Friday, August 31, 2018

Five on Friday #162

EINS - Random Shit

-Sometimes I get to school early and I sit in empty classrooms on my laptop to pass the time.  Often, I am beside a math class (since the CS and Math departments are one in the same) and I just want to bust in and be like, HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?!?!  Soon you'll be finding the equation of an equation by changing it forwards and backwards, in an outlaw land with "rules" that aren't really rules since they don't always apply!   #CalculusSnob

-If you have to pull out of parking space more than 3 time when you're trying to back into it, you need to just NOT back into parking spaces.  I had to deal with this situation more than once this week and it's just like, WTF PEOPLE?!?!  A friend commented that it seems to be directly related to how little consideration people have to anyone other than themselves.  I'd argue that this also extends to the USE OF SIGNAL LIGHTS.  WTF, it's NOT THAT HARD!!!!  But apparently it is for 80% of drivers in my area.  #IHateEveryone

-Since we're going out of town this week, I've been trying to stay ahead of my homework.  It really is awesome not being stressed about it.

-Not having one of my classes meet this week (even if it's just a Tues/Thurs class) was glorious.  I mean, it meant going into work earlier than normal, but there was also a lack of homework that went with that, which I appreciated.  We had some reading to do and an assignment, but it wasn't overly difficult.

-Someone in my Circuits class was playing Solitaire beside me and I couldn't tell him that he had a move before he restarted the game.  I was crushed.  After class I explained that the Microsoft solitaire app on the phone is AWESOME.

-My Circuits class is like Discrete Math PTSD.  My teacher didn't understand it when I made that joke... but all the people that were in that class with me did.  I was feeling pretty hopeless when I took that class, but now I look back on it and I'm like, OHHHH!! I GET ITTTT!!!  Strange how things come full circle.

-I have had Jeff Shaara's books on my TBR for like evvvvaaarrrr.  So, I made the first 2 books of the WW2 series part of my Book Challenge.  Yeah... it's not gonna work out.  I gave the first one the DNF stamp and I'm sad, but I'm glad.  Now I just need a book with something related to water in the title and another book that has been on my shelf for the longest.

-My poli sci digital investigations class has a book with a CD to install a stupid program.  I thought I was in the clear (because who installs that shit?) and then the instructor assigned an assignment through that program.

Problem 1: I don't have a computer with a CD drive.  I emailed the instructor regarding this issue.
Problem 2: The instructor emailed back a shady looking link, that I still clicked because he's the professor and he's trying to help me and the links on the page just kept redirecting to other useless pages, there was some obviously shady links on the site to "download" the program, and eventually my computer locked up and I'm about 88% sure there's a virus on my laptop now.
Solution: I ended up installing the program on my work laptop since it has a CD drive.  Plan B would have been an external CD drive from a coworker.  #2018Problems

-We're on the way to NC this weekend for hang gliding with the beasts in tow.  It's going to be interesting and probably more stress than I'm really looking forward to on a not-long-for-me weekend.  Keep me in your thoughts as I try to maintain my fragile tethers to my apathy for all things.

-A BJB has prohibited me from working out for the last week.  I finally went to the gym on Weds after having the new BJB pew pew lazored on Tuesday and didn't die.  Small victories.  But really.  I should do better about this running shit.  If my body would get better about not punishing me for being me, that would help.

-When people with good idea fairy syndrome just start spouting shit out after you've announced an issue and they have no idea wtf they are talking about... I want to stab them.  OOPS, muscle reflex.

-When your cleaner tells you, "Just let me know if we're not doing something you expect to be done!" and you leave them a note saying, "Please take out trash in all bathrooms, laundry room, and office.  And use Alexa to control the lights by saying, 'Alexa, turn on all lights to white at 100%.'"  And you come home to half your lights turned off and the office trash still full of paper.  Why do I have such high expectations of people?  Like seriously.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-3 Audible credits since they offered me 3 credits for $12 each which is less than the monthly subscription so fine.
-Tickets to see Aziz Ansari downtown.  He'll be testing out new material, so I'm pumped.
-Wendy's for lunch on Weds.  Sweet teas for me AND Baby Momma.
-Groceries (minimal since we're going out of town)
-Magnetic bowls for Teh German as a surprise since Teh PT Husband suggested they would be a good idea for his garage activities.
-A gift for Baby Momma

DREI - From My Phone Shit

My Reese's blizzard was quite the temptation for the fuzz bucket.


This boy has the most aired out paws.

Waiting on Baby RR.

Pew Pew Lazor Selfie!
The lady who does my treatments always laughs at my selfies.

It's like Andy's bedroom wallpaper, but in real life.

Dis baby wasn't even 24 hours into this world when I held her.  /swoon

Look at me wif da babyyyyy.

Pre-sleepy time snuggles with my Monkey-Doodle.
Those ears/radars are listening to downstairs activity.

What do you call an everyday potato?
A commontator

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Ever wonder what solid objects look like cut into slices?  Click here to see such items.  This is NOT like the horse being sliced apart in that scary movie with Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s, that I cannot remember the name of but still haunts me.

I was busy.
So not a lot going on here this week.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. No/minimal homework stress.
  2. Metto
  3. Holding cute babies
  4. Completing the hard levels on the solitaire daily challenge.
  5. DNF-ing a boring ass tome.
  6. Being back in the Outlander audiobook world.  Claire is still kind of annoying with her innate knowledge of all things of all people at all times.  Ugh.
  7. Starting a puzzle.
  8. Flexibility at work.
  9. Pops at the Chiro.
  10. NOT being a part of my neighborhood's FB drama.  *praise hands emoji*

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Woo hoo to cancelled classes & no FB neighborhood drama. Brand new babies scare me haha. I am not a fan of holding other people's kids until the kid can hold its head up on its own.

  2. i agree about parking in general.. if it takes you 20 minutes, park elsewhere. i love solitaire. i'm addicted to spider solitaire right now.
    i feel like trash should be the #1 thing a cleaning company should do... lol.
    i love when people give advice or 'knowledge' when you tell them about a problem or something you're going through. super helpful. jeepers.
    lol @ andy's wallpaper. it's so pretty!
    aw the baby! so cute. i laughed way too hard at commontator.


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