Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekend Review {8/27}


Some asshole stole FIVE of my 6 oxen, then, of course, the remaining ox got injured then died, of course.  THEN I spent a MONTH trying to hunt to keep my peeps alive and trying to trade for a stupid ox until I could get to the next town to buy more things.  All my peeps died, Teh Running Bestie held out last, btw... and then FINALLY someone was willing to trade me an ox for 4 sets of clothes, FINE HERE TAKE THEM MY FAMILY IS ALL DEAD!

Then, of course, I contacted cholera and died within days of getting the ox.  Fucking game.
But it should be noted that I DID successfully caulk my wagon and float it across the river.  BOOM.

I left work by 4 since the network was going down and headed home to take a nap and wait on Teh German to come home.  I had already informed Teh German that Friday night was date night.  I knew that we'd ride Bagheera and Suzi somewhere, but had no idea where.  After he got home around 5:45, I took to Yelp for assistance in this matter.  A millionty years later, we agreed on going to Sesame in Mt. Pleasant since we'd never been there.  I also considered The Obstinate Daughter (for dinner, since I want to go back, but we'd just been there, so it was kinda too soon), Locals Sushi (which was delicious, but I can only eat a limited number of items on the menu due to spiciness, and it was kinda my first week of school survival celebration, so I wanted it to be geared more towards me than Teh German), and Early Bird Diner (since we rarely venture through West Ashley anymore since moving away from Shitty House).

For you locals who go to Sesame.  They have these new menus now and I'm not sure if the different locations have the same menus.  I didn't realize that the Cherry BonBon adult milkshake was no longer on the menu, so I had to have the bartender make the banana split milkshake with amaretto instead of banana liquor.  So if you enjoy the cherry bonbon milkshake and can't find it on the menu, just ask for the banana split with amaretto instead of banana liquor.  Problem solved.  Good to know that the money I spent on bartending school in 2007 isn't going to waste.

Our food took FOREVER and no less than 2 minutes after I commented on this, the manager delivered our food and apologized for the wait.  Sadly, he didn't discount anything, but we'd already gotten a free appetizer of buffalo chicken dip (which I was able to tolerate) from my monthly email subscription.  It was fine.  I didn't die.  Barely.

It was a super night evening to ride, with the exception of my headset dying about 5 minutes from the house, thus rendering me with no music or ability to communicate with Teh German unless we were stopped.  After dinner, I took us by Alhambra Hall (where we got married) and we got to see 3 fireworks and gaze at the Holy City skyline and all the lights on the water.

After Alhambra, we rode down to Sullivan's Island, then headed up the highway to Isle of Palms (IOP).  Mostly we just wanted to enjoy the beach smell.  After IOP, we headed back home.  After some social media time, it was bedtime.


Saturday morning was a slow, snuggly start.  Meri was extra needy  Teh German got up with the beasts to feed them and then came back to bed.  When he called Meri up to lay between us, it was like you could see her body language say, "FINALLY!" and then she kinda melted/relaxed between us. 
She put herself in this position.

We eventually got up and started accomplishing things.  I scooped poop since Teh PT Husband had let me borrow the poop funnel that attaches to the septic tank, except that I couldn't get the cover off our pipe to attach it, so I didn't even get to use it, which means I scooped the yard and didn't get my reward.  BOOO HISSS.

Anyways, this thing is essentially a glorified funnel and you can put septic tank approved items (i.e. dog shit) into it and it sends the stuff directly to the septic tank without going through your pipes.  You do wash it down well with water (via the hose) and voila, poop taken care of.  No need to bag it and put in the garbage can (which technically you're not supposed to put any kind of bodily waste in the garbage anyways).

After scooping poops, I came back inside and started on the homework mission.  I didn't really have a lot of tasks that were due for Monday, but I like being ahead when I can be (i.e. for my online class always).  My Cyber Security professor sent out no less than 6 different documents ranging from 60-400 pages and I'm not really sure what to do with those since they seem to be government instructions related to cybersecurity and I'm not planning on just reading those in my leisure time.  If they were assigned, I'd consider it.  It doesn't really help that this is the class where the professor is out all week this week and we're not even having class.  I just hate feeling like I have something to do, but don't know what it is, and there isn't really any explicit instructions from the professor.

