Saturday, August 4, 2018

Six on Saturday... or a late Five on Friday #158

EINS - School Shit

-I have officially survived my own personal school hell.  I endured one month of 2 classes at the same time (full time is considered ONE class).  I have no idea if I passed either class, and that's not me being humble people, I really have no idea.  I should know by Tuesday. 

There was a lot of struggle this month.  Not just with school things, but with myself and my not knowing and my frustrating with not inherently understand things..  You see, I've always been a smart kid.  Again, not bragging, just acknowledging truth.  School comes/came easily to me.  But I was sitting at my computer doing homework for houuuuuurrrrsss, for EACH class, and I was still struggling.  I've never in my entire life failed a test.  I made 40s on my tests. 

I'm not sure if it was 2 difficult subjects at the same time or that my brain gave up or my frustration was too overwhelming.. ooorrrr my anxiety medication was giving me memory problems (which happened before).. but it was humbling to NOT be good at something. 

Additionally, Teh German struggled with me.  He struggled with seeing me struggle and with being helpless to solve my problems.  He even admitted that if we had just been dating during this month, our relationship probably wouldn't have lasted.  It was BAD, Gentle Readers. 

I also want to say thank you to all the people who thought about me in my struggles and encouraged me along the way, even if I had to argue with you that, no, it was NOT going to be fine. 

But for real though, I went into my CS final without 50% of my grades, so I had no idea what my grade was in the class.  I had no idea what to really study since the teacher didn't really put out any helpful guides... sooo the things that I studied were NOT on the exam.  Of course.

I went into my Calc 2 final with a grade in the 60s.  I had already calculated that I if I made below a 50 on the final, it would pull my average down to below a 60, which is failing.  This is unfortunate since the last 2 tests I'd taken were in the 40s, so I didn't anticipate the final going well.  You see, I'm a realist through it all.  But I've never in my life calculated my grades for "will I pass this class or not?"  I've always calculated  my grades for "Will I make an A? B? C?" 


The first thing I did after my exam was drive to Teh German's work because he was the first person I wanted to be excited with.  I walked out of the classroom feeling lighter, so by the time I walked into Teh German's office, I was practically floating.  He was excited with me, which is one of my fave things.  After, I called Teh Running Bestie since she endured a LOT of whining this month and she'd been sending me encouraging texts every morning this week. 

It's literally like things have color again.  I can appreciate LIFE again.  Was I in prison?  Yes, calculus prison.

Anyways, moving on.  I hope to never have to talk about this July ever again (other than the RnR Chicago weekend) other than in reference to "Hell Month 2018".  I will probably report back with my grades and the potential fall out from not passing, but otherwise, I'm considering this chapter complete, the summary brief has been posted and we're moving on.

ZWEI - Random Shit

-It's been raining for like, ever.  I love the rain, but apparently most people don't.  I love the rain because of 404 days spent in Bahrain, FOUR of those included precipitation.  Don't mistake that for 4 solid days of rain, no no.. That four is like, it rained for a few hours on one of those days, if it even rained that long.  This teaches you a real appreciation for things that fall out of the sky.

-I returned my College of Charleston parking pass (because I got $50 back for doing so) and because the office didn't open until 9 and I got there at 8:45 (because I didn't know they opened at 9), I had some time to burn...  annnndddd the CofC bookstore is right next door and it's partnered with Barnes and Noble and they have real books there and I have no will-power.  So because of all that, I unintentionally bought Lily and the Octopus which I've heard great things about.  It was on the clearance rack!  I mean, it was fate! 

-Which meeeeaannnsssss, that I'm reading a non-challenge book during the middle of a challenge.  Such is life.

-My book challenge is going well.  The library has come through for me so much!  I also took advantage of the Audible deal on Prime Day (4.95 for a month for a few months), so I was able to get The Lords of Discipline on audio.  This was my desire since the book is set in Charleston and I am a sucker for southern accents in books.  When I listen to anything/one with southern accents, my accents inevitably gets stronger.  It's a fun game.

-I've been listening to Classic Country lately and I think I've impressed Teh German with my knowledge of all these songs.  If not, he should be.

-My post summer-semester celebration included a massage (which I fell asleep during, what with the going to bed at 2am the night before) and dinner with Teh German at Poe's.  I also went to the dealership to get my car detailed and my first tank of gas since I wasn't able to get either of those things when I purchased Willow (ps, her name is Willow, did I tell you that?  July was rough.  My bad).  Other than the tank of gas, it was mostly a waste of an hour and a half of my life that I'll never get back.  I hate when people do shitty at things that are their job.  For instance, if your job is to detail cars, know how to clean the fucking windows.  Is it that hard?  No, not if it's your job!  Yes, if it's NOT your job, which is why I didn't want to do it in the first place.  #MeganProblems  This really just means that I'll be taking Willow to the car wash and cleaning her myself in the near future since I absolutely cannot stand a dirty windshield.  The only reason I endured for the month of July was because I literally had no time to clean the windshield.  It was making my brain static-y for the entire month every time I got in the car.

-I haven't been able to go as much as I want, but I'm still loving the kickboxing gym.  I went on Weds after test 4 in calc and I beat the shit out of some bags.  I don't usually go that hard, but I did, and I liked it.

-I'm all about some free money, but those stupid visa gift cards never work any where and it makes me sooo stabby!

