Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend Review {8/13}


I was motivated Friday morning and went to the gym.  I came home and showered and headed to work.  Work was work.  I had a meeting at 12 that I was assured would not take the full length of time, maybe only 20 minutes, even though it was scheduled for an hour.  I had an appointment at 1 and I went ahead and texted earlier in the morning to say that I might be a few minutes late, just in case.  In true Megan luck, I was right, the meeting went on for 40 minutes, rather than the promised 20.  I don't know how, but I made it in the door at 1:00:59 probably for my appointment.

What was my appointment for?
It was time to get my hairs did.

3 hours later, I walked out with fresh hairs.

Originally, Teh German and I had discussed riding to dinner, but with fresh hairs, I didn't really want to put a helmet on, so we opted to drive instead.  We agreed on Locals Sushi in Mt. Pleasant which was deeeeeeelicious.  Teh German actually said that he might have found a new favorite sushi place.  We splurged on dessert because the server made it sound incredible, but I found it extremely underwhelming, but Teh German really liked it.  It was vanilla ice cream rolled in Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, covered in whipped cream (too much IMO) with caramel.  There wasn't enough cereal for me so it just tasted like vanilla ice cream with a LOT of whipped cream.  No thanks.

After dinner, we headed home to be lazy AF and watch episodes of The Ranch until bed.


I wasn't interested in dog duty this weekend (mostly since I took care of the dogs both days the previous weekend), and I gave Teh German a gentle kick and said, "They are your dogs this morning," to inform him that the dogs were being annoying and  I promptly went back to sleep.  By 8:30/9 I was awake again and feeling motivated.  I was considering a workout, but really wanted to make sure that the gardening was complete since I'd been putting it off for at least a month.  The other deterrent to working out is that after my Friday workout, my bad hip started hurting in too soon familiar ways.  I'm not sure if I pulled something or really messed something up yet, but I'm monitoring the situation.

After breakfast and coffee with Teh German, I headed outside to weed the flower beds.  I dug out 12 passionflower baby vines.  These are vines that sprout up NOT near the main vine and they'd quickly take over my flower garden if I let them.  Instead, I dig them out with some roots and then package them in ziplock bags with wet paper towels and try to pawn them off on other people.

While I was packaging up vines, Teh German was cleaning up the office.  After I finished with the vines, I started working on Cricut things.  I had promised a few people a few different things, so I completed those projects and packaged them up for mailing out.  After cleaning up the Cricut stuff, I headed into the office to clean up my stack of crap.  I separated all my calc and computer science stuff.  I put the calc stuff into a pile and stored the computer science stuff for future reference.  I really wanted to set the calc stuff on fire, but instead I did a ceremonious free throw into the garbage can while Teh German watched.

Fuck calculus

I had started the laundry when I got up and had asked Teh German to take on ONE task for the day: purge his clothes.  Teh German wears the same things most of the time, but he had clothes hanging in the closet that I've never seen him wear, and I was ready for it to be gone.  While I was downstairs in the office, Teh German was purging his clothes.  When I finally made it back upstairs, I was shocked to see the stuff he had piled up to donate. 

only a quarter of those were there before...

I went through his stuff and put it into bags.  Items he'd just worn the week before were in the pile and I was confused because it was clothing that he wore often.  I took a page from his motivation book and did a mini purge of my own clothes (there's always things I can part with that I held on to during the last purge for any number of reasons).

Afterwards, I opted to take a nap.  We had an evening birthday party and I didn't want to be a spoilsport and be tired at 9 and get grouchy.  Naps are always some of my best choices.  Teh German woke me up a little before 6 so I could shower and get ready to head to Teh SC Teacher's house for the party.

Since it was hot as hell, I opted to wear a dress that I bought last summer before my hip surgery that I'd never worn.  #ForShame.  It was perfect since it was light.  I'd wear it again.  Fortunately, it only rained for a short amount of time, but for the majority of the evening, we were able to sit outside (with a ThermaCell at our feet) and hang out.

