Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20: Bokeh

Lesson from this challenge day:
I like things in focus.  I like as much as possible in mostly focused.  As in, even things in the background.  Rarely ever do I purposely shoot the background in bokeh style.  I like the background to be fuzzy, but not so out of focus you can't tell what you're looking at.

I actually had to look up how to shoot a bokeh shot for this challenge.  Due to my inferiority in this department, I started to look into some old photos that I've taken to see if I've ever even accidentally got a bokeh shot.  This was also when the lesson of the challenge day was realized......

The only old shot I could find that would be considered "Bokeh".  This was from brunch with Mr. Curly Sweatervest and Shoulda Been a Cowgirl

I'm not sure if the top is considered bokeh or not, but it's out of focus, which was on purpose.  
What do you think, is the 2nd photo Bokeh?

1 comment:

  1. I think the second photo is just fine for Bokeh (can't say that with out giggling just a bit.) Again, I argue that this is simply depth of field with a fancy name attached to it, but I'm old and cranky and didn't get my mini-wheats this morning.


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