Friday, August 10, 2018

Five on Friday #159

EINS - Random Shit

-I MADE A D IN CALCULUS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Know what a D is?  PASSING.  A D means not having to retake a hell class.

I failed my CS class, which is kind of a disappointment, but I kind of don't care.
Since I took the CS class at CofC, it doesn't count towards my degree unless I have it transferred in, which I won't do, since I failed it.  That class isn't a pre-req for any of my classes that I'm taking in the fall (or in general, I believe), although it is a CS degree requirement.  I will retake it in the spring, having "reviewed" it.  I figure that passing one of 2 super hard classes on a compressed schedule is pretty good, so I'm giving myself a pass and I'm proud of myself.

-How about this for productive...
NOT ONLYYYYY did I post HM #3 post.. I alsooooooo:
~finished editing HM photos, so other than write ups, the honeymoon posts are practically duuuunn
~created the new Shit Teh German Says button AND generated at least 2 of those posts.  Turns out, I hadn't even shared the HM ones, which were hilarious.  This month will remedy that problem.
~Created a bonus HM post for the random photos that I took along the way that didn't really fit into the recaps.  Expect: silly shit and flesh tone pants (WHHHYY???)

Did anyone else think I was going to crash and burn on the honeymoon recaps after posting the 2nd post?  Just me?  Ya'll so nice.

-Yesterday, a coworker said to me, "I really missed you being in the office."  I won't lie.  It made me happy.  I missed being in the office.

-We/I made the decision to stay home this weekend rather than go to Raleigh to visit with Teh Advising Sister and I feel like turd, but I know she understands that I'm beat and I'd probably just want to nap the entire time.. and while that's not frowned upon, I could save myself the effort of driving 5 hours and her the effort of putting sheets on the guest bed, and we can just tell each other sweet dreams over a text.

-Company is hiring a tech writer for the position I was fired from.
Adult Megan is like: They need a tech writer, it's fine.
Petty Megan is like: I hope they hire someone that is garbage.
Paranoid Megan is like: I really hope this person doesn't replace me.

-We're watching The Ranch and Zach Brown Band - Colder Weather was played for a monumental event and I CANNOT STOP SINGING IT..  I'm getting on my own nerves.  Even after listening to other genres of music... I still keep singing that song.  ./wrist

-I JUST REALIZED that Rooster was also in That 70s Show, as was Berto and Abby's Mom.  HELL YEAH FOR RECOGNITION SKILLZ..

-Because it's never going to stop raining on the weekend, I suggested to Teh German on Wednesday that we skip the gym and ride Bagheera and Suzi to dinner.  We opted for Mex 1 on Sullivan's Island.  Every now and then I pull the #BestWifeEver card and flash it around.

-I made an impulse buy of a deodorant ball for my gym bag.  What they don't tell you is that deodorant might be able to withstand your body heat, but it cannot survive sitting in a car in Charleston for the entire day.  #LessonLearned #oops.

-Sometimes I have to remind myself that my name changed.  For instance, someone called me MG in a meeting and I'm like, "Who dat?  Oh shit, dat me."  Also, I went to sign a work poster and I signed Megan and then was about to sign MaidenName when I realized that's wrong now.  They hired Megan MaidenName, but Megan MarriedName works here now.  #LifeIsHard #NameChangeIsHarder

-I believe Teh German gets upset when he finds accounts still in my maiden name.  He's like, you should change all these places where your name is wrong.  Yes, yes I should.  But like a million different places have the name I had for THIRTY-TWO YEARSSSSS, so calm your tits, hombre.  It's not that important to me.  It's why I changed my name how I did.  I can claim BOTH last names as my name, in a pinch.

-More on that.  I used to really worry that changing my last name was going to feel like the loss of an identity.  It wasn't.  It isn't.  In fact, it's really more annoying than anything because I have to change everything over/remember what name I used for what.  Teh German has this annoying way of creating passwords related to what year it is and where he's at.  IDK, it seems annoying to me, but it's the only way I can keep up with my accounts.  Was this account set up PRE or POST marriage?  That's how I know what name is on the account.

-The plus side to not going to Raleigh is that I can keep my hairs did appointment.  I'm gonna do the purple again and hope for the best when I show up at the Citadel with purple hairs.  It was one thing over the summer when everything is relaxed and no one is in uniform.  Not sure the normal school year will be as flexible.  We shall see.

-Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom are coming to CHS to visit the weekend before school starts.  We're going paddle boarding/kayaking while they are here and I'm pumped.  Teh German and I will paddle board while Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom kayak.  I think I'm going to sign us up for a tour with a guide so we can actually get some knowledge dropped on us and the guide will probably be able to potentially lead us to the dolphins, which would be extra cool.  A guide costs a little more, but Teh German and I agreed it would be worth it.  Also, Teh German and I are paying a mabillionty dollhairs to go hang gliding with Teh Dad, so it's only fair. :)

-Teh German and I ran a toll booth (or 2) while we were in CA.  I recently received a "2nd notice" for one of the incidents when I KNEW I paid for when I got the original notice in June.  I called to inquire about the issue and turns out, the 2nd notice was for a different toll booth.  I explained I hadn't received a first notice and the rep saw that I'd already paid one violation so she offered to reduce it to $5.  You ain't gonna hear me complain about a $25 discount.  After ensuring there were no more violations I needed to take care of, I gave her my card info over the phone and the problem was resolved.

