Friday, September 21, 2018

Five on Friday #165

EINS - Random Shit

-For those who have an Audible subscription.... Ya'll know about Audible Originals???  Essentially, it's kinda like Amazon Prime's free book per month (what with being an Amazon company, I imagine I know where the idea came from).  You can pick TWO from six options.  It's not to say the options are always awesome, but free shit is free shit.

-I hate when I end up with 3 miles of toilet paper because the paper wouldn't rip off from the roll.  This usually happens when I'm using public toilets.

-My German professor was saying something about German doesn't have words like "restroom" for toilet.  Then she said, "You don't even rest in the rest room!"  I alllllllllllmost said to her, "You've obviously never met my husband."  I didn't feel like it was appropriate for the entire class to hear.  Would ya look at that?  Sometimes I DO have a filter!

-To go to bed with an audiobook with 20 minutes left and an ebook with ~30 minutes left is the hardest thing to do for a book lover.

-Went to the dentist on Tuesday.
1.  Many compliments on my teefs.
2.  No cavities #LikeABoss
3.  Was told to keep doing what I am doing (which includes using plastic flossers which aren't really encouraged, but if you make sure to scrape both sides of the tooth rather than just in and out, you're golden)
4.  I do have some sensitivity (fuckin' surprise) so the hygienist did a fluoride treatment.
4a. Said fluoride treatment was grape flavored.  Do you want to know what I hate?  Grape flavored ANYTHING.  Too much Dimeatapp as a kid.  I don't eat purple candy even.  Not even purple Skittles.  You can have them all.  Fake grape flavor is nasty.  Keep yo fake grape.

-The MOST SATISFYING THING of my entire week was brushing the fluoride treatment off my teeth after it had been on for SIX hours.  The minimum time was 2 hours, but I knew I wouldn't brush until it was bedtime, so I held out.  I think I was exhausted from just how irritating the treatment was on my teeth.  Yes, I have an OCD problem.  This is why I have flossers in my car.  Shit in/on my teeth is the 100% absolute worst feeling for me.

-DID YOU KNOW THERE'S GONNA BE A MOVIE ABOUT MY ULTIMATE #GIRLPOWER HEROINE?!?!???!?!?!?!  Who am I talking about?? The Notorious RBG!  THEEEE Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

-I can't do Pandora.  I tried.  My people were all glad that I went back to Spotify so I'd quit bitchin' about Pandora.  #AllHailSpotify

-Speaking of Spotify...  I listen to my Release Radar playlist on Fridays and my Discover Weekly on Mondays.  It's a self-law.  My Release Radar is ON POINT today, Gentle Readers!  Here's why:

ZWEI - Money Shit

-No/Post-Hurricane shopping: pots, dog toys, awesome dish towel, ya know.. stuff.
-Spotify subscription
-Impulse thin hoodie purchase (lawd can it be long sleeve weather yet?!)
-chicken minis and a sweet tea for Friday breakfast.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I made zoodles.
I had found some zucchini recipes a bit ago and then I didn't even have the correct ingredients for the recipe, so I winged it.
It was fine.

No cavities!
Anddd a "keep doing what you're doing" comment from the dentist.

I pulled up right as this train started to go by.
This is my life.

How does this happen when I pull out a hair that is tangled?
I just want to understand the perfect spiral.

I was confused about the measurement of "one squeeze"... and then I tried it and realized that "just a few drops" is completely sufficient.

I FINALLY got to go to this food truck this week.  I've been stalking them for months.
L: PB&J churro
TR: strawberry cheesecake
BR: Smores
It was as delicious as you're imagining.

And he was so proud of himself.
Please note that no German meal is completely without potatoes.

It's crazy to me that Drs Foster and Smith make a Slumber Ball dog bed fit into such a "tiny" box.

I wouldn't sell my soul for chicken minis.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This post by Steph about TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.  Preach, Sister, preach.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Accidentally hitting a cadet in the face with a piece of gum during the middle of class by accident.  It was hilarious and I am still laughing.
  2. Teh German making dinner.
  3. Getting in a workout almost every day this week.
  4. My Release Radar playlist on Spotify.
  5. Finishing 2 books this week.
  6. When "my" Snapchat filter works properly (the big eyes, little nose, and big mouth filter)
  7. No cavities.
  8. Finally getting to the Holy City Waffles food truck.
  9. It almost not feeling soooo Charleston outside today.  (this means that cooler temps might be on the way, LAWD willing)
  10. This week being over.  Why the fuck was this week soooo long?  Jebus.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Why/how did I not know about Radar Release?? I always listen to my Discover Weekly but I wasn't aware that Fridays were special too!


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