Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Honeymoon Bonus Post

This is all the shit that didn't get included elsewhere.  You're welcome.

When Husband knows you VERY well and his sandwich box "talks" to you.

We didn't find any live greyhounds, but we did find this sighthound statute.
I'll take it.

This tree is covered in bats.
Like, if you zoom in, you can see them.

Oh yeah, thanks Duolingo...

Someone was a good sport and took a new photo for his posts.


The biggest yams/sweet potatoes and carrots I'd ever seen at Paddy's Market in Sydney.

These awesome water fountains are so rare.
It was like finding an extinct animal!

That says YOLO County.
YOLO is a real place people.

Have chocolate.
Will eat.
PS.  It wasn't that good.  Boo, hiss.

2 gulls, sexin'.

There was a weird stain on Yurtle's passenger door which had been there for years....
I finally cleaned it off on the way home from MD.
And then a month later, I traded in my Yurtle for Willow.

I found THREE libraries while we were on vacation.  I'm considering library hunting while on vacation a new personal mission.

In Sydney

In San Francisco

At Alcatraz

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