Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #24

I had Teh German help me close my bikini top since I couldn't get it closed.
tG: You shouldn't have raised your hand twice for tits.

tG: But did you die?
tM: A little on the inside, as always.
tG: You can't kill what's already dead.

While passing a billboard for a dentist office that shows missing teeth, which reads, "Let's fix that."
tG: Fix what?  South Carolina?

Teh German lit the citronella candles before we started eating dinner out side.
tG: I don't know if this helps against flies, but at least we can call it a candle light dinner.

While eating steaks that Teh German had grilled.
tG: I noticed there was a charred frog in the grill.  So we probably had some frog legs with dinner.

I brought home 7 boxes of mac and cheese from the grocery store.
tG: You need supervision.

I was silly singing.
tM: That's the good version.
tG: I liked the original better.

Teh German to the dogs who were excited.
*note: when their nails need to be cut, they click on the floor, in a very obvious way.
tG: What is this?  A tap-dance competition?

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  1. LOL at the dance competition. Also, I love the smell of citronella.

  2. The tits comment had me LOLing.

    My husband also needs grocery store supervision...his hurricane many sweets.

  3. Hahahaaha supervision. We all have those moments. The tap dancing comment cracks me up, that is what Chris used to say to Gracie.


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