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Weekend Review {8/20}


Friday was actually a Friyay, because NO WORRRRKKKK!!  I was a slacker and didn't go to the gym, but I did go with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom to Sullivans Island to hit up the beach for my annual beach visit.  We arrived at the beach around 1030 (before the weekend crowd arrived) and we finally lugged all our shit back to Willow around 1245. 

I was hungry, so we stopped at Home Team for lunch.  I mixed it up and ordered the chopped brisket sandwich instead of pulled pork and HT at Sullivans has fries, which were a win.  After lunch, we headed home.

I had arranged a cookout with the Neighbor Besties and around 6:30 everyone started to arrive.  Teh German was the grill master and I cooked up at least 5 pounds of tater tots (#SamsClubProblems), which did not go unhomed.  I got rip-roarin' runkity-runk.  I remember all of what happened, and my teeth chattering from laughing sooooo much.  I pretty sure by midnight everyone had headed home and we were in bed soon after.


The world's most effective alarm clock (dog puking) quickly roused me around 0630.  I was able to pull Pax into the bathroom so he didn't vomit on my carpet (#WIN) and then we headed outside where he finished his... business.  I fed the beasts, had a snack to fight the hangover, medicated, and went back to bed.  I woke up Teh German multiple times to tell him it was time to get ready to go, but he wasn't having it. 

We had reservations for paddle boarding/kayaking at 0930, but apparently no one took me seriously when I told them this.  I had said we needed to leave by 0830/0840.  I finally got out of the bed at 0815, feeling fine (which is a miracle when you're this old), got ready and headed downstairs. Teh German was, magically, headed to the car at 0842, so I was keeping my shit in control.  Circumstances happened and we finally left the house at 0900 and I was not impressed.  Teh German managed to get us there at exactly 0930.  Thank the traffic gods.

Our reservation was at Shem Creek and we opted to go towards the bay to start with.  It was ROUGHHHHHH.  There was a slight breeze and a super strong current.  The plus side was that we ran into Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German on the water!  Instead of following a group of kayakers into a small stream which would be difficult to traverse/turn around, we opted to head back the other way.  This was a great idea.

Until we had to come back and fight that same current and breeze again.  UGH.  25 minutes of an enjoyable ride, 45+ minutes of fighting and grunting and putting in a LOTTTT more effort than I wanted to give to get back.  I wondered what the protocol was for just calling the office to get them to fetch you with a boat.  I also suggested to Teh German that we pay a fisher in a boat to tow us back.  I was OVER it.  I really enjoy paddle boarding, but to fight such a strong current really did not float my boat.

After paddle boarding, we headed to Red's for lunch.  I'm slowly starting to like this place.  Teh Stepmom wanted seafood and we needed a place that had outside, casual seating, since we were STINKY.  Teh German really likes Red's (it's where we went on our 2nd date), so it didn't hurt his feelings. 

After lunch, we headed back home and I got to take a blissful shower and ended up taking a nap.

When I woke up, I ended up reading for a little bit.  Eventually, I went downstairs and Teh German had set up the Bristol 500 on the TV.  Teh Dad got to NASCAR-geek out with Teh German, who appreciated his knowledge.

While they were watching the pre-race things, I started working on a project for Teh Running Bestie on the Cricut.  MD state flag greyhound stickers.  The hardest part of the project was cutting the stickers apart because the pattern of the vinyl was very tricksy with the eyes.  I survived to whine about it another day.

While the Cricut was cutting, we heated up leftover for dinner.  I did end up sitting down and watching the last half of the race with everyone... and by watch it I mean snark at the announcers and all the commercials the entire time.  I was literally cheering for wrecks, which didn't really happen after the 2nd lap.  Until the very end.. and then it was only 2 wrecks.  BOOOOOOOOOOO.

I did have to LOOOOL when the winner took off with his helmet on top of his car and then his [bitter, non-winning] brother made fun of him during his interview.  After the race, it was bedtime.


Sunday, I tried to sleep in.  Pax ensured that didn't happen by poking me in the eyes with his booptastic nose.  Dick.  Teh German ended up getting up with the dogs and staying up.  I stayed the hell in bed.  Brunch was at The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivans Island at 1130, and we needed to leave at 1045.  I managed to force myself out of bed at 0930 so I could shower and be ready in time.  Much to my surprise, we were headed out of the driveway by 1045.

Shrimp roll and grit frites

The food was good, but the menu was a little weird.  It's one of those beach/causal/fancy places.  The food was good, but it was somewhere you have to google the ingredients just to make sure of what you're about to order.  I told Teh German I wanted to go back for dinner.  I wans't super impressed by their brunch offerings.  I believe that Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom would have enjoyed a normal brunch cafe type place much better... and me probably too consider that I wanted breakfast, not a sandwich.  Also, it's fancy beach expensive, so that was also a bummer.

After brunch, we went to Lidl and Publix for some grocery shopping.  Everyone was over it by the time we got to Publix, and it only enforced why I order my groceries online and we pick them up.  After, we headed home.  When we got home, I started dinner (homemade spaghetti sauce) and packaged up the meat I had purchased into smaller portions for the freezer.  Teh Dad and Teh German set about hanging my cabinet in the laundry room (which I didn't get a picture of because I was staying as far away from the project room as possible, unless directly summoned).  I ended up making a sticker for Teh PT Kid's water bottle that Teh PT Wife had asked me to make.  We were proud of our hard work (her idea, my Cricut/design skillz).

I bought a purple cactus at Lidl.  It's awesome and brings me joy.

Teh German: Purple and prickly, just like you!"
He gets me.

We finally ate dinner around 6:30 and I was pretty proud of my efforts... even though we were out of long noodles and I had to use rotini.  Oh welll!

By the time we cleaned up dinner, it was 8:20 and Teh German suggested watching a movie.  Apparently he doesn't understand that I am "It's too late to start a movie after 8pm" years old.  I ended up saying fine, despite just wanting to go to bed.  We ended up watching Despicable Me 3 (bleh) since it was less than 1.5 hours long, which was my criteria.

After it was over, it was bedtime... and the weekend was at a close.  😭😭


Overall, an eventful weekend.  Willow now has beach sand in her, which makes me feel like a true local.  I tried to vacuum it out, but it's sand.  We accomplished many fun activities and a project that I was glad to get done with.

This week:
-Had a doc visit this morning to follow up on my hot flashes.  They have disappeared with the birth control the doc put me on, but the weight gain and PMS have been unpleasant side effects.  I start on a new, lower dose pill tomorrow for 8 weeks and we'll see what happens.

-School starts Wednesday.  I'm not ready.  Not even a little bit.

-More kickboxing and running this week.

-I got some delightful news at work and it's not public yet so I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm ready to dance a fucking jig around the office and plan a "YAY you're going away party".  #NotSorry

-Papa G was inquiring about our trip to Germany over Christmas and he was NOT pleased when Teh German had to tell him we're waiting on the government to tell us if Teh German can go or not.  As much as I give Papa G shit for planning all the things a millionty years in advance, I, too, would like to plan our trip, so I'd like the government to hurry up and let us know as well.  I think Teh German is in the same boat for more reasons than just our trip to Germany.

PS.  We're within a few weeks of potentially cool weather and I AM SO PUMPED FOR Charleston Summer to begin (what most of you would consider fall).

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  1. Hell yeah no work on Friday! That's the best way to Fri-yay! I once had an ex who would get so annoyed whenever I said I was making spaghetti & meatballs but it wasn't real spaghetti. So then I'd obviously get annoyed right back. That purple cactus is super cute! I love Teh Germans comment.


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