Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Honeymoon Part 5 of 5

Monday, June 04

Last time, we were in San Fransisco and we were headed to the East Coast..

We made it to Boston with no issue, for a short layover before continuing on to Baltimore.  We were lucky enough to have time to make a bathroom stop.  While Teh German was in the bathroom, I was super tacky and pulled out one of those disposable Colgate brushers and "brushed" my teeth while standing in the middle of the terminal.  Just call me the queen of class.  #NotSorry

Relieved, we headed towards our gate.  I made a pit stop at Starbucks (not worth it) and then had to make another bathroom stop, ugh.  I was in the bathroom when they called for us to board, so Teh German and I ended up being in the last 3 people that boarded the plane.  Whatevs.  Once boarded, we headed to BWI where Chief Smartass picked us up from the airport and delivered us back to his house to reunite with Yurtle.

Hanging out with Secret Dog before heading to SoMD.

 A, thankfully, uneventful drive from Baltimore to SoMD to reunite with the beasts and take a longer than anticipate, but much needed nap before Teh Running Bestie came home from work.  The dogs seemed excited to see us and we were just glad that Pax didn't pee from over-excitement, which has happened before.

I just wanted to do my business in peace.  But Pax was INCESSANT and wouldn't settle until I opened the door and left it open so he could monitor my comings and goings.  #VelcroDog

My Monkey-Doodle.. /swoon

When Teh Running Bestie came home from work, we headed out to do a store run then we ended up picking up Chinese for dinner since no one was in the mood for cooking.  We watched the Caps game while eating dinner.  After a Caps WIN, it was bedtime.


Tuesday, June 05

We had determined we were heading back to Charleston on Tuesday, so I woke up early to say goodbye to Teh Running Bestie, then I stayed up to catch up on emails and other work things.  I had originally planned on going back to bed, but that didn't end up happening.  I eventually had to wake Teh German up to get ready to go since he had wanted to leave around 10.  It didn't happen.  We left at 1035.  Oh well. 

I drove the first half of the trip, making the necessary stop at McDonald's for a the first sweet tea I'd had since May 19th, before we left for Australia.  Teh German drove the 2nd half of the trip, after we stopped at the dog park.  Unfortunately, Teh German got pulled over and received a speeding ticket in NC, BOOOOOO.  That was a really sour note for our adventure and it didn't make the rest of the trip enjoyable in the least.  We did listen to my audiobook for the remainder of the journey home, which pleased me greatly.  It was super depressing and I ended up falling asleep after we got onto I-26.  Oops.

When we got home, we unloaded the car, unpacked, then it was time to chill.  I checked in with work again and was putting odds and ends away while Teh German was catching up on his missed YouTube videos.  Teh German was on vacation for the full week after we came back from our honeymoon (unlike me), so he had plenty of time to catch up on his "internets".  I know you were worried about that.....  /facepalm.

Around 10, I was duuuunnn and it was bedtime.


Wednesday, June 06

Originally, I was planning to go into the office, but I just couldn't force myself out of the bed.  We're gonna blame jet lag.  I let my people know that I'd be teleworking, then spent my commute time making up for lost time with Teh Cloud (the bed).

Teh German had a work meeting to attend, which he'd been stressed out about for most of our honeymoon.  This in turn, added to my stress, which was already on high since honeymoon.  When he got back home, I couldn't really tell what the outcome of the meeting had been.  He wasn't whistling (which I hate, but am slowly coming to term with), nor was there any heavy sighing.  It was a confusing time in my life. 

Teh German took his time changing out of his outside shoes into his house shoes and then emptied his pockets as slowly as possible before finally coming to the living room where I was.  He came to the couch and wasn't frowning but wasn't smiling.  Finally, I was like, "REALLY JUST TELL ME, OMFGGG!"  He reported back only good things (woot! a raise)!  After he'd told me all about it, we debated on a lunch plan and finally decided to stay home and cook a frozen pizza so we didn't have to leave since I had work calls at 1 and 1:30.  While we ate, I participated in my calls, then the afternoon was easy peasy.

And with that.... life went back to normal and the honeymoon was officially over.

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  1. Random, but I really like the floor in your kitchen.

    And Boring Adult Status is officially achieved.

  2. lol at brushing your teeth in the terminal. whatever works man, i feel like anything goes in an airport. oh no, speeding ticket! how awful.


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