Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Review {6/26}


After my morning meeting, I went to Donut Connection with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer.  They offered to bring me something back and I asked to just go with them instead so I could get out of the house.  While the banana pudding donut was good, I'm a Krispy Kreme girl and it was just too cakey for me.  Spoiler alert: I took zero pictures of any of my delicious noms all weekend.  #bloggerfail.


After donuts, Roux came over for a little while to play and burn some energy before a weekend of rain.  It was a quiet day at work, thankfully, since Thursday had been a shit show.  I spent the afternoon watching Grey's Anatomy and finally posting my blog.

Teh German came home earlier than expected, but he was only home for long enough to scoop poop (a duty that he has taken on), take care of the dishes, and do a quick scroll through his social media, then he was back out the door.  He went to smoke cigars with Teh PT Husband.  I stayed home and went outside to lay in the hammock and read.  I also ended up taking a mostly disturbed nap.

Eventually, I went inside and started working on a new puzzle.  I learned that 500 piece puzzles are tiiiiiiiny compared to the monsters that I normally do.  This is good and bad.  It feels underwhelming, but at the same time, it's enough of a challenge for a single person to do without really needing help.

At some point, Teh German texted me asking if I was hungry.  I was not since I had eaten lunch to see if it would solve my headache problem (it didn't because #barometerhead).  Teh German ended up coming home and eating leftovers for dinner.  Before he left to go back for more cigar time, Teh PT Wife came over and we started the new Monsters, Inc. puzzle I purchased.

Finally, it was bedtime and we called it a night.


Saturday morning we had a slow start.  Teh German has a whole list of projects he wants to accomplish and I asked if I could help in any way and he told me no (#invalidproblems).  After a breakfast of leftovers (which there was a LOT of), I started working on my Ariel puzzle and Teh German perused social media.  I finally had to encourage him to get the party started since we had evening plans.

He asked me if I cared what project he started on first and I told him no I did not care since it was all projects he wanted to accomplish.  So he decided to start on the project where he "decorates" the garage.  Not really decorates, but "finishes".  There's not really a word for it.  See picture below for what the end goal is.

Similar to this with the medal and the wood planks.

Anyways, he got a bunch of pallets from work and he started disassembling them.  All the while, I was completing my Ariel puzzle and listening to an audiobook.  Once I finished my puzzle (because 500 piece puzzles are perfect for one person), I went out to the garage to check on Teh German.  We had a minor dispute about where the disassembled pallet wood would (oh, English) be stored and he suggested the shelves beside Yurtle and I shut that shit down quick.  He got pissy with me until I explained that HE would not want the boards falling on his truck if he was parked beside them, so he had to find somewhere else to store them.  I also asked him if he really wanted to do this project since it seemed like an excessive amount of work (the disassembling of the pallets is only part one.  Piecing the pallet wood up on the wall is another beast).  He was adamant that he does want to do this project and with that, I shut my mouth and headed inside to take a shower.

At 4, Teh PT Wife picked me up and we headed to grab a coffee for her, then to Bridals by Jodi so I could visit Dress Who Needs A Name (everything that I come up with describes it and well, that's not so good).  The dress fit perfectly.  In fact, the associate who was helping me may have actually said I was perfect, so ya know, NBD.  Yay for the surgery diet.  The only alterations the dress will need is a hem and possibly something to make my boobs stay in place.  YAY for dollas saved.. and for encouraging the lady that measured me back in February to actually order the dress that fit and not something bigger.

Color problems.

I'd post the pics, but no.  #sorrynotsorry I need people who read the blog, who are coming to the wedding, to be at least kinda surprised about something at the wedding. 

We had planned for Teh German, Teh PT Husband and Kid to meet us at Mex 1 for dinner at 6.  Since we had time, we headed to Total Wine for a shopping spree.  $150 lighter (for my wallet), we finally headed back to Mex 1 for dinner.  Also, total #MeganWin: there was a beer in a tye-dye can that I decided Teh German needed to try.  It ended up being a Kolsch, which Teh German likes.. and after he tried it, he said it was pretty good.  Tye-dye always means good things.

Teh PT Family had never been to Mex 1, so it did not disappoint.  I was pleased with Teh PT Husband ordered what I normally order and was mumbling praise of delicious noms as he was eating.  I never lead people wrong about food.

After Mex 1, we headed home.  Teh PT Wife came over and we finished the Monsters, Inc. puzzle while the Teh German and Teh PT Husband smoked cigars.  After finishing the Monster's puzzle, we headed to Teh PT House to start a Wizard of Oz puzzle.  #puzzleaddicts 

When we realized it was midnight, we called it quits and Teh German and I headed home for bed.


We had a lunch scheduled at Sesame with a couple from Crossfit at 11.  As expected, the food was delicious and the conversation was great.  I ordered the bourbon cream cheese stuffed french toast, which came with chicken wings, and I did not get a photo. 

After lunch, Teh German and I headed to JC Penny to see if their store closing sale had any good deals that we might be interested in.  Teh German was specifically looking for a suit for the wedding, but I was browsing for anything really.  Everything was at least 50% off the original price, so that was a decent sale.  I ended up finding 2 pairs of shoes that I really liked (for one day, when I finally get to drive myself to work again) and Teh German ended up with several pairs of jeans (much needed), some new work button down shirts, a new khaki suit, and 2 new formal button downs, white and purple.  He isn't sure if this is his wedding suit, but he does at least have a summer suit now and for $100, that was fine with me.

Originally, we had planned to look for new shoes for Teh German and go to Victoria's Secret for me but we were wiped by the time we were done at JC Penny and we just left instead.  We were halfway home when I realized we'd forgotten to go by the shoe store for Teh German.  He didn't seem too heartbroken over it.

We made a pit stop at Lowe's for Teh German and then we headed home.  I finally got settled in for a Skype date with Teh Running Bestie since it had been 30 days since I had seen her last and our communication has been pretty minimal over that month.  While Teh German drafted a letter to his Opa, I puzzled.  Eventually, Teh German had dinner and when he was done, I realized I was hungry.  I crafted some ramen while we watched Modern Family for the rest of the evening.

Eventually it was bedtime.


A perfect lazy/laid back weekend.  I was afraid when there was nothing on the calendar that this weekend would run us ragged, but not the case!

This week is looking pretty dull, which is just fine.  PT continues for the rest of my life.  ONE-ish more week on crutches!  It cannot be done soon enough!  The equipment guy came and picked up the CPM this morning.  We have our couch back! 

Happy Last Week of June, Gentle Readers!

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