-Dear California,
Some of your tolls being card only or cash only is really annoying.  Get it together.  Either accept both everywhere or only one everywhere.  But this mishmash is obnoxious.
~Out-of-state Driver

-Everyone received a company 10 year anniversary shirt.  I never got mine, so I asked about it.  Coworker had put it on my chair on the day of the anniversary.  When I came into the office a few days later, there was no shirt.  BOOOOOO to the beeyoch who stole my free shirt!  #LaterGram: It was later found on A chair in a conference room.  Woot.

-I've been working on various Cricut projects and I just have to say... large projects are a PITA.  Small projects like single stickers/etc are fine.. but a large layout is complicated when you have a 12x12 limitation.  I'm going to be pissed if I find out that I could have just bought a longer mat and printed up to 18 inches.  Research done.  I could have used a 24" mat and saved myself a LOT of heartache.  FML.  #LessonLearnedTheHardWay

-My Cricut problem might be out of control.  I went from looking at mats to watching someone print their own stickers, to researching sticker paper, to researching laser printers so I can do all of that myself.  Now I NEEDS a laser printer.  Then I'd be UNSTOPPABLLLEEE!!!  I also would need to actually sell some of these creations so I can recoup some of the money I've spent on a "hobby".. and here I am judging Teh German for his motorcycle parts.

-If I committed to making things for you, fret not, they are in progress.  You know who you are.  My goal is to have them completed by this weekend and mailed out on Monday.

-2 assholes illegally passed me on my way to work.  I was going 38.. in a 30 MPH ZONE!  I have definitely been pulled over on that road before, so I know to keep it under control.  That said, there's a school on the road, which means that the cops don't bother sitting on the road during the summer.  /facepalm.  I almost want to call the non-emergency line to complain, but I don't want to be a tattle-tail.  Also, who the fuck is this old lady that has taken me over?

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Post semester massage.
-Target.. and considering I was unsupervised, I did good.  Or maybe I should say, since I wasn't enabled, I did guud.
-Groceries x like a millionty.  I needed supervision there.
-CA tolls.. /facepalm
-a new laptop for Teh German, not a necessity, but it was time.
-dog food (which always confuses me since it's on autoship)
-card stock for testing Cricut things.
-long sticky mats for the Cricut
-a book for Baby RM since I didn't particularly lurve any of the ones I bought for the baby shower... like lurve enough to leave a note in.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Dogs, this is NOT how I left it.
You are both assholes.
You fit in perfectly.

Finally put my matching sticker on my water bottle.
Aaaaanddddd I'm going to create new stickers for us with a block text so they don't have pointy pieces that peel off.

This ultra-encouraging water bottle.
Apparently, the owner drinks TWO of those per day.
Uhh, that's a no for me.

10 confetti for Company's 10 year anniversary.
Someone sitting beside me in the meeting handing me a piece of confetti and said,
"You're a 10 in my book."
Much appreciated, coworker.

Cricutting all the things.
Also, wtf is that picture so yellow?

Look at me looking cute and professional at work.

When you let your car drive you to work and you just hang on to the steering wheel so you don't make other people nervous.

What do you call a sleeping bull?
A bull-dozer

I couldn't possibly say no to this t-shirt from Old Navy.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

A coworker introduced me to a comic called Coffee With Jesus.  There was much loling.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Making comments like, "Yes, I'm extremely happy with a D.  Considering how shitty the entire month of July was for me, a D is fantastic," in front of the person who fired me from their project.  BURN, motherfucker, BURN.
  2. Work tasks.
  3. $25 fee being waved for toll running.
  4. Being back in the office.  I was feeling like a real slacker never coming into the office and there are sometimes fun things at work.. like free Cinnabon in the kitchen (that's a true example from this week).
  5. Dinner experiments that are delicious (lookin' at you chicken pot pie biscuits)
  6. Teh German's giddiness about his new laptop.  Particularly in the form of a video of Cortana talking to him.  He'd never experienced Cortana since I turn that skank off as soon as I open a new computer.
  7. Killing mosquitoes while they are in the act of sucking my blood.  Die, motherfucker, die.
  8. Neighbors who know that pawning off food when you go on vacation is completely acceptable.
  9. My rainbow hand wraps for the gym.
  10. My Berks.. I love/hate how comfortable they are.  They are the German version of crocs or Uggs or other socially unacceptable shoes.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Hell yeah! D's get degrees! Lol most of the time... heck yes for passing the class!

  2. Wooo hoo on passing!

    Fun fact, ZBB wrote Colder Weather while on tour in Denver...which means the CO radio stations played it non-stop, year-round, and ALWAYS SAID "Hey guess what, they wrote that right here in Denver ya know!" to the point where I never ever ever voluntarily listen to probably for the rest of my life.

    Looking up monogram stuff makes me want a Cricut...but I don't know if I have the time/energy/money to fall down that rabbit hole, haha! And thank you & no rush :D

    It's almost creepy that the only people I know who like electronic assistants are men. Although, why are all electronic assistants voiced as women? This feels like some sexist BS.


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