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Weekend Review {6/19}


Friday morning, I actually got up when Teh German got up (a first since my surgery) and went downstairs to accomplish work things.  I had an Ortho appt at 1045, and I knew that would eat up at least 1.5 hours of my day since it always takes the Ortho forrrreevvvarrrrr...

Roux's Humom had agreed to take me to my appointment so Teh German wouldn't have to be out of work for half a day.  She came to get me at 10 and we made a pit stop at Starbucks, then headed to the doctor's office a lot early.  Oops.

After an x-ray of my hip, my stitches were finally removed!  HOORRRAYYY!!  They were starting to itch.  When the Ortho came in, he explained what he did during the procedure and when I admitted that I had been one-crutchin' around the house, he glared at me.  I begged him to let me drive and he said that he didn't suggest it, but I could.  He pointed out that if I got into an accident while wearing my brace, any attorney in town would have a field day with me.  That was enough to scare me into NOT driving. 

The overall take aways were:
-I need to not be one-crutchin'.
-I should not drive yet.
-I will be on crutches for another 2 weeks, then another week to wean myself off of them (using one crutch).
-I do not have a date that I no longer have to wear my hip brace.  Maybe by 2020?  (<-Go back in 4 weeks for another assessment.  Hopefully no glares at this one!

After the appointment, Roux's Humom brought me to the commissary and I was like a kid in a candy store.. except with meats and imported items.  What would have cost me no less than $300 at Publix, cost me $120 at the commissary.  #win

After Roux's Humom dropped me off and delivered my groceries inside, she headed home, I put away the groceries, I finished up my work day and I went upstairs to take a nap with the dogs.  When I woke up, I took the opportunity to print the last of the envelopes for invites that needed to be sent.  When Teh German came home, I suggested Sesame for dinner and he didn't need his arm twisted.

We received a package for Pax and Meri on Thursday with no name saying who it was from. It was a big Lamb Chop, which I had meant to order.  Since they had already gotten cheese sticks and we were about to leave, I didn't want to give the toy to them.  AND they had already gotten new toys earlier in the week.  So I waited.  Friday, 2 more packages arrived for Pax and Meri and it was toys like Meri's mice, except bees and chipmunks.  Since Teh German was home to help me, I finally distributed the toys.  Meri got the wrong hedgehog that I had ordered, Pax got Lamb Chop, and I tried to give Meri a bee, but Pax took it, so then I gave her another bee.  I had Teh German put the extra toys away for another day.

The bigger lesson of the toys was that Teh Running Bestie had claimed she was not the sender of Lamb Chop on Thursday when I asked her.  Roux's Humom said it wasn't her either.  I seriously was at a loss as to who would have sent the toys.  Soooo I did some stalking.  The Amazon slips have QR codes you can scan to send a thank you.  I had asked Teh German to investigate this situation on Thursday night and he got no results.  Amateur.  I scanned the QR code and Amazon generated a thank you note to [Teh Running Bestie] and I told her she was caught!  No one stalks like Teh Megan stalks.  #neverforger

After distributing toys, we headed to Sesame for dinner.  I hadn't really eaten lunch, which isn't really abnormal these days, so I ate all the things.  I ordered a sweet tea (which I had been looking forward to alllll daaayyyy loooonnnggg) and an adult milkshake and a sandwich.  The only thing I didn't order was dessert, but only because I had the milkshake.  I won't lie.  I had to adjust my hip brace to be a little more loose to allow for more space for food.  Hip brace = an external LAP band.

When we got home, we headed over to Teh PT House for smoking hour.  By 10:30, we were all tired and Teh German and I came home and went to bed.


Saturday morning we kinda slept in.  I woke up Teh German around 0900 so we could have a slow start to the morning.  We had a skype date with Auntie P scheduled at noon and then brunch at 1:00.  Getting up "early" gave us a chance to get showered so we could be ready to go whenever we finished our skype date.

Snuggles with Meri and her bee on Saturday morning.
I got the ass end and she was using Teh German as her pillow.

We learned that Opa will not being coming for the wedding, which was a bit disappointing.  Of course, we understand that 1- it's expensive, 2- it's far, 3- he and his partner are old.  This doesn't exempt him from sending back my our RSVP card!!

