Friday, August 24, 2018

Five on Friday #161

EINS - Random Shit

TL;DR: a large chunk of this section is about the neighborhood FB admin stuff that has been going on.  If you're not interested, skip to the line.

I am seriously only staying as an admin on the neighborhood page to piss people off.  That is it.  Otherwise, I'd quit the page and let Teh German just tell me anything relevant.  Also, I really need a better "do not respond to that, Megan" filter.  Like a gaydar, except to FB posts where there is no way to get involved without being attacked for showing up.

I'm not even sure it's worth pissing people off anymore.  I hate a small group of assholes who refused to be pleased no matter if you give them what you want or if you don't.  They just don't like the admins.  Excellent.

My problem with being an admin at this point is that it's a HUGE distraction for me, because our neighborhood FB page is a constant source of drama and discontent.  I don't think my being an admin hurts the situation nor do I think me NOT being an admin will improve the situation.  That's the hardest part.  There is no solution to any of this.  Although a neighbor's solution to "create an anonymous account to be an admin for the page and deleting the post(s) containing admin disdain" seemed overly ridiculous and I was easily able to say definitely NOT to that Good Idea Fairy.

But really, to be called an "entitled bitchy asshole" by someone that doesn't even know me?  Like, realllllyyy?  You're obviously the reason this page needs admins.  Real life though, the disgruntled individuals went and created their own "uncut" (non-moderated) neighborhood page "because everyone has them" (quick poll, who here has a neighborhood FB page AND an "uncut" neighborhood page? Everyone I've asked has never even heard of this).  Also, if you need a special place to be an asshole, does that make you a snowflake?  Asking for a friend.

I'm just not sure it's worth the stress anymore and that makes me sad because I volunteered to be an admin for the neighborhood page as soon as we moved in.  I waited, impatiently, to finally get to be an admin and yes, I like having the ability to delete asshole posts because that shit shouldn't be on social media, says someone who uses fuck a lot, but sure as shit not on the neighborhood page, where I try to be moderately professional and adulty.  It makes me angry that people are coming out of the woodwork to say that the current admins are garbage and the old admins were never like this.. and that they should have the right to VOTE in an admin for a Facebook page.  Can we just assess that gem of a sentence?  It's probably my least favorite part of 2018.  My favorite part of their desire to vote in admin is that they never had a say to begin with and now it's an issue because the page is actually moderated..  Meaning, if they say asshole things, the comments are turned off on a post or comments are straight up deleted.  But many people were wanting admin who would stop the nastiness when the previous admin were in charge.  There really is no making people happy.  So yeah, the stress is probably not worth it.. But I'm being stubborn..

I left the group.  I only told the other admins and then popped smoke.  I wanted to leave a resounding FUCCKKKKK YYYOOOUUU post before I left, but I wouldn't give those asshats the satisfaction.  They can claim credit if they want.  But the new BJB I have would say that my stress level was at unacceptable levels.

And here's the real reason why I left.  Being an admin was creating marital strife.  I was constantly frustrated by things going when there was drama and Teh German got tired of hearing about it.  When he looked at me and said, "Are you done?" while I took a breath after spilling everything that had happened on a day and I had to restrain myself from saying or doing anything I'd regret, I knew what the choice was.  I have to prioritize Husband over social media, even if that social media thing was something I really wanted.

There was a little more strife when I finally admitted to Teh German that I'd left the group, thus giving up the admin position.  While I was in the position, I didn't really feel like I had the support of Teh German or my neighborhood friends, no one wanted to get involved, which pretty much left me to fend for myself.  Nonetheless, people wanted to come to me to discuss the issues of the page, but when it came time to support someone who could handle the issues, there was nothing.  That burns a bit, but it is what it is.  It's a silly, tricky situation, a 2018 situation to be certain.  I sure as shit wasn't taught about social media drama mediation in school, although conflict resolution was probably covered, conflict resolution of keyboard warriors is an entirely different battle.

The other part was the last time there was drama and Teh German suggested I just quit being an admin and I explained that it was offensive that he'd just suggest I quit because it was difficult rather than support me through it.  When I admitted to Teh German that I left the group entirely and had never really felt like I'd gotten support from him about my admin position, his immediate response was, "I didn't tell you to do that."  I was quick to clarify that, yes, in fact, he tell me to do that.  Not only had it been multiple times, one of them was earlier that night.  Then it was, "So it's my fault you quit?"  I had to explain that it was NOT his fault, but I chose to leave to align my priorities.  Husband, sometimes very annoyingly so, comes over all the other things.  Despite that, I think he was still pretty pissed off (at himself maybe?) when he went to sleep that night.

Honestly, I'm not bitter about it.  I feel that I can ACTUALLY focus on school/work now and it's NICE.  I no longer worry about a neighbor sending me a message/texting me to tell me that drama is going down and needing to be the asshole who makes the decision to take down a post because it's offensive (which obviously is a very moveable line).  I was disappointed in myself that I had to give up something I wanted so badly for so long and felt that I was actually good at, despite the lack of support.  I had a good cry about it.  After talking to Teh German, I slept like a baby.  I don't think he can say the same. 

The following day, Teh German admitted to feeling very bad about the whole situation and apologized twice, because it was his fault that I gave up something I wanted for him.  I explained that he shouldn't feel bad because I didn't feel bad and it wasn't his fault, really.  I really did appreciate his apology though and his recognizing the various aspects of the situation and how it turned out really impressed me.

