Friday, October 14, 2011

22. My First Kiss

For a very long time, I was fearless.  Seriously.  I got hit in the forehead with a rake by Doug the exchange student while he was doing Copoeira moves with a rake because I stepped up to him, I usually didn't let the fact that I was a klutz hold me back, I let people toss things to me even though I have a minimal chance of catching it, I pull out in front of cars, I was driving when I was under the age of 5 (no jk)... and I made the first move when it came to my first kiss... and the repercussions of that probably bite me in the ass more now that I'm an adult since apparently guys actually like it when the girl makes the first move? 

Side note:  it took being knocked out by a soccer ball to the face to make me MUCH more fearful..  Something about landing on the ground head first will do that to you.  Luckily, this happened much later in life.

In kindergarten (what kind of word is that anyways?), you don't know each other (usually, work with me here) so you're all in the same playing field.  You don't already have a predisposed group of friends.  There aren't really any cliques yet.  You're all fresh meat.

I was one of those kids that rarely got in trouble.  Sometimes I'd have to pull a card (which was the worst thing ever for me) because I was talking when I wasn't supposed to (4 out of 5 times) or was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be.  Then there was the one time Teh Mom was our substitute teacher and she made me pull like 2 or 3 cards for reasons that probably weren't real reasons, but it was just the convenient that I was her kid and I got to be made an example of...  Needless to say, I was not happy with her when we went home, especially because the 3rd card I pulled, the red card, meant time out in the back of the classroom, and I wasn't really doing anything wrong to have to pull a card.  Seriously.

In kindergarten, you get snack time and nap time and play time.  It's a pretty sweet deal.. or it was, I'm not sure how it works anymore.  They are probably doing multiplication tables and writing poetry in kindergarten now.  We always got to pick out which drink we wanted (orange juice, regular milk, or chocolate milk) and we had to bring our own snack (to my remembering).  On this day I chose orange juice, which was different from my regular chocolate milk.  Jamal was sitting beside me.  I was super into Jamal, he was pretty cute.  After they had distributed the drinks and everyone was almost done with their snacks, I apparently decided it was time to make a move on Jamal.
So we were a little older.  (image)

The next time he turned to face me, I kissed him right on the lips.  I wasn't subtle, I didn't wait till anyone wasn't looking and I can't exactly remember how I got in trouble, if the teacher saw me or if it was the collective gasp from the other kids and the immediate "oh my gosh, Megan just kissed Jamal!" whispers.  Either way.  I definitely pulled a card that day.  I wasn't really sure why I had gotten in trouble because no one actually talked to me about it.  I just assumed from then on out that kissing people besides your family was a pretty big no-no.  It took till sometime in middle school (shhh don't tell Teh Parents) to outgrow that assumption.

Did you get in trouble for your first kiss or were you way more suave than me?


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