Teh Norwegian greeted Teh German and I with a very important question when they arrived to the birthday gathering.  She asked if we wanted to go to Disney World next week since they were going and they had some friends cancel on them.  Lodging would be taken care of, and we'd just cover all our own expenses.

And then I remembered that Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom were coming during the dates and that I needed to be a responsible individual and turn down Disney World, as hard as it was. 

(1 gif was not sufficient, obviously)

I tried to think through all the ways we could go to Disney, but there were none.  So we'll be passing up on a trip to DW, despite how much I want to be like, LATAAAAAA Charleston!

The rest of the night passed with drinking and talking.  Teh German and I finally left around 1245 and made it home by 0115 and it was promptly bedtime.


Again, the beasts were not my responsibility, but that was Teh German's choice.  I ended up sleeping until about 0915.  I woke up and started looking for a place for brunch.  I messaged Teh Dental Hygienist and asked if they wanted to join us for brunch.  We got it all worked out and agreed to meet at Famous Toastary.  I woke up Teh German and suggested riding to brunch, which I knew would be a satisfactory plan for him. 

On our way to meet Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some envelopes so I can mail out some of the passionflower vines.  Errand accomplished, we headed to brunch, where we had to wait a bit on our table, but it was ok.  Once we got seated, we ordered and munched on corn bread with apple butter while we waited.

I ordered the huevos rancheros, which was delicious, despite the overwhelming amount of refried black beans on my plate.

That's after I'd eaten a bite of black beans with almost every bite....

The OJ was fresh squeezed and deeeeeelicious.  I would have probably drank a glass if I hadn't ordered sweet tea to start with.  Instead, I took 2 sips of Teh German's and he tried to cut me with his eyes. 

Before we left, I received some text messages from the other admin of the neighborhood page which served to resurface all the shit from earlier in the week regarding those issues.  I assumed that I had been a hot topic at Ladies Night the previous night, which I hadn't attended since we were at the bday party.  I've opened up the neighborhood page for unsupervised posting again and I'm trying to find my happy medium for what I want my responsibility to be.  Everyone so far has suggested that I quit being an admin since it stresses me out.

Obviously, this FB admin issue has been a hot topic for me all week and I'm ready to move on from it, but it's got me unsettled and I need to solve the problem before I can move on.  Personally, I find it mildly offensive that everyone wants me to give up the position, especially considering how badly I wanted to do it.  It's not me, to quit something that I volunteered to do, even when it's hard and stressful.

Additionally, I let it bother me because I care.  I think that's what people are misunderstanding.  I get all wound up about people being assholes on our neighborhood page because it's inappropriate and adults need to act like adults and it infuriates me when people are assholes to each other over social media.  I don't like having to be the meanie, but I have zero qualms being exactly that when I need to be.  In general, the more wound up I get about something, the more I care about it, but that's easy to forget about me because I tend to be semi-over-dramatic about a lot of things.  Sometimes that's for humor, but sometimes it's serious, which was the case this time.

Finally, I'm an admin on other FB pages and I've never encountered behavior on those pages like I do on our neighborhood page.  I've never had to delete posts or comments on those pages.  So this is unfamiliar territory.  Maybe I just need to take the no fucks given approach and let people be nasty to each other on the neighborhood page?  I mean, that sounds good in theory, but I know I couldn't tolerate that.  I became an admin to deter these things from happening. 

The reality is, turning off posting for a day and then doing approved only posts for a week kept the civility of the page at a max.  It pissed off a lot of people that their posts had to be approved because it meant that posts weren't time relevant since there was a delay for approval and neither of the admins receive FB notifications unless they are looking for them, but whatever.  I kind of think that's how it should have been for a while now since the group has grown.  Originally, I can see why it wouldn't matter since the group wasn't so large.

