Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Review {9/10}

You know how sometimes the weekend passes and you KNOW you HAD a weekend, but it's kinda like it was there one day and then the next day it wasn't?  That's how I feel about this weekend.


School and work on Friday.  I had a massage appointment at 3:30 so I was outttiieeee by 3.  Regrets? NONE.

After my moosage, I headed home.  Teh PT Wife said that she needed adult beverages and I suggested WE go out to dinner and leave the Husbands at home.  DONEEEE.  We opted to go to Basil in Mt Pleasant and no less than 3 different devices responded when I told Willow to navigate us there.  #SmartCarProblems

As desired, we ended up with a seat on the upstairs balcony and there was 2005-2015s music playing, so it was kinda like we were on her back porch, just without the cigar smoke and Husbands.  We had drinks and celebrated restaurant week.  It was awesome lady time.

She got a notification from their doorbell that Teh German had went home as we decided to leave.  So I knew that it was bedtime after we got back home.


Saturday was a slow start.  I had plans to do homework and possibly scoop poop.  I did manage to crank out some homework and had an unenjoyable bowl of Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes and some coffee.  But when the hair lady called and said she had a cancellation and asked if I wanted to come in at noon, I said yes please.  While I was getting ready, Teh German Skyped with his mom.

It's not PURPLE anymore, but it's close enough since the trade off was a permanent color.  We'll see how burgundy it ends up.

After gettin' my hairs did, I went to the grocery store.  While I was there, the SC Govenator declared a state of emergency, which meant that before I left, what limited water selection was there, was no longer on the shelves.  After grocery shopping, Willow got a bath, then I headed home in a state of abysmal hanger.  As in, I had to warn Teh German that I was hangry since I could hear the words coming out of my mouth and couldn't do anything to stop them.  Same with Teh Dad when he called a few minutes later and I was putting away groceries.  #RealTalk, hanger+PMS?  Just don't come near me.  Definitely do not engage.  It's safer for everyone.

After consuming some calories, which leveled me out a little bit, I went to the garage to apologize to Teh German.  Then I wandered over to Teh PT House since Teh PT Wife and Teh Gardener were outside... gardening. 

We all ended up agreeing on getting together for pizza for dinner.  I called in the order then fetched it while everyone else showered.  There was a starving kitten in the parking lot at the pizza place and it wouldn't let me near it.  Then I didn't see it when I was leaving (when I actually had food in hand, not that kittens should have pizza, but I didn't have any other option!), so I couldn't even feed him crust or anything.  My heart broke.  Kitties are growing on me in a, they are super cute but I still never want to live with one, kind of way.

Dinner was consumed and the ladies sat inside chatting while the men went outside to drink (more) beer and smoke cigars.  Around 10:30, I was exhausted and it was my bedtime. 


After dealing with Twitch McGee all night long (there were no sheets on the guest bed, or I would have just relocated, which annoys me that I have to do, but here we are), I was exhausted and felt guilty for my lack of miles on Friday, so I guilted myself into a run.  I didn't get up until around 9:30, then I got myself ready.  The dogs were getting on my nerves, so I let them out of the bedroom before I put on my shoes and as soon as my shoes were on, I heard it... Pax peeing on the runner downstairs.  /facepalm.

I had waited too long.  I was also frustrated at Teh German because he was awake but didn't bother to get up and assist with the dogs since "we agreed that we each get a weekend day."  In fact, we never agreed on that, but it just happens to be the case most of the time. 

I got downstairs and let the dogs out and fed them and then Teh German sauntered downstairs like nothing had happened.  I put down towels to soak up the pee and left for my run.  Fueled with rage and PMS, I headed to the place I wanted to check out.

It's 2 miles from our house to the new area.  NBD.
But then, since it was HOT AF and there was no shade anywhere and I didn't want to backtrack, I went through the mud to get to the path that I had seen on GPS.  My shoes were caked in red mud.  Fanastic.  Oh yeah, did I mention my shoes are white/silver?  #ThisIsMyLife.

So after de-caking my shoes with random sticks I could find and probably giving myself poison oak/ivy, I set down the trail/driveway/path... where I quickly came upon private property signs.. which I just kept trucking by, while texting with Teh Running Bestie that I might get shot.  Within half a mile, I came to a gate that closed off the road, which was a bummer, since I was hoping that the road would go for miles and I could use it for my super long runs.  Turns out, probably not.  Le sighhh.

So I turned around and headed the other way.  By this point, I'm bitching and moaning and generally miserable about all the things and constantly whining to Teh Running Bestie and mostly walking because it was hot AF, even in the shade.  Additionally, the air was less O2 and more H2O.  I wanted to die.  Getting shot due to being on private property probably would have been preferred at that point.

So I went the other direction and came upon, expected railroad tracks.  And then I ran back and discovered that I wouldn't have even had to cross over someone's property to get to the trail, there was an access point.  Yeah, I took that to get back into the neighborhood I had ran through and then back home.  Sooooo many times I considered calling Teh German to come and fetch me, but I'm not a quitter and I was pissed at him for twitching all night and for not helping with the dogs and just stabby at life in general by that point, so I didn't.  I pounded it out.  I was a fucking moron.

