Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Confessions {6/7}

-Not being in the office to glare at people means our daily meeting takes double to triple the amount of time it did when I was in the office.  #Ihateeveryone

-Being home on rainy days is the absolute best.  #teleworkingrocks

-I spend 95% of my work day with my leg in my CPM machine.  This is primarily because if I'm not in my CPM machine, I have to be in my hip brace and that thing fucking sucks.  #optionsarelimited

-I miss regular business trips.. aka going poop.  All the drugs in my system have me backed up like a mofo and the laxative/stool softener (sorry for that TMI) just isn't cutting it.  #Ijustwanttopoop

-One positive side effect is my new "post-surgery diet plan" where I'm not really hungry.  My goal is to eat at least one meal a day.  Preferably with a vegetable with fiber.  Lord knows, I NEED the fiber. #oldladystatus #givemethefiber

-I have accomplished ZERO reading since being at home.  Teleworking kills my audiobook time.

-I am almost caught up on my Feedly.  Unfortunately, most of the posts were super old, so I didn't bother to comment on most of them.  But at least I can say I know what is going on again!  Kinda.  #shittyblogger

-I emailed Dan Ryan about our 1 year repair list on April 27th.  A response email said someone would contact me within 48 hours.  A MONTH later I finally emailed back and said, it's been 48 hours.  An email response said someone would be calling in 48 hours.  A week passed.  I emailed again saying no one had called me, the situation is ridiculous, and asked if I should just start calling every day to see results?  An email response said someone would notify the supervisor.  REALLY?  WTF IS THAT GOING TO DO FOR ME?!  Life lesson: If you build a house, make sure EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG is to your liking BEFORE you close.  After you close, shit will not get done.  Period.  #lessonlearnedthehardway

-It's been raining for days.  The threat of poop on my carpet is going up exponentially.  At least Pax peed outside, Meri is still holding out.  She gets her bladder strength from her Mama.  #CamelBladder

-I've been trying to do everything that I'm supposed to regarding the equipment I was given for post-surgery, but last night I finally gave up and said FUCK the stupid DVT leg cuffs I'm supposed to be wearing.  I am over all the cords while I sleep.  I had to get Teh German to take them off in the middle of the night after the alarm woke me up twice because the cords were kinked.  I'll be more excited to lose the hip brace, but I can deal with that as long as I'm not tethered to shit and can't move around without being tugged on or setting off a stupid false alarm.  #overit

-Teh German is an excellent nurse, but he hasn't stayed home with me during this week, despite what he told everyone.  This means that I'm pushing myself to be more self-sufficient than I probably should be, but I would probably do that anyways.  I'm really wondering what happens when everything goes back to normal.  Will he continue to help me do all the things he had to do that I couldn't?  Or will it go back to me doing everything, getting frustrated, us having to have the conversation again, then some help, rinse, repeat....  I'd like to pretend things will be better, but I know they won't be.  It is my least favorite thing about our relationship.  Siiiiigh. 

-Not wearing underwear is one of the more awkward/unpleasant things about hip surgery.

-I wish there were more non-surgery items on this list, butttt that's pretty much my whole life right now.  #yougetwhatyouget

-PS, I'm too lazy for .gifs.  I took a shower and that sapped all my energy.  #gimplifeishard


  1. I've been a shitty blogger lately too. Super behind. I have managed to get 4 posts scheduled this week...and like 3 of them are probably going to come off super depressing, haha.

    That contraption looks intense! Hope recovery is going well.

  2. I haven't got much reading done lately either. I'm kind of struggling through an audiobook that I don't want to give up on but requires more attention then I have to give it.

    I am attempting to catch up on blogging because I am a crap blogger and I have not been reading or posting or doing any of that junk. I am trying to get back in the swing of things but honestly life is just been such a mess that I haven't been able to get any time with the computer that wasn't worktime.

  3. Hiiiiii! Hope you're recovering/feeling better! I, too, have been a #shittyblogger and neglected reading/commenting for a while and now I'm overwhelmed, so instead of going back in time I'm just gonna start fresh.


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