Although, I almost humped his leg when he said, "It is very difficult for me to see these people say these things about you that I know are not true and not react or respond to them.  I just wish people would treat each other the way they wanted to be treated."  That 2nd sentence?  That's EXACTLY why I married him.  Because, at our cores, we feel that you should treat people the way YOU want to be treated.  There will, inevitably, be more issues that come up between us/for us/against us/etc, but I know that our mindsets on this statement is what will be a strong force in helping us overcome issues together.

 ----------------(end of FB admin strife)----------------

-I LOVE all my classes.  I think there is one professor there could be strife with, but I doubt it, he's got one foot out the retirement door, so he is mostly in DNGAF mode.  The classes I'm taking this semester are all SUPER interesting to Nerd Megan.

Computer Organization and Programs (like how to write assembly language (blech) to make the parts of the computer talk to each other)
German 3 (uhh, I think this is self-explanatory)

Digital Logic and Circuits (this is actually an electric engineering type of class where we learn how to make the pieces of a circuit board send electric signals to each other to represent the 1s and 0s that create computer language)
Computer Security/Cybersecurity (this is based on DoD policy, which is completely applicable to my real life since I am a DoD contractor)

Cyber Investigations (a poli sci class, so it's not really computer science oriented, but it pairs well with Computer Security class since we'll be talking about actual investigations)

-My German instructor tells silly jokes, but usually in German and very quietly, and I sit right up front (big surprise there) and they always make me chuckle.. and then everyone is looking at me like, wtf is weirdo laughing at now.. DNGAF.  :)

-A textbook that I need wasn't available for rental (#MeganFail because I checked before the semester started and I didn't order them because I wanted to wait to see if we actually needed the books before I made any purchases because fuck wasting money on textbooks that don't get cracked open for the entire semester), and the physical book may arrive at some point in September, so I finally bought an eTextbook.  I'm feeling pretty sketchy about it.  Then, it was a conundrum of how to put the stupid Kindle app on my computer.  It was way more difficult than it needed to be.  Also, why is that stupid app not listed in the App store or whatever Microsoft calls it?  I hate everything.

-One of my classes isn't meeting at all next week because the instructor is going on travel.  FUCK YASSSS.  But, really, it just means that I will get to work before 10 instead of after 11.  Real adult things to look forward to.

-I called the HVAC company to schedule the annual maintenance they insisted I had to have with this warranty.  Except no one really knew that with a warranty you had to have annual maitenance, which kinda makes me feel like I'm being scammed.  I'm still going to kill that bad boy around 7 years from now.. so bring it on bitches.

-Waiting on textbooks to arrive is really the worst thing ever.  I like being done with homework, like, yesterday.. so not being able to do it because I don't have the book (for my online class) is moderately annoying.  This weekend though?  IT'S ON BITCHES.

-Ice cream dates with the Neighbor Besties are things my soul needs more of, even if it means not finishing my homework until after 10pm.

-I have a hot button on my external keyboard that opens up Microsoft Groove.  It makes me irrationally angry when I accidentally click it.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Textbooks, FML
-Textbooks from the bookstore I will be returning because I just needed something to get me through until my rentals arrived.  ($375 for 2 books.. kthxNOPE)
-Groceries at Sam's, Lidl, Publix, and Bi-Lo (really, Megan, why does it take 4 grocery stores?).
-Paddle boarding/kayaking
-Home Team BBQ (nooooommmmm)
-Monday #TreatYoSelf McFlurry (lasted 3 days) and sweet tea (last 2 days)

My first payment for Willow comes out soon and I'm pre-sad about it.  Like, I love her, but I hate billz.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

First day of school photos are totally gonna happen for forever now.

When you just lay in the floor, rolling out the aches (prior to this selfie), talking with your Bestie.

I saw somewhere there was a cold front pushing through from the midwest or whatever you call that area where Arkansas is.
I say: BRING IT.


Some asshole stole FIVE of my 6 ox and then the remaining ox died and I wasn't even halfway.
Then my family starved and I finally traded for an ox and then I died of cholera a few days down the road...
But I successfully caulked and floated my wagon across the river, bitches.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being able to get rental textbooks.  Less money wasted spent.
  2. Govvies that make Disney references.  Especially when they have never met me before to know that Disney is my weakness.
  3. Free pizza for lunch at work for an all-hands.
  4. My boss being like, "Why are you still here?" when he leaves the office.  Oh I heard what you're not saying.  Laaaata, bitches, I'm outtieee!
  5. Professors that actually use the online blackboard system (for the Citadel it is called CitLearn) properly and effectively.  Like they post the homework online with due dates and slides and all the things in advance!  Like they've probably taught this class before or something!  It's a magical time in my life.
  6. Pop out tabs on my 5 subject notebook.  It's the little things people.
  7. REALLY good Fridays and feeling HAPPY.
  8. Finally, calling the HVAC company to schedule their stupid maintenance to maintain the HVAC warranty.
  9. Cooler temps (even if they are only temporary, and ya'll don't try to be like "fall is coming!"  No, no it isn't.  Fall won't be here until November, if not later.)
  10. Good Husbands, particularly mine, singular.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. that cyber investigations class sounds awesome; i love that stuff.

  2. Yay for having awesome classes! Cyber Investigations sounds like it'd be really cool! I'm sorry about all the drama with the Facebook group. Adults are definitely worse than children. I'm glad you don't have to stress about it anymore though. The names of the months & the synonyms funnies: dead on LOL


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