Immediately after our Skype date, we loaded into Baloo with Teh PT Family and headed to Slightly North of Broad (or SNOB) for brunch.  I'm always down for a new place and Teh PT Family had a gift certificate they needed to finish off.. and well, you don't have to twist my arm.

Crab cake benedict

The food was good, but like always with downtown, overpriced.  I could have gotten exactly the same thing in Mount Pleasant or Summerville for slightly cheaper.  #downtownproblems  Nonetheless, it was nice to go to brunch downtown and not have to wait a million years on a table.  After brunch, we headed to Lowes in Summerville to pick up some items for Teh PT Family since they weren't able to fit in their SUV.  This was also the reason that we took Baloo instead of riding with them.  Despite the rain, I still got out to check out the clearance section in the parking lot, like every good homeowner would.  I saved some dollas by not finding anything, but that's ok.

I had left the garage open for when Teh German was finished unloading the truck and apparently we had a visitor in the garage!  Teh German relocated him to near the retention pond.
Before we left, Teh PT Wife had to relocate him back to the grass since he was in the middle of the street.

Once we got home, I was tired and sweaty and starting to hurt, so I came home and medicated.  Teh PT Wife and I had agreed to go back out to Walmart to pick up some items, but due to storms in the area, a power grid had been knocked out and Walmart didn't have any power.  We waited a bit and called one of the neighboring businesses to ensure they had power before heading out.  Then when we got to Walmart, they were still closed... sooo we made the best of it and went to Target and walked out with way more than the 1-3 items that we, collectively, needed.  #Targetproblems  We also got Starbucks on our way in.  #notsorry

That dark mint frap is on point.
I should have had them add some of the smores marshmallow topping.

It was as we were halfway home that Teh German called and asked if we had gotten lost.  I confirmed that we had not, but we would be home soon.  After getting home, Teh German carried our items to our house and helped me unpack them.  We had a quick dinner and eventually headed back over to Teh PT house with Meri and Pax.  Teh PT Wife and I worked on a puzzle designed by Satan himself while Teh German and Teh PT Husband did their cigar/beer thing.

Finally, it was late and all the puzzle pieces were looking the same, so we called it a night.


Sunday morning we slept in until 1030.  It was delightful.  We had zero plans for the day.  After a breakfast of leftovers, our across the street neighbors came over to check up on me and drop off some lemon cake, since they know it is one of my favorites.

Teh German eventually decided to go on a motorcycle ride, without me (of course) after I told him that he shouldn't punish himself and not ride just because I can't ride.  You know how sometimes you say thing and you mean it, but you don't.  That was one of those things.  It's ok though because I would have been hot and miserable on a ride anyways, so this handicap of mine is turning out to be a solid life excuse for so many things.

While Teh German was gone, I puzzled on my Kindle and finished listening to Red Rising.  In the last 25% I finally got hooked and started enjoying it.  My Kindle died right after the book ended, so perfect time.  Teh German came home within 15 minutes of my book ending, so all-in-all, perfect timing. 

Later in the afternoon, Teh PT Wife asked if I wanted to puzzle and I said yes.  Teh German asked Teh PT Husband if he wanted to come over to our house to smoke, which was acceptable.  Around 9:30, I was finally tired and we called it quits on the puzzle.  After I got home, Teh PT Husband headed home and then Teh German wanted dinner. 

Max was only interested in distracting us from our puzzle.
Marcie was supervising.

All the while, Pax and Meri were at our house and Pax has learned that the green thing is a dog bed!

After some noms, it was time for bedtime.


Overall, a very relaxing weekend.  I am a little disappointed not to be able to drive yet, but I'd rather have to use Teh German's taxi services than be sued for an accident I didn't cause.  #priorities

I got some errands done, which is good and bad since it means I still didn't get a chance to use my instacart thing for grocery delivery.  Oh yes.  Grocery DELIVERY.  I love 2017.  I barely touched my phone for most of the weekend, which is always a good time.

Today was a big day.  Our camera system got installed!  Pax and Meri were on their best behavior and after the 2nd time the installers came inside, they were no longer interested in them and just laid in their beds napping.  #bestestpuppiesinthewholewideworld

3 more weeks till no more crutches!!!!  I think I might start a countdown.

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