Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Review {6/12}

Despite being a cripple, it was a busy weekend.


I got up on Friday and did the work thang.  It was uneventful.  Eventually, Teh German came home after an unsuccessful mission to run an errand for me (their fault, not his).  He came home and completed all the tasks I could think of that he should do before he left for his weekend getaway.  Finally he showered, packed, and was out the door by 3.

Shortly after that Teh PT Wife came over with the dogs and we hung out and started working on the puzzle for a bit.  Eventually, it was time for evening plans.  Teh PT Wife had some PF Chang's coupons, so we headed there for dinner and then we were going to check out a dueling piano bar in Mount Pleasant.

Marcie loves playing with all the dog toys.

Walnut skrimpies. NOM.

Me, Teh PT Wife, Teh Dental Hygienist, Teh Broken AF Maintainer (our DD)


I had never been to a dueling piano bar, so I was excited to go.  It was actually a lot like karaoke with live music.  The downside is that the pianist get to pick which recommendations they actually play, buttt ya know, there's got a be a trade off somewhere.  Megan's recommendation: If you go to a piano bar and google piano bar requests, DON'T write down the ones that Google lists out.. be a little more creative than that... People in the back.

We finally headed home around midnight.  I was tired and my leg was bothering me and I ended up taking medication for the first time since Wednesday at lunch.  What this means is that now I'm able to take the medication, literally, as needed, rather than being on a constant rotation of Oxy.  #kthxnope


Despite wanting to sleep in (which Meri always laughs at me when I even think that), I was up at 0630 with the beasts.  I fed them and we all went back to bed.  Shortly before 1000, Teh German called to chat with me for a little bit and at the same time, I got up and made myself socially presentable so I could go with Teh PT Wife to grab coffee.

After we got back from our coffee run, we did puzzle at my house for HOURS.  As in, when we looked at the time and noticed that it was 3:30 and that was probably why we were hungry, we just agreed to go out and grab something and then come back and go to Teh PT House and smoke a hookah and then get ready for the neighborhood ladies night. We sent some EPIC snaps to Teh Dental Hygienist.  We were cackling at ourselves because we are so hilarious.  That crying filter was on.freakin.point...

Pax hanging out in the shade.

Marcie, Max, and Meri.. in a moment of stillness.

Ladies night.

This is what a Yorkie-Poodle (Yorkiepoo) mix looks like.  He doesn't shed

While hanging out with neighbor ladies, I proceeded to get white girl wasted at ladies night.  Of course, I did have a true Megan moment when the dog and I were hanging out while I rested on the couch (instead of standing around the kitchen island (where the noms were)).  #lifegoals

Most everyone had left, but a few of us were still hanging out around 0130, when I finally told Teh PT Wife (my ride) that I had to go home since Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom had arrived.  After getting them inside and pretending NOT to be as drunk as I really was (rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllyyy drunk), they opted not to come back out with me to smoke a hookah at Teh PT house and went to bed instead.  #oldpeople

I finally ended up crutchin' it home around 0400.  I'm way too old for that kind of shenanigans, but it was fun. 


Meri woke me up at 0700 by jumping on my junk AND my incisions.  I was NOT pleased (and I might have still been drunk) and they had to wait another 30 minutes for me to get up and make their breakfast.  After dog breakfast, we all went back to bed.  I set an alarm so I could get up and get ready by 1130, when we were leaving for brunch.

I finally ended up getting out of the bed at 1030, which was difficult.  When I had fed the dogs, I had downed at least 32oz of water and had a piece of bacon.  I had a bit of a headache, so I took some ibuprofen and just faked it till I made it.

Teh PT Wife was our chauffeur to Crave in Mount Pleasant (home of the Mac Off winning mac and cheese).  We had never been there, so we wanted to try it out.  I ordered a single entree of mac and cheese for the the 4 of us to share as an appetizer before we ordered our food.  #SolidLifeChoices

I didn't lick the bowl, but I considered it.

After brunch, we headed towards Alhambra Hall to show Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom where the wedding would be.  Someone was having an event there, so the building was open and we walked around inside and went into the yard to get the full view.

After we got home, Teh Stepmom and I worked on puzzle until Teh German got home (Teh Dad said he didn't like doing puzzles), telling us how he almost died and there was an accident when they were less than 5 minutes from home.  It was super scary and I could tell he was spooked when he walked in.  Around dinner time, we agreed to get pizza with Teh PT Family and they came over.  By this point, there was only black pieces left to place in the puzzle, so I put them on the mat and rolled everything up.  Yay for the puzzle mat!

After we had finished eating, we were sitting at the dining room table chatting and we all heard something that sounded like dogs fighting.  I heard it first and screamed, "THE DOGS!" and jumped up and sprinted to the door.  I'm about halfway to the door when Teh PT Wife screams at me and I didn't realize why until I got to the door.  My hip.  Oops.

Turns out, the noise was just Teh PT Kid's tablet and after that he got earbuds and I was strongly glared at NOT to do that again.  When your friends are also your doctors, it's hard to get away with things.. and actually doing your PT homework doesn't make up for shit like sprinting a week post-op.

We did let the dogs in and Teh PT Wife helped me back to my chair and we chilled for a little bit longer before finally deciding to relocate to Teh PT house for smoking hour.

A boy and his ball

Around 9, we finally headed home and it was bedtime.


A very good weekend for the books.  While the dudes are away, the ladies will play.  Ok, that came out a lot creepier than I had intended, but I'm going with it.  Teh PT Wife made sure that I wasn't going to die, which I appreciate.  We were both excited for a weekend all to ourselves and then we ended up hanging out for 95% of the awake part.  #notsorry

Today, Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom will leave and life will go back to normal. 

I caught Mr. I Don't Like Doing Puzzles this morning.
Turns out, he also doesn't like incomplete puzzles sitting around. LOOOOOL

Complete puzzle!  No missing pieces (awesome for a used puzzle)!  Woot!

This week includes:
PT - all the PT.  I'm interested to see what the Ortho had to say after Teh PT Husband tells him he witnessed me sprint to the backdoor without my crutches on Sunday afternoon.  Ooops.  Maybe this means we can up my PT regimen and make it harder.  Not that I really want it to be harder, just that I want to get better.
Post-Op Ortho appointment - the stitches will finally come out and the Ortho will get to tell me about all the fun things.

That's all that is currently on the calendar which means that it's probably going to be a crazy week.  Company is doing an open-house tomorrow and I'm considering having Teh German bring me into work for a bit so I can help out.  We'll see what happens.

Happy it's not quite summer but it's still hot AF outside/middle of June, Gentle Readers!

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