Friday, September 7, 2018

Five on Friday #163

EINS - Random Shit

-When you're on a conference call that is going on way longer that it needs to and there are many things you need to accomplish and you haven't even started on any of them because the never ending conference call and you ask Husband to wash your water bottle and he says, "But I just put lotion on my hands," and you don't kill him, it is considered a self-victory.

-You know when you're scrolling through funny fail shit and you're like, "Whew, so glad that ain't my life..."  Yeah well.. I was scrolling and came across this gem:

And I think to myself.. that looks awful familiar... oh noeesss... please says mine isn't like that.

100% most definitely EXACTLY the same... and now I cannot unsee it.  Dammit.  #StoryOfMyLife

-I have a teacher who keeps all this STUFF in his pockets.  Like his keys for at least 30 different doors and at least $10 in change.  THEN... he jingles the stuff in his pockets when he lectures.  #KILLMENOW

-On a recent quiz....  A quiz question asked for 4 things.  I listed 6 items.  1 of those was wrong.  I got -1 point for the wrong answer but did NOT get +1 point for the extra correct answer.  This is why people go postal.

-2 of my classes had last minute instructors take over the class.  One of those is my online class where the book is garbage and the program that I had such a hard time installing no longer has online support so the instructor is having to dig for assignments for us.  Additionally, assholes aren't posting their discussion boards by the highly suggested Thursday due date, which means that we can't respond and get our full credit unless we want to comment on the same people's posts each week (there are 3/4 of us who consistently do our homework ASAP).  Some people were just posting to week's 1 discussion board last weekend.  FML.  #PeopleSuck

-Remember last week when I was all, "WOOTTT!! AZIZ ANSARI TICKETS!!"  Yeah well.. I learned a valuable lesson.  ADD THINGS TO THE CALENDAR IMMEDIATELY.  I knew the show was super soon after I bought the tickets, but failed to add the event to the calendar and it completely passed without either of us knowing.  In fact, we went to a neighbor's surprise birthday dinner that night, having not seen any conflicts on the calendar before we said yes we'd be there.  Best part?  I didn't remember until we were downtown Thurs night.  TWO NIGHTS AFTER THE MISSED SHOW.  #EpicMeganFail #Disappointed

-We went to The Macintosh last night for dinner since it's Restaurant Week.  Their special was 3 courses for $40 bucks.  This is a steal.  My entree was $32 alone and the app I ordered for my first course was $16 and the dessert was $9, soooo yes please to $40.  I ordered the scallops for an app, the duck for my entree and the ice cream sammich for dessert.  The ice cream sammich was meh, I should have went with the nutella potato chips, but I've never had duck before that wasn't greasy AF until last night.  It was exquisite.  And the scallops were tender and perfectly browned and THERE WERE VEGETABLES with the app and the entree and I love vegetables.  Teh German ordered zucchini w/ chorizo and some other stuff and fancy cheese as his app, the house burger for his entree (I don't he think ultimately understand the concept of Restaurant Week is to order the MOST EXPENSIVE items on the menu since you're paying a set $$ amount for whatever you choose), and panna cotta for dessert.  We both left stuffeeeeeddd and completely satisfied.  #NoRagrets

-There was a kitty in the middle of the road who had been hit by a car last night when I came home and it made me sad.  This morning, said kitty has now been smeared along the road and I actually wanted to cry it made me so sad.  #FUCKHORMONES

-I ran this morning and I really wanted to check out a new place, but I ran out of time and couldn't go that far and had to go back home.  This is punishment for not getting my ass out of the bed when my first alarmSSSSS went off.  Only 3.5 miles + .35 miles of jogging with the dogs, then .15 miles walking with the dogs.  Honestly, it was 1 mabillionty percent humidity and dinner last night was HEAVY and every step of my run was unenjoyable.  And I know I should be all, "YAY!  I did 3.5 miles!  #Blessed!"  But I'm shaming myself for ONLY doing 3.5 miles because I'm ridiculous and I can do better, I'm just lazy AF.  No one can change that but me.. which sucks because I'm soooo lazy.  FML.

-Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,
Thank you for Peppermint Mocha creamer.  It has come back in the BIG bottle and I'm probably going to buy a pallet of it for good measure because running out in the spring is the worst.  I have to find a substitute or buy the tiny bottle that lasts like .375 days during the off season and nothing is ever as good as the peppermint mocha.  Although that marshmallow one didn't hurt my soul.
Coffee is just a vessel for creamer and caffeine,

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Road snack from Cookout for our drive to NC (aka milkshakes)
-pun cards
-Kilwins #NotSorry
-Chickfila sweet tea
Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the office since I had a B1G1 coupon (for a dozen)
-Heartguard for the dogs.
-A cool shirt for Teh PT Kid, which will probably be a Christmas present.
-New dog nail clippers (I have made it a personal mission to be better about doing Meri and Pax's nails... MYSELF.  BECAUSE when I bring them places, Pax inevitably ends up getting quicked (when they cut too far up and he bleeds and then never stops bleeding) and Meri acts like an asshole which only makes handlers handle her more roughly which isn't helpful.)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Sign says:
Please Do Not Write On This Board!This is merely white paint on top of the old board.
Markers are not easily removed.
Thanks for your cooperation!#CitadelQuality

If these hadn't been so expensive, they would have come home with me.

Seen in the engineering department.
Made me LOL.
If this doesn't make sense, research "the current war".
JK, don't do that.  It's a movie now.  Research "AC vs DC".

Precious cargo.

Every car manufacturer has that ONE car that is so FUGLY that you're ashamed that your car is "related" to it.
This would be the ugly relative that makes me feel ashamed by Subaru.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. I spent over an hour working on my remaining classes and potential schedule for the rest of my time at The Citadel.  Seriously though.. if I could deal with people not taking my advice, I'd take a job as an academic advisor any day.  Solving scheduling problems is one of the most satisfying life skills.
  2. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  At only ~7/8 hours long on audiobook, I rolled through this book in 2 days!  I love love loooovveeed this book and I want to preach about how great it was to everyone.  There were some topics that didn't apply to me (mom/kid things, business owner type things) but this post is late because I was looking up quotes.  #NotSorry
  3. Krispy Kreme and how appreciative my coworkers were.  Even Milton who was upset when I cut them in half and he asked if he could just take a whole one.
  4. A massage scheduled for an hour from the time I wrote this line.
  5. Gettin my hairs did/fixed tomorrow because roots and because the former roots are red and the middle is dark brown and the bottom is purple-y and it's just not ok.
  6. Paper towels in the dispenser at work.  It's the small things.
  7. Miles.
  8. Middle of the week date night with Husband for Restaurant Week.
  9. Teachers who send out emails telling the other students to do their discussion posts on time after you email them concerned about your participation grade since only 4 people post by the suggested date and you'd prefer not to comment on the same 4 people's discussion posts each week of this stupid class.
  10. Returning 2 of my rental textbooks within the 30 day window for a full refund since I found them online for freeeeeee.  Copyright, what?!?

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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