Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things you find/realize/learn while moving...

-Q-tips that someone else who already moved left for you.

-extra rolls of toilet paper you had stashed away for "desperate times".

-you do actually have TOO many sea shells (although if someone wanted to send you a Triton shell, you'd accept it with many thanks).

-cough drops.

-more bugs.........

-a very large pot that came with your apartment (and you had to check the rent agreement to see if it was yours or came with the apartment).

-that someone else used all your packing paper and didn't mention they used ALL of it.

-that you kept those small boxes to mail stuff in, but never used them and now they are trash anyways (but good on you for having them if you needed them).

-that your lamp was actually a glorified coat rack because it required being plugged in a transformer to be operational overseas.

-how ever many times you washed the blankets, the dog hair never actually ever goes away, despite not having lived with the dog for 3 years.

-there were dishes you never used.

-a pail makes the best kitchen utensil container... evar.

-more bugs........

-that your shower rod/curtain were in use because the tension shower rods they provided are better used safer sitting on the ground versus their actual use of being suspended between 2 flat surfaces, so you don't get hit in the head... again.

-the toothpaste you've been looking for at the NEX for a few months is actually hidden in your bathroom cabinet, you just weren't looking in the right place this entire time.  Although lucky for you, you're not out of toothpaste just yet.

-You don't accumulate a lot of things until you own furniture, and even then its not that you own more, its just that your stuff is bigger (that's what she said).

-Using an entire (old) Cosmopolitan magazine by ripping it apart page by page and balling up each page is an acceptable substitute for packing paper (in the event that someone else used all yours and didn't mention it to you).

-your hand will start to cramp up after about page 57 of crumpling up a magazine page by page.

-you actually forget all the stuff that you see every day (chairs/tables), yet can't forget the stuff that you never see (uniforms/sheets, with the exception of the toothpaste).

-FB/Gmail/Google Reader/your bank website/information on a new car/the internet are all acceptable alternatives to gathering things to be packed, and are actually preferred activities.

-having company is more motivational than booty shakin music.

-having company means someone is there to witness your freak-outs and watch you stomp from your bathroom to your living room, all while huffing and muttering under your breath, carrying your shower curtain and shower rod looking completely ridiculous.

-walking around your apartment becomes risky business, especially if you get too close to a surface that contains lots of glassware, and you're a klutz.

-while pitching that fit about the shower rods, you actually took down the shower rod that was still hanging up properly, and since you weren't able to get it to hang correctly in the bathroom you wanted it in, you threw it in the other shower (this is only confusing because I have 2 tubs and 2 shower stalls), but in the morning when you actually need to take a shower, there will be no shower curtain AND the shower rods/curtains are laying in the shower stall you could have used.

-you own a lint roller.

-you own a few too many ethernet cables.. but at least you have one of almost every length.

-the "maids" never dusted certain areas ("maids" because Teh Bear argues that they are actually arab men that I let break into my apartment every week to piss me off because they don't actually clean, they just smell up the apartment (with their body odor) and swipe the toilets clean).

-you have large plastic containers with nothing in them.. and you're not sure what was in them to begin with, but you know you should find something to put in them.

-it is completely acceptable to leave found rolls of toilet paper in weird places (like on your living room shelves).

-you're not sure why you bought that can of pork n beans, because you didn't eat them then, and now you have to force yourself to eat them, because you're running out of food, and you can't pack the food with the rest of your stuff.

-you own (several) unopened bottles of liquor (like you were planning for an apocalypse or something).

-trying on clothes and they actually fit, when they didn't fit a year ago, is the best feeling ever.. it also means you have several more things to add to your suitcase.

-carpet cleaner that you never bought.

-you probably shouldn't have kept all those plastic bags.

-the idea of living out of your suitcase for 2 months is acceptable and its almost a challenge to see how little you can get by with.

-the temptation to play Mario Kart on the GameCube is higher when its time for the console to be packed away, despite not having hooked up the GameCube in the past year.

-you will actually discover even more stuff that you own while unpacking.  At which point you will "put it away in a place you won't forget" then promptly forget where it is/of it's existence.

-you can't fall asleep because you keep thinking about random things that need to be put in other places so you don't forget where they are/so they get packed in the right shipment

All my stuff was around 1500 pounds.  I feel like that is an accomplishment! :)

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