Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #10

Teh German was watching the USA vs Germany ice hockey.
M: Are we winning?
Teh German stammers, unsure of who "we" is.  It was pretty cute.
M: It's ok, I set you up. 

T: Shoo!  You stink!
T: Phil.
M: Oh yeah..
T: Not you babe..  You're' cute.

While out to dinner at Willie Jewell's with the neighbors.
M: How do you make a fritter, exactly?
T: You put the critter in the fritter.

While discussing potential dog names.
T: It could be Vader.
M: It would be Wader (which is the way German's pronounce it).
T: See you Wader!

M: I'm trying to think of old man names.  What are some old man German names?
Lull in the conversation.
M: You're not helping.  I'll just Google it.  'What are popular German names of the 1940s?'
Before the search results could load...
T: Adolf.
I cried I was laughing so hard.

M: Wow, babe, you're on a roll tonight.
T: Yeah, that was my hat trick.

After rubbing on Vick's Vapor-rub
T:  I smell like I made out with a bunch of koalas.

T: At least I know that I probably won't miss much of your trip because Snapchat.
M: Mmm, depends on if we have wifi at the parks.
T: You're out of data?
M: Nope. Just in case.

When discussing the decision to move forward with Pax's adoption or wait on the doberman rescue.
T: We're a greyhound family.

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