Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Confessions {6/21}

-I'm ready for this CPM to be out of my house so I don't feel obligated to sit in it while I'm working at home.  Since it's a new week, I got more degrees of motion and the 0-90° (at the knee) is absolutely killing my back.  #Iamold

-I'm ready for a visit to the Chiropractor.  #Ineedsthepops

-The not rainy weather makes the rainy weather give me a headache.  I'd rather it just be rainy all the time.  #IntheMinority

-I have one more wedding invitation to print out.  Everyone else hears about it through word of mouth.  I'm over it.  #SinglePointofFailure

-I haven't told my boss yet that I still "can't" drive.  Not that me being in or out of the office affects much, but just the principle.  I'm already going to be needy with my school schedule and now this?  Oops.  Technically, I could have Teh German drop me off at work before he goes to work and pick me up when he gets off, but no one wants to do that, me, Teh German, anyone I work with.  Nope, nope, nope.  Additionally, Teh German works 9ish hours per day, which would be fine, except that he'd probably want to leave earlier to drop me off so he can be there at his "on time" and then he'd come and get me later since he'd come after he gets off work, which isn't a consistent time.. and well, I can only imagine how stressed that would make me, so no, that is just not an option we will consider.  #teleworklife

-Sometimes I make food on the weekend to eat then, but we don't end up eating it for various reasons until the week.  #OneLessMealtoPlan

-I want to do ALL THE PUZZLES right now.  I may have accidentally purchased more puzzles since I had a 20% off code.  Total, I got 1- 750 piece, 8- 500 piece, 1- 2000 piece.  All Disney. All for $35.  #savingdollas #DisneyLife #PuzzleMaster

-I may have accidentally hit Teh German in the face (like square on his nose/glasses) on Monday after my physical therapy while I was putting on my hip brace because he doesn't normally help me and I didn't expect him to be where he was (assisting me with the leg part of the brace).  Oops.  Part of me assumes that maybe he was being helpful because we were in an office full of dudes.  But, the reasonable part of me is just going to let it go with, he was just being my Teh German and being helpful.  #accidentprone

-Why wasn't Google Calendar in my life when I was at NC State?  I was able to add all my classes to a Google Calendar and share it with my boss and Teh German and Teh Running Bestie and anyone else who needs to know where I'm at and when.  I should add Teh Mom and Teh Dad on principle, just like the old days.  JK.  I had to send them a list of my class schedule and they still never managed to get it right.

-I need a new laptop because mine has a busted hinge and I can't close it, which really means I have a desktop.  The question is, do I just use my work computer for school or do I bite the bullet and buy a new laptop?  #goodbyedollas

-I'm way ahead in my payments on Bagheera because I drop large amounts on the loan rather than pay monthly for the next 3 years.  I decided that I would make another payment this week.  I had everything set up to come out of my checking account, all I had to do was hit submit, then I had a light bulb moment.  If I made the payment with my credit card, I'd earn rewards, and I could go in and schedule the same payment to my credit card rather than to the loan company.  Which is exactly what I did.  Makin' my dollas work for me.  PS.  My next payment is due January 2020.  #wayahead

-Dear Audible,
FUCK YOU.  I got an email this morning that offered a year's membership for $100, saving $50.  Then I read the fine print... "This offer is not available to existing Audible members, or customers who have been paid Audible members in the past 30 days."  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.  #howtopissmeoff

-I've seen people watching the new live-action Beauty and the Beast on at home and I thought it was on Netflix, but when I went to find it.. it was not there.  Riddle me confused...  Instead I watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  It was full of inconsistencies but overall kept my interest and then I followed that up by the live-action Jungle Book.  Guess I should probably just go ahead and place a Disney Movie Club order...  #FOMO

Not even close, Amazon.  Give it up.


  1. The iPhone calendar app thing is amazing for us. So glad someone taught the hubs & I to merge them!

    Thinking of doing the Disney movie thing for us...

  2. I am wanting to do all the puzzles! Mostly because I decided I wanted to get social studies related ones & then seal them & use them to decorate my classroom.


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