A mile away from home, I gave up and took my shirt off and unproudly displayed my bright pink sports bra all the way down my street.  You're welcome, neighbors with cameras.  By the time I walked in the door, I was heaving trying to breathe.  The dogs were super concerned, but I literally (gently) kicked them away as I braced myself on the island over my cup to suck down water.  Meri was very concerned and started whining because I was acting strangely, but she (praise Jesus) stayed in her bed.  Teh German was taking Teh German Time in the bathroom, which was probably the safest option for everyone.  He didn't come out.  That was ok.  When I'm in that state, I don't want to answer questions like, "Are you ok?"  Because NO, I am NOT ok, but I will be, if left alone, probably.

After downing a cup of water, a half cup of chocolate milk, attempting to eat half a piece of bacon, I went upstairs to take a "cold" shower.  We have one of those single knob shower things with cold on the right and hot on the left and the water starts at cold and I literally just turned the water on, so it would be as cold as it could be.. and it was still warm.  That's how over heated I was.  Cold water that I do NOT allow to touch my naked body was WARM.  That's also when I realized just how stupid and stubborn I'd been. 

After getting cooled off and clean, I finally emerged from the shower, put on enough clothing to cover my bits, and went straight to bed.  I was trying to nap, but the post run business trip came knocking, so when Teh German came upstairs, I was in the bathroom.

The night before, Teh Sister had purchased our anniversary present from Home Depot and we needed to pick it up.  Teh German was asking when I was planning on going because he wanted to go too since he needed things.  Rather than go back to bed and try to nap (which I hadn't been successful at), I said we could just go then.

Maybe we should call him CHOMPS.
IDK.  He doesn't have a name yet.
It's the LED greyhound.

Teh German asked if there was anything I wanted while we were out and I mentioned a sweet tea.  We ended up picking up McDonald's for brunch/lunch because we make SUPER healthy choices.  Honestly, I hadn't had a Big Mac in a hot minute, so I wasn't sad about this choice. 

Also, it should be noted...
when Husband is frustrated about dropping fries between the seats is NOT the best time to make the suggestion, "You do realize that if you tried to stuff fewer fries into your mouth all at once, you probably wouldn't drop them, right?"  /shrug

You see, Teh German does this thing where he grabs a super huge gathering of fries from the container then tries to shove ALL of them into his mouth.  I've never understood this.  Often, I'm a single fry at a time gal.  Sometimes, I'll be risky and do up to 3 fries at the same time, but it depends on the thickness of the fries.  So for me watching this, it's been difficult.  But, marriage is accepting your spouse for who they are.. even if that means they are a fry guzzling mess maker.

When we got home, we ate our late lunch to stave of any (remaining) hangar and Teh German set upon sports time while I set upon homework.  A task that I thought was going to be relatively simple turned out to NOT be simple at all, which was extra annoying.  I half-assed it after realizing that homework is 20% of our grade and I imagine that any effort will be better than no effort.

I did take a break in the middle of homework time and Teh German and I worked together to make a soup we didn't eat for dinner.  We ate other things instead since we started dinner so late, knowing that we'd eat it for lunch Monday and possibly dinner or maybe lunch for the rest of the week, IDK.  Teh German chopped the veggies while I cooked the sausage and then I stirred everything together, added the broth, and let it simmer.... for almost an hour and a half, probably rendering the spinach that was in the soup completely nutrient-less.  Oops.  (Monday update: Teh German reported that the soup was delicious).

After portioning out the soup, it was bedtime.


Overall, a good enough weekend.  I got most of my shit accomplished.  I tried to kill myself running (to the point that I told Teh Running Bestie that I'd rather run a half marathon with a jacked up toe than ever have to relive that run and that run made me cry).  I didn't scoop poop and it REALLY needs to be done and now it's raining every day again and that's the worst for scoopin.

Yes, I'm aware a hurricane is coming.  This week.  Probably.  It's not currently aimed directly at us (Charleston) but the weather reports have been fear-mongering since late last week.  Our plan is that if a hurricane his Charleston directly and is a Category 4 or 5, we evacuate.  Otherwise, we ride it out.  We have boards for the windows (even though they are rated for up to 150 mph winds) and we've done boarding up parties before.  Honestly, I'm expecting some rain and wind.  I'm also expecting at least 2 days of no school and a few days of teleworking (especially if 26 gets reversed because there's no way I'm dealing with that shitty-shit, poor Teh German).

This week also includes:
-making dinner for new parents x2.
-some adulty house things (HVAC maintenance and exterminators, whew!)
-surviving a hurricane. NBD

I'll be participating in the SUYB link up tomorrow!  WHHHHATTTT?!? 
I know.  Bizarre.  But fo real.  It's happening.  It's been scheduled for a week!
Cray, I know.  Stick with me, it's always a ride around these parts.

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  1. That Basil place sounds awesome! I haven't had a Big Mac in a hot minute either. I kinda want one now... except I'm trying real hard to say no to fast food until after my birthday...


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