Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Review {6/5}


As you saw, my surgery went well on Thursday and Friday I was home all day to recover.  I had originally planned on taking a full day of PTO, but since I was already awake and functioning, I tried to join our daily call and missed out.  Instead, I did some other review work. 

Eventually, I gave up and headed to the couch and put my leg in my CPM machine.

This machine is actually for knees, but it works for me, too, since it bends my leg at the hip.  The Ortho said I should be in the CPM machine 6-8 hours a day.... Fortunately, I can do other things while my leg is in the machine.  I spent some time reading and doing puzzles and trying to make my personal computer work so I could generate my book list for Erin's Challenge

If I had unlimited funds, I would have already purchased a new laptop for myself.  The screen hinge has been broken for a while now and I'm sure I could take it to get it repaired, but it would probably cost me the value of the computer/half the cost of a new computer.  Lucky for me, I have my work computer as a back up.

In the evening a special delivery arrived at the door from Teh Running Bestie.

After eating dinner (which was provided by a neighbor), we went over to Teh PT Neighbor's house for smokin' with the beasts.  This did not wear them out enough to make them sleep in.

Pax gave up

Meri got an ear massage from Teh German while she begged him to go home since it was past her bedtime.


Saturday was almost exactly like Friday, except I didn't work.  Again, Teh German joined me on the couch after he fed the beasts.

The computer still gave me a hard time, but I managed to complete my book list (post to come).  Also, check out these fun photos...

My labia labrum tear

Repaired labrum tear!
Science is fun!

I did get to finally take a shower on Saturday.  It was exhausting, but my hair wasn't like a McDonald's fryer anymore, so it was good.  Teh German had to help me get dressed and I was so frustrated/overwhelmed/exhausted by doing the stairs that I cried when I got to the bottom and Teh German just held me.  He's the best.

I spent some time in my CPM machine until it was time for dinner.

Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh Broken AF Maintainer had us and Teh PT Family over for dinner.  Dinner was delicious, then it was smoking time.  We brought the dogs to tired them out, it didn't work.

I started to notice Saturday evening that I was extra irritable.  Part of me realized that it was rational irritability, but my reaction was extreme because of my situation (medication, helplessness, pain, etc).  Trying to be considerate of my own irritability seemed to only make me extra irritable.  It's hard to be me.

Around 10, I started falling asleep, so it was time to pack up and migrate back to our end of the street.  It was my first night sleeping in our bed again, and it was good and bad.


Sunday looked exactly like Saturday, except rather than go anywhere, we stayed at home.  Teh German did yard work while I sat in my CPM machine and napped the day away.  After dinner, Teh PT Family came over and watched the Stingrays lose. 


Today was my first real outing!  I went to PT this morning.  It was insanely hard to get out of the bed to do work.  I finally got moving at 0800.  It took me 55 minutes to make it downstairs.  Lesson: it takes me triple the amount of time to do things as an invalid.  I was able to put on my own underwear, which was a feat since I've not been wearing underwear when I wear my $1000 hip brace so I can pee with moderate ease. 

When Teh German got home to take me to my PT appointment, I was still working on my notes from my meeting since it ran long, of course, on the day I really need it to be short.  Teh German asked why I hadn't gotten "more ready" and I had to explain to him that getting my own underwear on was a feat, getting pants on was impossible, same with putting on my shoes.  He also couldn't figure out why I didn't have my water cup with me downstairs and I explained that I couldn't carry it and crutch my way across the house.  I think he's realizing how much he takes it for granted that I used to be able to do things for myself..

We made it to PT right at 10, despite being asked to be there about 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork.  Oops.  PT wasn't overly difficult, but it sure wasn't easy either.  Teh German took me on a super sexy lunch date to Ye Old Fashioned in Summerville on our way home.  It was the first time I had actually eaten a real adult portion, since I ate almost all of my sandwich and some of his fries.  Although, it should have seemed suspect that I didn't want ice cream, but I let it go.

After we got home, Teh German got me settled on the couch with my work computer and CPM machine and he headed back to work.  While he had told everyone he was going to be taking this week off to stay home with me, that didn't work out since others at work had already requested time off.  His manager was willing to let him do half days for this week to tend to me as needed.  I think that I'll be self-sufficient enough that he'll be able to work most days if he goes in late and comes home a bit early or if he comes home for lunch to check on me.  IDK how he's going to work it out, but I'm sure I'll be fine either way.

I appreciate all your kind thoughts and messages during this process.  I'm grateful to be up and about pretty quickly after the surgery.  I will be on crutches for prob 4ish weeks and there will definitely be no driving for at least 3 weeks.  I will hopefully get my handicapped hanger in the very near future!

To a fun filled week of being an invalid/cripple!


  1. So glad to hear and see you're doing as well as can be expected. That CPM machine sounds like no joke!!
    Your fixed labia, I mean labrum looks great. lol!

  2. I'm glad you got to go on an outing!


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