Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekend Review {8/6}


More cramming and then my calc 2 final on Friday morning.  The test was a disaster.  Hopefully, my teacher will give me enough participation points so I don't have to participate in calc 2 ever again...

That face expression:
I've lost my damn mind.
After the final was a trip to the dealership and a massage.  Then I went home and we decided to go to Poe's Tavern for dinner.  I should also mention that I ate breakfast but nothing after that because I didn't have the opportunity.  If there was a worst thing about my calc class (besides the subject matter and instructor) it was that it was from 1015-1240?? (we never knew if class would end on time or not and she always "owed" us time.. /rolleyes).  Like.. ALL of my prospective lunch times fall during that time.  Early lunch, normal lunch, late lunch.. By the time I was finally able to eat, it was more like linner (lunch+dinner) and then by the time I'd get home, I wouldn't be hungry for dinner.  But I'd sure as shit wake up starving.  I did make protein shakes for a week or so, but that got old QUICK and I stopped making them and started bringing leftovers that I'd heat up after class, but then when your brain goes on strike and you forget your lunch 4/5 days.. you just give up and go out for lunch.. even if it takes you 30 minute to decide where to go.

Before we went to Poe's we stopped by Best Buy to take advantage of the tax free weekend to buy a new cheapie computer.  Sadly, the Dell I had picked was out of stock, so we didn't get to bring it home that night.  But we ordered it and it's coming eventually.

After Poe's, we headed back home to go straight to bed.  I was exhausted and I probably would have fallen asleep on the couch if I hadn't went straight upstairs.


Saturday morning I was up at 0630 with the dogs.  There was no going back to sleep, so I got up and wrote Saturday's post and noted some of the test questions a classmate should study for the calc final since she had to postpone taking it.

Teh Dental Hygienist's baby shower was at 11, and, originally, I was supposed to help host, but due to Hell Month, that wasn't really an option.  Thankfully, Teh PT Wife made shit happen and everything was awesome.

After the baby shower, I dropped off Teh Gardener at the Honda dealership and then went to Target, which was a good and bad life choice.  Good because I wanted to go to Target and just walk around and do whatever the fuck I wanted.. Bad because tax free weekend and children.

I saw this cool dude on my way to Target.

After Target, I took Willow to the car wash to properly clean her and then to the grocery store to pick up a few items.

To include 7 boxes of mac and cheese because they were on sale and I wanted particular flavors, but I wasn't sure the sale was on all mac and cheese or just certain name brands.  It's hard to be me.

There was a 20% Cartwheel code for dog toys, soooo Pax and Meri got new "school supplies."
The bag crunches and the high-"licker"s and pb&j sammich squeak.

Meri's new "mouse".
All Meri's small toys are called mice since that's what she plays with 80% of the time.

After I got home from my outing, Teh German helped me unload the car and put away the groceries.  While I had been out, Teh Neighbor Besties and Teh German had decided on pizza for dinner.  Shortly after I got home, we left for a pizza place in Summerville I'd never heard of (there was coupons!).  It was good food, but we struggled with the actual restaruant.  We first sat in the back, but there was no air flow and we were dying.  So after some tables cleared out, we pushed some tables together and sat where there were fans.  THEN... another huge party (like a party bigger than our 7 people) came in and they had obnoxious kids that were screaming and crawling all over the table and even Teh PT Wife (who is a mom) was annoyed, so I felt validated at considering violence as a solution to the problem.  Despite our glares, they didn't pipe down until their food arrived. 

After dinner, we headed home to release the hounds, then headed over to Teh PT House to hang out for a little bit.  I endured the Ray Lewis speech sermon and realized that I was starting to annoy everyone because I was annoying myself.  I was overly tired and it was time for bed.


Sunday morning, I woke up at 0530 to Meri scratching the door, which is never a good sign.  I could hear her belly rumbling, so I got up and let her out.  I also opted to feed her since that usually quiets her belly down.  Pax hadn't gotten up with us, but he eventually heard Meri eating and made it downstairs quicklike.  I went ahead and fed him too and then ensured both dogs had went business before we all went back upstairs for a nap.

Teh German didn't even rouse.  We had discussed riding to brunch and getting up "early"..  But at 1015, I woke up again and Teh German rolled over and asked what time it was.  For someone that has such high hopes of getting up "early" he sure had no qualms about sleeping all morning. 

We eventually rolled out of the bed and debating riding or driving to brunch.  I eventually decided we should just drive since I figured that it didn't matter where we went, we'd probably get caught by the rain.  We headed to The Mill House Tavern for brunch.  I had the chicken and biscuits with pimento cheese while Teh German had the chef's choice omelette and home fries.  He won.  Unfortunately, my pimento cheese was almost too spicy for me to eat, but I endured it because it was delicious otherwise.  The honey that came with my food was also spicy, so I had to ask for regular honey. Even still, the meal could have used a gravy or something, but I was being cheap and didn't want to add a side of sausage gravy.  Honestly, it should have just come with it because otherwise, it was a very dry meal.  I survived.

