Friday, September 14, 2018

Five on Friday #164 - A "Hurrication"

EINS - Random Hurricane Shit

-When you are able to telework and actually have tasking and internet and power to work, it's really not a hurrication, just to be clear.  Additionally, homework woes were also a thing.  I had lofty goals of getting ahead on homework, buttttt not so much.  Most evenings of the week were spent drinking with neighbors.  It kinda worked out better for them since most of them didn't have to go/do work the following day.  It really is kind of a killjoy.

-That said, the top image is from 9/14 at 0720, and was the most up to date image available at the time of writing this post.  I hope like hell that Wilmington and the rest of the coast and the OBX come through this.  I'm forever partial to my home state, even if I don't necessarily love the beach.

-Hurricane prep looks like this:

Who needs spring cleaning when you can just do hurricane cleaning instead?

When you're already sweaty from your workout, then you get sweatier vacuuming and moving patio furniture, then as you're putting dog poop down the sewer drain it starts to rain, you just roll with it.

Open area houses are really versatile for furniture placement.....

-Seriously though, my week has been all about hurricane and responding to well-intentioned friends asking if we're ok.  I've been posting updates on FB since Thurs since news reporting seems to think that "The Carolinas" is actually a singular area and it's extremely inaccurate which is leading a lot of people to needlessly worry about us.

-I've been using my work laptop for work things this week for reasons and the page up button is where the control key is on my personal laptop and it's made for all sorts of frustration.  There is a reason for standardization!!!!

-In my last Sam's order, I purchased coffee.  They didn't grind the beans in the massive machine right beside the coffee pallet...  I hate everyone.

-I ordered a doggy doo drain for disposing of the dog poop, thanks to Teh PT Husband.  I finally got to use it on Wednesday and because it had been so long since I scooped, I was afraid I accidentally clogged the sewer line after a whole bunch of poop fell out of the bucket and then I couldn't wash it down as effectively as I wanted to.  I didn't sleep well that night.  Thursday morning, I checked the drain.  All the poop had been washed away.  There was no more fear of a shit flood under out house.  #Miracle 

That said, this is now my favorite way to dispose of the dog poop.  It goes into the sewer line from the connection at our house and now I don't have to keep collecting plastic bags at the grocery store, there will be no more poop filled plastic bags in our garbage can, and I can go back to using my reusable bags at the grocery store.  #VICTORY!

-We went to the gym on Wednesday since they planned to close Thurs-?? and I'm pretty sure that Wednesday is the hard day.  I want to die.  I literally felt like my muscles were shredding when I was doing my last reps.  There is not enough stretching to make this better.  If I didn't know that I'd end up with a headwind in both directions (there and back), I'd go on a run.

ZWEI - Money Shit

For not leaving home for most of the week, it's been quite expensive to my bank account.

-HVAC maintenance where Jerry noticed that our machine has been working overtime.  Which leads me tooooooo...
-Our power bill.....  it was about the same temps this month as last month, but since the HVAC was working harder, the bill was more expensive.  I'm about ready to kill this machine already and make them replace it.  Especially since this is 2 years in a row with issues.
-hairs did
-pizza dinner
-dog bed for the guest room, calming treats, and something else since I had a $40 gift cert that had to be used in 30 days.
-coffee filters and something else I can't remember
-lacrosse balls for rolling my feet since I've been getting bad cramping at night.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

We saw this and thought it was AWESOME.
The bus didn't have any windows and there were mounted paintball guns in each window opening.
I assume they drive you around and you "hunt" zombies.  Not sure if they are targets or actual people, but it's still an awesome concept.

FL to NC/SC: Thanks ya'll!  Next round is on us!

Not all of my runs are epically miserable.
I had to send this selfie to Teh Running Bestie so she knew.

When your dogs are assholes and try to eat your honeymoon acquired Christmas ornaments.

When you make dinner for others and yourself, it's a LOT of sausage.

Wednesday morning "hurrication" snuggles with my Monkey.  /swoon.
This was on repeat for Thurs and Fri as well.

They did not arrive.
I DID find our reusable filter that I had stashed away.

I'm not sure what asshole critter decided my flower bush was a good place for their... nesting?
IDK.  But I am pissed every time I walk by and see the desecration.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. No class, even if we have to make it up later and it will make me stabby.
  2. Teh German's homework assistance.
  3. Finally getting to use my doggy doo drain.
  4. No 0514 alarms for most of the week.
  5. Reusable coffee filters.
  6. Not having to put on a bra to go to work.
  7. Not having to leave the house from Weds-????.  I assume by Monday or Tuesday school will resume.  We shall see how flooded downtown gets this weekend.
  8. Places still being open despite an excessively early mandatory evacuation for a hurricane that hadn't even graced Charleston with it's presence at the time of writing this.
  9. Audiobook and puzzle time.
  10. Reading.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. LOL I love the Cards Against Humanity one. I still really need to buy that game.


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