Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Review {9/17}


It's not a hurrication if you have to work.. which was my life.  Also, there wasn't really any hurricane to be found.. so it was a very confusing time.  Also, Florence didn't bring a drop in the temps, so it was still Charleston outside, which is gross.

This is what teleworking looks like.
Sometimes you need to company laptop, sometimes you need your personal laptop.
It's complicated.

My 12 call was cancelled (praise hands) which meant lunch time at Willie Jewells.  It was absolutely slammed.  Twin Mom, Dental Hygienist, and AF Maintainer met us there. Teh PT Wife rode with us.  It wasn't the best WJ I've had, but based on the situation with hurricane and limited employees and having run out of food the day before (I called to ask if they were open), it was fine.  After lunch, we headed back home.  Teh PT Wife came over and we puzzled for a bit.  Teh German and Teh PT Husband went out to a brewery.

After the puzzle was completed, Teh PT Wife went home, and I opted for a nap.  I was roused when Teh German arrived home.  We had leftovers for dinner.  The neighborhood hurricane party was at our house on Friday night, but most of the neighbors must have partied too hard the nights prior because the normal crowd didn't show up.  Teh PT Wife and Husband showed up after 8 and while husbands were outside smoking cigars, I turned on Blue Planet and we narrated.  I think if we had been drunk it would have been even more fun.

Around 10 a few more people showed up, which was unfortunate since I was ready for bed.  They stayed until midnight and then I practically kicked people out of my house because I was so tired.  My nap hadn't been very effective apparently.


I had forgotten that I had agreed with Teh German's good idea to leave the bug zapper on the counter during the night to slay all the bugs that had come in the house while the door had been open the night prior (for ingress/egress and to move a chair in/out for someone).  So this was waiting on me when I woke up.  I left it there for Teh German to take care of.

Despite Teh German's coffee error (he had put the coffee in the machine, but he hadn't put water in), I was able to conjure up some tolerable coffee and I enjoyed a quiet morning reading on the couch with Sully.

Teh PT Wife and I headed out for some afternoon non-house activities.  We made a stop at TJ-Maxx, where I spent a bunch of money on things I didn't need and have kinda been looking for (dog toys, pots), then a snack at Checkers, then a trip to Walmart for milk.

Instead of mice, they are bats!  #HalloWIN

After getting home, I put all the new things away and distributed dog toys.  I joined Teh German in front of the TV.  We started watching Shameless and can't stop.  It's not a replacement for The Ranch (why in the shit do I love that show sooo much?  It's moderately embarrassing), but it will do and it's got lots of episodes, so that is nice.

We ate leftovers for dinner in front of the TV and spent the rest of the night watching TV.  Whew.


Sunday morning, I got up and accomplished some homework.  By 2ish I was done with that shit and joined Teh German in front of the TV again for more Shameless.  We went to dinner around 4 with Teh PT Family for pizza, which was a good life choice, even if the place we went to seemed to be in the middle of some type of drama.

When we got home, it was more Shameless.

I discovered before bed that my water bags that I'd put in the freezer as hurricane prep (which Teh German had insisted on that I hadn't planned on doing) had leaked, so now someone (me, of course) gets to de-ice the drawer and under the drawer.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  Ugh.


Hurricane Florence wuz here!

Please do not take my dissatisfaction with the lack of hurricane as a lack of sympathy for those people who have been hit by Hurricane Florence.  My struggle with the Charleston response is that it was called SOOOOO early before the hurricane was even close to hitting, so we missed up to a week of school (some places went back today, but the Citadel returns to class tomorrow) and work and nothing happened here. It's literally like crying wolf.  Nothing happened this time, so next time, people will be less likely to evacuate and that's when something will actually happen.  Or worse, people who evacuated this time (for nothing) won't be able to afford it next time.

I'm sure there is a balance of how early to be prepared vs how late can you call it, but Charleston doesn't seem to be able to get it right.  I know there's plenty of wisdom in "Better safe than sorry..." but that shouldn't be the default way of thinking when we have the technology to possibly predict what will happen.  Yes, this storm was mostly unpredictable, but putting everyone on alert more than week before the actual hurricane even hit is unnecessary. 

I'm sure we've all seen the video of the weather reporter struggling against a super strong wind, only to see two people walk behind him with zero issues.  That's fear mongering.  That's #fakenews. 

Also, to report on "The Carolinas" as a single place is the same shit.  Fear-mongering and #fakenews.  I understand that it's more words to say the southern coastal region of NC and the northern coastal area of SC, but that's the area that has been affected by Hurricane Florence.  Downtown Charleston didn't even flood and it floods when there's a king tide and a heavy rain day.  That's how unaffected we were by Hurricane Florence, but news reports were saying "The Carolinas" were about to float away so everyone was on high alert that we were gonna die.

All this to say, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE CONSUMING.  Be it media or french fries.  Generalization (a lack of detail) is an enemy of the truth.

If you were affected by the hurricane and need anything, please reach out.  I'd be happy to do what I can, in my limited way.


Overall, a boring, not-overly-productive weekend.  We're now addicted to Shameless (which we were told multiple times about and held off because we're stubborn assholes).  I did accomplish homework, although I realized this morning I did the wrong homework....  Ugh.  So more HW for me tonight.

I'm mostly just glad that we're getting back on schedule and Teh German is back at work.  Him hanging around the house being lazy AF was starting to grate on my nerves.  Everyone needs some down time, so I was trying not to be Captain BitterPants (it was unsuccessful, fyi).

This week includes:
  • Work
  • School
  • A dentist appt for me
  • some running (BJB willing)
  • some punching shit
  • German visitors arriving this weekend

Let's do this.


  1. There was a LOT of crap about a news station reporting about (North?) Myrtle Beach, NORTH Carolina. It's close to the state line, yes, but it is in South Carolina. May not seem like it matters but IT DOES.

    We were supposed to be majorly affected, and then it turned. So you are exactly right, people are all "Man next time I won't even worry." Okay...well next time you might be flooded. You literally have no idea what these storms will do. And that's why I don't get mad when people don't's hard to know! If I had evacuated to my parents or ILs, I would have been worse off than staying here. But that wasn't sure until less than 24 hours out.


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