Friday, August 17, 2018

Five on Friday #160

EINS - Random Shit

-I thought it was Wednesday on Tuesday.  Talk about a disappointing day.

-I'm eexxxxhhhaaauuusssttteeeddd (partially because of PMS, I think), and I suggested to Teh German that I take Friday off as a do whatever the fuck I want ACTUAL vacation day with no school and no work.  He supported that idea, so I ran it by my boss and got the ok and today is fuck off day and I'm puuummppppppeeeedddd.  I'm planning on going to the beach with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom, weather depending.

-My hip and I haven't been friends since last Friday.  It's really no bueno.  I was quite worried that I had messed up my hip again, but some regional soreness made me believe that I was just being paranoid.  But, I did hit up my Chiro again.  I warned him that I was coming back at least once a week to get this hot mess fixed.  He inquired what new "programs" I had started and I said, "Do you really want to know???"  He didn't answer and I told him that I started working out at a kickboxing gym and explained that it wasn't just a free-for-all at a punching bag, that it was specific exercises combined with HIIT exercises.  He wasn't surprised and we agreed it was better for me than crossfit.

Thhhheeennn, I topped it off with explaining that I had also restarted my run training for the Nov half marathons.

-Oh yeah, I started training for my end of year half marathons on Tuesday.  My current plan is to do MWF workouts at 9 Rounds, then Tues/Thurs/Sat runs.  Don't worry, I thought the same thing, GROSS!  I'm hoping that it's sustainable and that my hip and I can be friends.  I'm planning on investing in some aleve/ibuprofin stock so that way I can just pop anti-inflammatory meds regularaly and restarting a joint supplement (thanks Phil for leaving me with those).

-Run schedule looks like this:
Nov 4 - City of Oaks 1/2 (Raleigh, NC)
Nov 17 - Route 66 5k (Tulsa, OK)*
Nov 18 - Route 66 1/2 (Tulsa, OK)*
Dec 8 - Kiawah 1/2 (Charleston, SC)
Jan 8 - Charleston 1/2 (Charleston, SC)
Apr 6 - Bridge Run 10k (Charleston, SC)

Teh Running Bestie will be joining me for ALL of these runs.
* = We'll be joining Matilda for this weekend!

-Runs I'm considering but haven't signed up for:
Oct 6- Isle of Palms Connector Run 5/10k (Charleston, SC) - I signed up for this run in 2016 and 2017 and couldn't run it either time.  Do I sign up for 2018 and risk the same pattern?  Prob not.
Oct 27 - James Island Connector 10k (Charleston, SC) - this is THE run that Teh German and I do together, but I know that I'd have to sign both of us up and he wouldn't train for it and I don't want to run it alone, but I kinda want to do it.. IDK.
Nov 10 - Sweet Tea 1/2/10k (Summerville, SC) - I inquired and they are supposed to have a different medal this year than the same medal they've had every year since the first year I ran the race.  The medals that I've got are 2 different colors of the same design, which I don't consider different.  I've never been impressed with this race (organization/info dissemination and that horrendous webpage makes my brain bleed), other than the course sights, so I'm on the fence.  I also don't really want to pay inflated, close to race day, prices, so this is prob a pass.  
Dec 15 - Cocoa Cup 5k (Summerville, SC) - this is a fun run and you get an AWESOME sweatshirt.  But I still have my sweatshirt from 2015, so do I realllllllyyy need another?  IDK. 

-My new replacement computer still doesn't have any stickers on it.  Who am I?

-Teh German said last night, "Why don't they have Rooster on the picture anymore?"  (He means on the Netflix photo that comes up when you are reading info on The Ranch.)  I don't have the heart to tell him that Rooster leaves the show, which I only know because I accidentally saw headlines about his departure when trying to see how many episodes of the show there were.  These are the secrets I keep.  I also didn't tell him that Ragnar was gonna die in Vikings.  No spoilers here.

-ALL of the honeymoon posts are drafted AND scheduled.  BOOM.  DUN.

-Amazon Sellers,
If you mark your stuff "very good" or "like new" I expect no significant damage or wear.  If you lie, I will return shit on your dime.  #NotSorry
~Unsatisfied Customer

-I've been doing some Java practice before school starts.  I'm not sure why I'm so bad at coding, but I really wish I could be better. 

-My entire body hurts.  Just wanted to complain about that here too.  I think I'm going to spend the entire weekend on flexeril.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Hairs did
-Dog food + extra bag
-Shipping materials for baby vines
-Shipping for all the packages!
-Sweet tea and small fry from McDonald's on Monday because I can.
-KFC on Tuesday to satisfy a craving #NotSorry #FattyMcGee
-Groceries from Sam's and a fan for Teh German for the garage.
-Groceries from Neighborhood Market on Tues since I didn't have a dinner plan.
-A new book for (not my) Baby after the one I bought was a POS.  It quickly got returned. 

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Reading in the rain.

Dejected puppies who can't get wet and instead sit pitiful by the door until someone lets them inside where they definitely won't get wet.

Epsom salt soak because my body is singing Ceelo to me.
Also, idk if it epsom salts actually work or not, but IDGAF.

They were both roaching, but Teh German failed in his fatherly duty.
Also, could Pax be more weird???
I know who his parents are.. the answer is a resounding YES.

How many lives does a German cat have?

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Having today off.  MUCH NEEDED.
  2. Working out.. (M-F)
  3. Sweet Frog FroYo on no-weigh-Wednesday.
  4. Coworkers that are willing to walk across/down the street with me for a snack break.
  5. Cleaners who do a good job and lurve the beasts.
  6. Coworkers who appreciate my whiteboard jokes.
  7. KFC.  
  8. Someone sleeping in the guest room (that doesn't already live in our house).
  9. Lazy dinners.
  10. Chiropractor pops.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Boo body hurting. That Jeopardy thing though...the best. So good.


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