM machine up to 15/75° from 30/60°!  It's progress!  Since the CPM is for knee patients, the degree of my hip is actually less than that, but it's continuous motion, so ya know.. movement is movement.

-After my sprint on Sunday, I was feeling a little bit sore.  Not enough to take meds.  I feel like not taking meds keeps me in check on doing things I should/shouldn't be doing.  If it hurts, don't do it.  Duh.  #realitycheck #UnmedicatedLife

-RSVPS!!  Teh German's parents have finally RSVPed for our wedding.  As if they hadn't already purchased their plane tickets and made hotel reservations last month.  So at least all of our parents will be at the wedding.  There are a few other big ticket individuals we'd like to get a yes from, but we're standing by to hear the decision.

-We attended Company's open house event last night and Lowcountry Boils never make my belly sad.  On the other hand, peeling skrimpies before I eat them because legs, makes me very sad.  #MeganProblems

-My surgery charges were audited by my insurance company to make sure the surgery wasn't due to an accident or work related injury.  Nope suckas, you gotta pay that!  Also, how about a FUCK YAAASSS to meeting my out of pocket deductible and not having to pay no mo!  #winning Well, winning if you exclude the $2000 I paid out of pocket for medical expenses this year.

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