After finishing homework, I went out to the garage where Teh German was, after finishing his yard work, working on Bagheera.  I whined about being bored.  I did assist Teh German by sitting on Bagheera so he could check the oil level and I also took her on a spin about the neighborhood.  When I got back, I sat in Willow and complained about being bored.  Then finally, I gave up and went inside and finished a book with these monsters...

At some point, Teh PT Wife invited everyone over and no one really committed to going over, since we just all assumed there was an unspoken yes.  Oops.  Eventually, I showered and ate dinner and headed over without Teh German since he was still working on the bikes, although he'd moved on to Bob.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Teh German's OCDness?
Please look at the cardboard in this photo.  You will see there are several items sticking out of the box.
Those items are the screws from the metal object laying on the box, in a semi-similar shape of the object.
Those screws were NOT laid on the box, no no.. They were poked through the box so that way nothing would get lost.
I'm always impressed with his ingenuity.

Eventually, Teh German joined us at Teh PT House.  We were just hanging out and chatting and discussing the ongoing never-ending neighborhood FB page drama.  (Update: It's still going on and 2 new pages have been created now and it's just like.. WTTTTFFFF, get a life people!)  Around 11, we finally called it a night and headed home.


Sunday brunch day!  I had put on the weekly menu that we'd be going to Charleston Deli for brunch and Teh German and I were both super pumped about the life choice.  I always think to myself that I want to try something different, but almost always end up going with the same thing (biscuit and gravy with egg and bacon).  Teh German got the gyro and after our food was delivered there was at least 5 minutes of silence while we consumed deliciousness.  Silence is always a sign that we're reallllyyy enjoying our food.

After brunch, Teh German set upon a mission to find a particular screw for Bob... and I went home.  When I got home, I took a borrowed tool and was able to get the cover off the septic tank to install the poop funnel.  I'm pumped to try it.  Then I headed back into the AC.  After a quick computer session, I was bored and messaged Teh PT Wife and asked if she wanted to go to the pool.  She said she had some stuff to accomplish, but we could go after.  Soooooo, in the meantime, I broke down and started a puzzle and audiobook time. 

When she messaged me, it was pool time.  We sat out and chatted for several hours until it was time for dinner.  When I got home, I pulled a frozen pizza from the freezer and went inside.  Teh German was outside smoking a cigar when I went outside to greet him and tell him that I'd picked up dinner!  He laughed and agreed that frozen pizza was fine.

While the pizza was cooking, I watered the flowers.  What with it not raining every day anymore, my flowers (and I) were sad.  A few minutes after I went back inside, it was pizza time!  We ate dinner outside and chatted for a bit and social media scrolled.  We debated starting something new on Netflix, then I suggested that instead of watching TV, we go inside and accomplish our chores (laundry, dishes) and then go to bed.  I'm sooo full of good ideas.  I even got super motivated and gave BOTH dogs a bath.  It wasn't as terrible as either of them made it out to be, but I'm way too old to be hunched over anything for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Ugh.

We were BOTH in bed at 9:31 and I was pumped.


Overall, a very productive/relaxing weekend.  I'd do it again.

This week includes:
  • school, duh
  • work, duh
  • more homework
  • a new baby
  • laser appt
  • finally dropping off some donations
  • NC
We're headed to NC this weekend for hang gliding with Teh Dad.  We're bringing the dogs.  It will be Willow's first long distance trip and I'm not sure who's more excited, Teh German or myself.  Unknowingly, I bought a car that will drive itself.  This seems very scary, but it's actually REALLY awesome and I've been using it every morning to get to school.  Makes commuting infinitely easier.  Teh German even admitted that after driving Willow while Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom were here, Baloo was a mild disappointment on Monday morning when he went to work. 

Here's the end of August!

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  1. Haha I miss Oregon Trail! At some point growing up we also had Amazon Trail which was, well trying to make a trip down the Amazon in a canoe lol. That funnel thing sounds awesome! If I ever get a house it's got my name on it!


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