After brunch, we stopped by Fleet Feet so I could pick up a new pair of sunglasses.  I chipped one of the lenses in my Oakleys monthhhhsss ago and I kept meaning to go buy a new pair of Goodr glasses, but kept forgetting/putting it off.  The Goodr glasses are the same frame style as my Oakleys, they are also polarized and mirrored... annnnndddddddd they only cost $25.. instead of $150.  Game on, bitches.  The black frames didn't have mirrored lenses, so grey frames it was.  The grey style is called "Going to Valhalla.." which is awesome since we love Vikings.

After Fleet Feet, Teh German and I went by Michael's to replace a frame that Roomy broke before the picture was hung and pick up some Cricut stuff for me.  Then we headed to Old Navy since Teh German decided recently that he wanted some new shirts... and shorts.. and a few long sleeve shirts. 

I also, picked up a few things.. Oops.  At least my stuff was on SALE.  Not so much for most of what Teh German picked out.  Thankfully, he only shops for clothes like once every other year, so I guess the not buying on sale balances out??? Maybe?  It still hurt my heart a little bit to see a $25 button down on my receipt.

When we got home, I detagged the new clothes and sorted the laundry while talking with Teh Dad.  Then Teh German and I finally hung the frames on the shrine wall that had been waiting to be hung for quite a while.  I also discovered that we no longer own glass cleaner (which I'm definitely blaming on the cleaners, since I KNOW we had glass cleaner a month ago and I know I didn't use it all), so I had Teh German hang the replacement frame and I'll just take it down and clean it, then put the photo in it after I pick up cleaner.  Hanging it is the hard part, so I wanted to make sure that got done.

After we finished the tedious task of hanging things (which Teh German considered ALL he could do for the rest of the day), we watched The Ranch on Netflix.  We started it last week and I think it's hilarious.  It's got the perverted humor that tickles me the mostest.  Teh German also laughs sometimes, so that's a plus.  Sadly, it's only 3 seasons so far. 

For dinner, we made kale-sweet potato-lentil-sausage Poop Soup  (I have given it this name because it is fiber-tastic and delightful poops are had after eating it.  We prepped it together and then watched a few episodes while it cooked, then we ate.  After dinner, Teh PT Wife and I took the beasts on a walk.

Teh PT Wife saved a baby turtle!

And when we were a little over halfway, Max found this puddle that he collapsed in.  He didn't really lay down so much as just flung himself down in the water/mud on his belly and scooted around.  Weirdo.

After I got home, it was a few more episodes of The Ranch, while working on Cricut projects.  Then it was laundry and bedtime.


I forgot what it was like to ENJOY LIFE.  The feeling of not having something else you should be doing is such a relief.  I'm not excited for school to start back up.  Normally, I am.  Normally, I'm ready to get into the routine.. but not this semester.  If I didn't know I'd walk away and never start again, I'd take a break from school.  Hell Month did a real number on me.

This week includes laziness.  A dog sitter situation will determine if we make a trip to Raleigh this weekend to visit Teh Advising Sister.  There's, thankfully, nothing on the calendar for the next 2 weeks.  Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom are coming to visit the weekend before school starts and school resumes on Aug 22nd.  😭😭😭😭

The next 2 weeks are a delicate balance of getting all the shit done that I wasn't able to accomplish in July and getting stuff accomplished before the fall semester starts, but relaxing at the same time.

I spent most of my morning moderating our neighborhood Facebook page.. and by moderating, I mean deleting posts of assholes making snipes at each other and shit-stirrers, especially when they tried to use that shit spoon in my pot.  Bitch please, #ByeFelicia.  No shit, I turned off the ability for members to post and shit-stirrers were finding places to comment, which I, of course, deleted and turned off comments on.  Just call me Censorship Megan.  I cannot with these bitches.

The person who reacted with the "haha"?
The well-known shit-stirrer.

I got a LOT of work done after I turned off posting.  Until someone messaged me about why SHE couldn't post because someone left dog poop in her yard.  Ya'll.  I CANNOT WITH THESE PEOPLE.  Why do people think that posting on social media will solve their problems?  I do not understand.  That's what started shit this morning to begin with.  I suggested to Dog Poop Lady that maybe she get cameras and confront people since posting on social media doesn't do anything to remedy the problem.  Also, if you stop going outside or get a life, you won't even notice the shit on your front yard.  Maybe it's because we have cameras, but I've never noticed poop in our front yard.  Then again, I'm also 1- not looking that closely, 2- walking through my front yard policing it for dog shit.

PS Toby is my spirit animal.
Also, I want to watch The West Wing again.


  1. Fingers crossed no more calc 2! Those awkward eating times are the woooorst! Bahaha I was still hanging on the word poop & instead of "we prepped it together" my brain read "we pooped together"

  2. The first picture is actually a great pic of you...

    Your gallery wall is epic! It's my dream, but hubby's nightmare...marriage is a delicate balance.


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