Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This one time, I molested a gigantic roll of bubble wrap...

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  I may or may not actually be a child.

I decided not to do anything too risky while the movers were there to protect their roll.

Excited face!  Who loves bubble wrap!

This mo-fo is almost as tall as me...

I need to grow.. 

Things were starting to get steamy between me and the bubble wrap roll.

I was holding it close.

I felt like I should back off a little, so I gave it some space.

Then it missed my touch.

I was trying to see inside the bubble wrap roll.  Everyone has a heart somewhere.

Then we got naughty again.

I tried being smaller than the bubble wrap roll.

We were buds.

But I wanted more.  (I pretended the roll was really Teh Bear... not that I could dip him for a kiss..)

This was me telling the roll to be good.  Nothing too inappropriate, my boyfran wouldn't like it.

Shakin my booty at the bubble wrap roll.

What a comfy body pillow!

This is much harder than it looks.  No pun intended.

Look Ma, I'm flying!

Wrestling with the bubble wrap roll.. I was showing it who was the boss.

Balancing on the roll on the table.  And I cut off my own head.  Awesome.

I had the bubble wrap roll pinned.  It wasn't getting away.

Me serenading the bubble wrap roll.


Giving the bubble wrap roll a hug with my awesome packing tape bracelets on.

Taking the packing paper and beating the bubble wrap roll with it.  The paper was actually heavier than I anticipated.

Me begging the bubble wrap roll not to leave and making promises that we could have fun for a long time.
Please excuse the semi-bad quality of these photos.  I took my ancient faithful point and shoot and set the shutter delay.  I sat it on the counter and the dining room table and random boxes..  I took all these photos while the movers were taking boxes out.  Anytime I heard the elevator ding, I would run the bubble wrap roll back to the spot they left it in and return to my computer like I was being normal... Bwahahhahahahaha.. little do they know their bubble wrap isn't innocent anymore.

I wanted to wrap myself in it and take a photo, but one of them taped it closed before I could.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us. This gigantic bubble wrap roll is looking huge.


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