Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Things I'm Good At.

I'm stealing this idea from Kristen.

  • Making things fit.
IRL.  I can Tetris like a boss.  I'm your gal if you need someone to help you pack.  I can make all kinds of shit fit into boxes to go into storage.  I can make large loads fit into a vehicle.  I can even arrange furniture to be appealing.  I can make all those little things in the pantry fit.  I am a motherfucking wizard when it comes to packing suitcases.  The check-in people at almost all the airlines we flew for our Honeymoon commented that our weights were spot on 50 lbs.  Why yes, yes they are.  Mostly because we have a scale to weigh things, but also because I have the ability to rearrange the contents between bags to make sure it is exactly right.

  • Buying greeting cards
I can ALWAYS find the best individual greeting cards to say EXACTLY what I want them to say.  Whether that's a sappy message or something silly or a double meaning, I always hit greeting cards out of the park.  This skill is mostly limited to when I buy a single card for a specific individual, mass groups of cards to mass recipients is not the same (i.e. Christmas cards).

  • Good parking spaces
If we are together, there is a high likelihood that we will find at least a decent parking spot towards the front of the lot.  At the Red Robin in Pax River, Teh Running Bestie and I always have spots right up front to park (if we didn't ride together).  If we rode together, one of the 2 parking spots beside the handicapped parking will be open.  This isn't me using my handicapped pass, no no, this skill has been apparent for many, many years now.

  • Speed typing
Often, I'm called into meetings to take notes/minutes because my WPM is faster than everyone else's and because rather than just summarize, I can pretty much type the conversation as it happens.  It looks like a script when I'm finished.  This is really helpful for creating minutes to distribute after meetings.  I always had a goal to be as fast as my elementary librarian after seeing her type as a kid.  When I had to take a typing test for the MC rate in the navy (my backup choice), I had to use a typewriter and even with that I was at 65 wpm.  #BOOMBITCHES  I currently average ~70-99 wpm depending on accuracy.

  • Multitasking
Full-time work and full-time school mean having to have the ability to get shit done.  Couple that with having a real life, a relationship with my husband, and loving on Meri and Pax, and I just can't do one thing at a time very often.  My greatest multitasking feats is listening to an audiobook and doing a puzzle, IMO.  I often spin multiple wheels at a time, but puzzle and audiobook is by far my face.

What are you good at?


  1. SAME on the packing. Maybe it's a military related thing? Just pure practice, haha. Seriously, everyone complains about it and they never take me up when I offer to come handle it LIKE A BOSS. It really is a secret super power.

  2. I am excellent at multi-tasking. I'm better at multi-tasking than doing one thing at a time.


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