-Soooo, in Megan's first world problems.... my old laptop is still hanging around.  Teh German used it to do his green card stuff on and it was toture-tastic I'm sure, but with me using my laptop for school, he couldn't really ask to borrow it.  My old laptop has some type of sickness that won't go away despite completely resetting the computer.  Even deleting off the old info.  Nothing helps.  Additionally, the left hinge is broke (always the left hinge! UGH!) and it makes opening and closing the laptop a real terror.  Sooooo since it's tax free weekend, Teh German and I made the decision to purchase another laptop from Best Buy for him.  Knowing that he doesn't do the same type of things on a laptop as me, we went with a pretty cheap Dell.  It arrives next week.  Now the real question.. what does one do with an old broken laptop that still works, but needs some love?

-In good person news, someone in our class had to wait until Monday to take her final.  I emailed her a list of questions she should study.  #ImAwesome #NBD

-I have a millionty baby vines in the flower garden that need to be taken care of.. but it's been raining for like ever and school, so I'm hoping to accomplish that in the coming week.

-I also want to accomplish some Cricut activities during my "summer break".

-Can I also just say how nice it is to blog without feeling guilt about homework?  Faaavvvveee.

-One of the cleaners texted me while she was cleaning and asked me to call her because she had an awkward question for me.  I have any number of awkward things she could have found, but I didn't overthink it and called her.  She was cleaning the downstairs bathroom and had noticed the Sex book in the bathroom and said she'd started skimming it and found it super interesting and asked if she could borrow it!  I laughed and said of course!

I won't lie, it made me feel validated because that is the 2nd copy of that book I owned after Teh Mom had a temper tantrum?  rage session?  IDK what to call it..  in my room during my senior year of high school.  She ripped up my tie-dye sheets I had dyed, a picture of her and I, and this book that was sitting on my night stand.  I was actually pretty impressed she was able to rip the book up because it's a pretty solid book.  In true Megan fashion, I went out and repurchased the book because it was an interesting book.  It wasn't like Kama Sutra sex, it was like history of sex.  Purchase validated.

And yes, that book is in the bathroom.  Because why wouldn't it be.  There's also a book in German and Persuasion and a word search book and our guest book.

DREI - Money Shit

-Woot has been getting me with their book themed shirts.  I bought 3 new shirts this week.  Although, I would have only bought 2 if I would have seen the 3rd one before I bought the first 2.  These shirts are so awesome, I even had to buy some for our fearless Book Challenge Leader, Erin.

My expenses mostly consist of eating out, on days that I forgot to bring a lunch (which happened 4/5 days this last week, tyvm)..

I also paid for:
-Calc 2 tutoring that did NOT help me in any way.
-getting the linen pants I bought last month hemmed for Shortie McGee right here.
-over the door hooks for the wreaths after the command hook gave out.
-I got charged something by the SF rental car place, but I imagine it something regarding the stupid toll fees we incurred during our honeymoon.
-Lily and the Octopus
-A used monitor from a neighbor, having a big screen makes all the difference!
-The correct cord for the monitor for my laptop.

Seriously though, between buying a car and not having a life, I really didn't spent that much in July!

VIER - From My Phone Shit

We tried the new Tattooed Moose location (because I refuse to go to the original location due to nastiness)..
It was a hit.  I'm ready to go back.

I said, fuck school, and went out with Teh German to celebrate a friend's birfday.
We pregammed with drinks at Republic.
Their frozen drinks always bring me joy...
and intoxication.

If you're in Charleston, you need to eat at Basil.
You also NEED to get the coconut soup.
It doesn't have that flaky nasty coconut crap it.  It's like coconut milk/cream or whatever and it's amazing and yes, that entire thingy was all mine.

Went to Brown Dog Deli downtown since I didn't have lunch.
This was the wallpaper in the bathroom.
I found my people.

Pre-CS-Final study session and lunch at Lewis BBQ.
I really wish they had a bbq sauce I liked...  then they'd be perfect.
I also wish that everything I touched wasn't covered in grease.

Hewwooo original university!  How awesome to see at current university!

One of my favorite things about having the cleaners come is the TP triangles they do.
It's the small things...

Our THIRD dateaversary was on Aug 2nd.
It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since our first date!

Willow has been stickered!
I've been saving these stickers since 2015!
Well, I lost them for a few years and found them again when we moved into House, but that is neither here nor there.

This is NOT how we left it.....

FÜNF -From The Internet Shit

I know it's fake, but it's still hilarious.


Real life conversation that has happened in our house^^

Teh PT Wife to me after 5pm.

SECHS- Things that made me happy this week

  2. Being able to do non-school activities without guilt.
  3. Dual screens
  4. Forgetting my lunch meant having a valid excuse to eat lunch out at downtown places that I wanted to go
  5. Hugs from Teh German to celebrate surviving
  6. Work tasking
  7. $0.25 eraser that survived Hell Month and has a LOT more life left!
  8. Pax not bleeding all over my carpet and rugs after he broke off (another) nail.  He just plays sooo hard!
  9. TP triangles
  10. A flexible life that allows me to school and work and real life at the same time.  I mean, life is pretty awesome, even if sometimes you gotta get beat down to appreciate everything all over again.

Happy Friday Saturday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. LOL at the last funny with the old people. I just want to start saying #youneedjesus now. I'm glad that you survived your real struggle!!


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