Friday, June 9, 2017

Five on Friday #111


This is what my days look like for the month of June.

Not pictured: My RBF during my 0900 daily meeting that continues to run longer and longer since I'm not there to glare at bitches.

Hanging out in my CPM all the day long.

Meri and Pax supervise me while I work... aka take naps while I sit on the couch.

It (finally) stopped raining yesterday and it was a delightful 65°F in the morning, so I had the door open so the flies could come in/so Meri could patrol the yard/to air out the house/to enjoy some fresh air.

Meri on patrol.

Also not pictured: the process of showering.  Showering is the most exhausting part of my day.  It starts with going upstairs and that makes my good leg tired.  Then, I spend most of my shower time trying to stay off my bad leg, further tiring my good leg.  Then, I get back on crutches, which barely gives my good leg a break.  Then, I have to go back downstairs and get re-situated on the couch.  Doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but often I break a sweat during the process.  Gross.

Also not pictured: me doing my pt, which involves laying on the floor, which always invokes dog curiosity.  Pax must thoroughly investigate what is happening and he likes to lay down behind me, which is problematic when I have to lay down.

Also not pictured: Me in my hip brace.  I'll have to get Teh German to fix that problem.  While I lost the DVT cuffs and cooling pad this week, sleeping in a hip brace is more difficult than one might imagine.  It doesn't help that Teh German was being helpful and gave the leg piece an extra trim, so it's a little tight since the swelling is still going on. 


Random things:

Teh German is going on a dude's weekend to NC this weekend for some cigar thing.  IDK, sounds smokey.  Anyways, I'm hanging out with Teh Neighbor Besties (Teh PT Wife and Teh Dental Hygienist) all weekend since I probably still need a little bit of assistance.  We're going to play some Wii game and watch Rent and eat pizza and smoke hookah and do whatever we wawnt.  #notsorry

I've emailed with Ibotta no less than 4 times about rebates that were not applied to a receipt I submitted before my surgery.  Very rarely do I rack up on Ibotta, but I hit gold during this trip and they only gave me credit for 4 of the 9 things I submitted.  Bitches, give me my fucking money.  Unfortunately for them, I blogged about the rebates I got, so I have a reference for what I submitted for.  #Imapainintheass #notsorry

My protocol for my leg/PT is super light and I just want to get to being normal again, kthx.

Halsey has a new album back out.  #eargasm

FINALLY caught up on all those blogs.  All 195+ of them.  I didn't even mark all as read once.  Oh that comment you got a month late? #sorrynotsorry

I had a meltdown last night (literally, I overheated) and slept without my hip brace from 0200 until I got up.  It was scary and glorious and it hurt some and I pretty much took over the entire bed, but I think I slept better than I had in a week since I felt AWAKE when Teh German left for work.  Don't worry, I still went right back to sleep.  My back did pop in the most blissful, almost orgasmic way, when I rolled over.  I'd do it again.  Maybe.

I need to write Broke Ass Bride posts and my motivation is just NOT there.  I did good for sooo long and now we've plateaued on wedding things so I just got nothing.  #yougetwhatyouget


From the phone:

Pax got his own blah blah blah collar.
Now he's an official member of Teh Ville.

We left Pax and Meri free when Teh German took me to PT on Weds night and we came home to this.
That paper WAS my PT instructions.  Apparently, they didn't approve of the protocol.
Since this behavior has been observed before, I'm blaming this one on Meri.

This is what my surgical field looks like.  This is actually on my upper thigh since they can't go in directly at the site.  The surgery was done with scopes and has a special name that I can't pronounce or spell.  Just google labrum repair if you're really interested.  PS, my junk is still extremely tingly and I'm finally starting to get feeling back in my hooha (apparently they push against your groin to create space in your hip).

This is what our new camera/security system currently looks like.  Soon it will look like cameras.
PS that's a lot of cash sitting in my kitchen (FYI- it's not there anymore, please don't try to rob us).

We cackled yesterday when Pax thought that Meri's leash was a toy.
I definitely captured that gem on Snapchat.

I was a rebel yesterday and drove around the neighborhood.
I hadn't taken any narcotics for over 24 hours and we had cookies to deliver and Teh German said we were taking my car.

My little sunbather.  /swoon


From the internet:

Since I've started reading The Skimm, I feel more knowledgeable about the goings on of the world.  This week I learned myself about some healthcare thangs via The Skimm and now I feel like I can have a moderately intelligent conversation about it, if it comes up.  PS. I'm still pro-Obamacare.

Don't judge me, but I'm seriously considering sending some celebrities a wedding invitation (if we have extras after round 2 (seriously people, RSVP!)) to see what we get in return.  I'm going to start local and send Cool Ray (from the Carolina Stingrays) one, because I know it would please Teh German to no end to have a Cool Ray autograph.  Although, idk if Cool Ray can give autographs since he has fins with no opposable thumbs.  #itscomplicated


10 11 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Finding out about more wedding attendees.  Still waiting on those RSVPs though.  Also, why do people who know they aren't coming RSVP no already?  #Ihatewaiting
  2. Learning that I don't have to wear things with cords to bed.
  3. Wearing underwear.
  4. Getting my new dresses back!
  5. Creating my book list for Erin's Challenge.
  6. Hanging out with the dogs all day, errday.
  7. My monster blankie, that Teh Sister made me, to cover my cold toes.
  8. Willie Jewell's for dinner on Wednesday night.
  9. Episodes of Modern Family that I haven't seen yet.
  10. Teh German being my nurse (no matter how much I whine).
  11. DRIVING.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I loved the snap of Pax with Meri's leash!

    Don't forget to send a wedding invite to Disney so that you can get stuff back from them!

    I think I need to look into The Skimm. I need more knowledge!

  2. it's been raining like crazy here the past few weeks and FINALLY we're having summer weather all weekend and all of next week!


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