Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Review {9/3}


I got in some miles on Friday morning AND I ran (hahah) into another runner along my way.  I also tested out running in the neighborhood across the street since my original running path has become a real hazard since they opened up the road and there are no sidewalks....  After school in the AM, then I headed home after class for lunch and a conference call.  That call had me ready to break shit (because it lasted WAY longer than it should have AND they kept "rehashing" the same shit over and over and over).  When it finally ended, it was time to pack and GTFO of Charleston. 

Like napping and staying awake to make sure the driver doesn't kill us (in Meri's case).

We made it to Teh Dad's house around 7, after some Charlotte traffic snafus.  After getting everything moved in and doggy dinner served, we headed out to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  I probably would have picked somewhere else, but Charleston has made me a snob.  I recognize this.

After dinner, we made a stop by the grocery store for beer and then we headed home to check on the beasts and make smores.

Due to the fact that Teh Dad feels that fires should always be BONFIRES, rather than just a small, let's keep warm/keep the bugs away/cook things on it fire, I couldn't get my marshmallows to toast properly because the fire was too hot AND my arms aren't very long, so I was afraid my eyebrows were going to get singed off.

I finally called it a night around 11:30 and left Teh German and Teh Dad to do whatever manly shit they chose to do without female supervision.

Let me explain this photo.  What had happened wasssss....  It gets warm in the basement if the upstairs isn't set to approximately the temperature of the Arctic and since it wasn't set to that temp and there was a fan in the floor, I decided to take it upon myself to create a "ceiling fan".  When Teh German showed Teh Dad Saturday, you could tell from his facial expressions that he was rather impressed with my ingenuity.  Like, maybe even, "Why didn't I think of that?"

I have no idea what time Teh German finally came to bed because I was wearing earplugs and DNGAF because I was tired.


We didn't really have a mission on Saturday.. and then we finally decided to go to Blowing Rock to tourist around for a bit.

Lunch (and beer) at Blowing Rock Brewery
After lunch was Kilwins!!!

I've always wanted to go to the Blowing Rock Library and finally did.

Also, my friend and I read together.

Without anything else to do, we headed back down the mountain to hang out with the dogs until it was time to go hang gliding.

Soooo we went hang gliding!

Teh German flyin'

I'm actually pointing to the plane that was pulling him up, but he is right above that.

And then it was my turn.

After Teh German, myself, and Teh Dad had our first hang gliding "lesson", we decided to be spontaneous and head to Antioch Speedway since we'd all seen the qualifying laps going on while we'd been up in the air.  We opted to have dinner at the track rather than go home and cook. 

Teh German has really come to like racing.  We finally made it home around midnight from the race.  It was like the races that never ended.  We did see someone get disqualified for going backwards on the track (while other cars were still racing) and then they proceeded to stop in the pit area of the car that had wrecked with/because of the driver and then there was a pit crew member punching the disqualified driver in the face.. it all escalated quickly.. just like redneck racing should.  It was like racing with wrecks AND hockey with the punching.  Crazy.  PS.  The disqualified driver was wearing a helmet so the face punching seemed like a pretty bad idea.


Sunday morning, we woke up, Teh German took care of the dogs while I showered and then while he showered, I packed our bags and we were on our way back home by 10:30.  Willow really is awesome with her self-driving abilities and with all the room in the back, it was a much more enjoyable trip for everyone.

stoner dog.

We made it home around 3 and I continued doing the homework that I had been doing in the car.  When I was in the kitchen putting together a dinner, the dogs didn't even bother to harass me they were so tired, and it was past their dinner time!  It was crazy!

Unfortunately for me, Teh German has really gotten into racing (I probably did this to myself), which meant that we spent the evening watching the Darlington race on Sunday evening and I was up way later than I should have been since I had class on Monday morning.


I should have ran, but I wasn't feeling it since I'd gotten to bed so late.  Instead, I snoozed my alarm and then slept through it, but still was up by 0715.  Then I decided to ride Bagheera, which meant I saved even more time by skipping a shower.  ANNNDDD there was almost no traffic getting to downtown.  *praise hands*

After class, I came home, since there was no work.  I offered to watch Baby RR while Mom and Dad took a nap, but I was turned down.  It was pretty disappointing because I haven't seen Baby RR since she was born.  Instead, I took a nap... and so did the dogs.  Teh German spent the majority of his day working in the garage on his Bobber (motorcycle) project.

After my nap, I headed to Walmart to pick up some house/grocery items and then came back home to put everything away and work on some homework.  Teh PT Kid and Teh PT Wife came over to print out some homework for Teh PT Kid.  I continued doing homework.

Dinner was bison wraps (a random item that I found at Walmart) and then it was more homework time.  I did also manage to accomplish all the laundry AND got it ALL put away.  BOOM.  When I went to get ready for bed, I ended up having to do my first ever plumbing exercise after losing an earring back down the sink. 

In good news, I was able to take care of the issue myself.  In bad news, I touched something slimy and will probably need to amputate up to the elbow.  Teh German came upstairs after me and STILL made it to bed before me.  I'm forever bitter about these things, especially because he ALWAYS falls asleep first.  ALWAYS.  #MarriedWoes


Overall, a pretty fantastic weekend.  Fortunately, the dogs didn't destroy anything while they were unsupervised, which is always a good time.  Hang gliding was a lot like riding a bike (speed wise) except you're just up in the air.  I feel like being pull up behind a plane is infinitely better than cliff jumping... from my limited experience.

The most exciting purchase of the weekend was the new pun postcards I picked up.  Seriously, if you ever visit Blowing Rock, make sure to go into the Neaco store.  Soooo much fun stuff in there and the guys that run the place (who you will see behind the counter) are super fun and friendly!

This week includes:
-birthday dinner for a neighbor tonight
-hopefully discovering a new running path
-the 2nd to last Honeymoon blog
-a massage on Friday
-gettin' my hairs did on Saturday
-trips to the gym to punch shit
-reading the Ilona Andrews ebook I downloaded for Erin's Challenge.
-maybe some audiobook and puzzle

My online class is using a book that was printed in 2015, and the software we have to use for assignments no longer has online support, which means that the instructor is having to assign other homework options for people who can't figure out the software.  I'm sad and glad about this because the software is/was painful to deal with.

I found a partner for my circuits class who is a super smart kid, but has very limited time to meet to do projects (he's taking 21 credit hours and his advisor made him withdraw from the class that would have put him at 24 hours).  That's fine with me as long as we don't get shitty grades.

I'm going to have to study for German this year, which is sad but fine.  I'm no longer the #1 student, which is also fine.  Takes the pressure off of me not to be the only one who participates.  I seriously wonder what I'd have to juggle to be able to do a study abroad in Germany.  Like how cool would that be?!?!  Teh German could come and visit me!

It's finally September, Gentle Readers!  I'd say that means it's fall, but it's not because I live in the South and it will take a hurricane or Halloween to get some "cold" weather around these parts.  There's 3/4 storms currently lined up in the Atlantic, soooo we'll seeeeeeeee.. For now, it's time to pull out my sudafed and advil to mitigate incoming #BarometerHead issues.


  1. Every time I read "circuits" I read it at "cricuts" first & think "what a fun but random class!" Every. Single. Time. I never would have thought of the fan thing & am thoroughly impressed! Sounds like a good weekend & like you have some fun things coming up! I'm mostly jealous of the massage.

  2. Hang-gliding seems awesome! And this post makes me even more excited for our mountain trip coming up.

    Hubs used to have trouble sleeping and now he falls asleep almost immediately. It's super annoying.


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