Obviously, this is still a big issue for me and I'm trying to work through it, but it's difficult for me to balance the suggestions of others vs my desires.  My biggest problem is that as soon as something shitty happens on the page, people come to me to tell me about it and I handle it.  But this time, people didn't like the way I handled it, so they are upset.  I don't think this is a clear cut issue with a simple solution, which only serves to make it more muddled and complicated for me to navigate.

I'm pretty sure my favorite part of the texts was when the other admin mentioned that some people are afraid of me.  Yeah, I don't see a problem with that.  In fact, I prefer that.  Because the reality is, the only people that are afraid of me are people that don't know me. 

I think that having more admins would help with the problem but no one wants to volunteer for a thankless job where you have to potentially piss people off.

Anyways, sorry for that soapbox...

While the radar showed no rain in the area where brunch was or at our house... there was definitely rain between those two places, so we got to ride through the rain (aka needle bullets to my neck) going home.  This sucks because it's extra dangerous (slippery roads, bad visibility, dumb people), but it was kinda nice because it only lasted for a few minutes and after the front half of your body is completely soaked, it's a much cooler ride.

When we got home, we changed clothes, I decided to wash the motorcycle jackets since they were already wet, and then it was laziness time.  I turned the admin approval off on the neighborhood page, as I had promised to do earlier.  Teh Dad called and we chatted for a while, then I decided it was lay in bed and read time, then ended up taking a nap with the beasts.  #NotSorry

When I woke up, I rolled the laundry and and was on my way downstairs when Teh German came to announce that we were out of dog food.  Spectacular.  Fortunately, I had thawed an extra chicken breast earlier in the week that I hadn't ended up using, so I cooked it up so it was available for eating.  Lucky for the dogs.  We also had some blueberries on hand from Teh PT Family and I cooked up some couscous that had been opened for long enough to be well past stale.  I added some canned corn for good measure.  Pretty sure Meri thought she was in an alternate universe because her dinner was so delicious.  She ensured that her bowl AND Pax's bowl was completely clean.  No morsel or flavor was left behind.  Lucky for them, their Amazon autoship isn't set to arrive until Aug 13/14.. which I hope really means, delivered by tonight, otherwise, I'll be dealing with starving dogs again.

While I was making doggy dinner and Pax and Meri were giving me their best starving children impersonations, Teh German made human dinner.  We ate, then it was time for an evening spent watching The Ranch until bedtime.


A nap on both days of the weekend?  FUCK YES.
I finally got my gardening completed, which has been bothering me for a while.  I think I have a few vines left, but I can probably find homes for them.. maybe.
This whole neighborhood admin thing really needs to be resolved soon because I'm tired of dealing with it, but I refuse to give up, so I figure that means that I'm going to continue being an admin and people are just going to have to deal with it.  #CensorshipMegan

This week includes not going to Disney World.  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom will arrive on Thursday and I've planned activities like a cookout on Friday, paddleboarding/kayaking on Saturday, and brunch at The Obstinate Daughter on Sunday. 

Next Monday is my follow up appointment for my hot flashes.  In good news, the extra birth control worked to mitigate the hot flashes.  In bad news, I'm wondering if all these hormones are making me extra crazy (i.e. my "overly stressed" reaction to the FB drama).  I guess that's the trade off to not having hot flashes.  Teh German tried to say my hot flashes were stress related.. until I pointed out that I was having hot flashes long before Hell Month.  He's cute.

Classes start the 22nd.

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  1. As an adult, I now hate when other adults tell teenagers "don't worry you'll be out of high school soon enough & the drama will stop." Bitch no it won't. Most adults just act like overgrown teenagers... I'm not part of any neighborhood group or whatnot but my mom will tell me some of the nasty things that people will say to each other in the "What's Happening In (County I Grew Up In) & it's ridiculous.

    That's a big bummer about Disney :( #AllTheSadGIFs

    I hope the hip & hot flash issues get resolved. Both sound miserable.

    I love the ceremonial tossing of school/work shit you'll never need again.


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