Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The movers are here!!!

So I started putting my comments on FB and realized that I was quickly passing up an opportunity for a blog.  Silly Teh Megan!

Movers are here.. I promise to keep all my witty comments contained within this status update.  You're welcome! :)

So far no body odor...  talk about an exciting unexpected surprise!!

super clever idea when moving:  take a box.  tape the bottom closed.  open the other side so the flaps are sticking straight up  tape those around up around the very top.  now put the open end on the floor and use as table!

The sound of packing tape never sounded so good!

The sound of packing tape is VERY loud over the phone... Shoulda Been a Cowgirl didn't like it as much as I do.. hehehe.

I can only see 2 of the guys from my "desk".  I hope the other guys aren't wrapping things crappy.  I think they are working on the storage room though, and there isn't much that needs to be packed in there.  I think they wrapped the recliner though.

I seriously want to give each one of these guys a hug and say, "Thank you for not smelling bad!"

Man, I forgot to look at the time when the guys arrived.  I don't think they are going to beat the GTMO moving crew.  I do have a lot more stuff.  I think I'd rather these guys take their time anyway.....

I can walk past my bar safely again!!!!  :)

Do you get a packout when you leave the military to a destination of your choice?

Hahah.. the mover just packed up the little boxes I was going to use to ship stuff.  The hahah part was mainly because he wrapped them in packing paper.

Hrm.. totally forgot to get my crocs out of my shoe bin.  Oh well.  New ones when I get to America it is! :)

I'm a little sad they aren't labeling the boxes.  The man in GTMO made sure to document every item that went into each box.. and since each box was numbered I knew what was in each box.

Super excited to have packing paper again.

These guys are hardcore.  One of them is wrapping my games up individually.

I really need a life and should stop writing down my every thought.  *glass clinks in kitchen*  on second thought.. maybe I should just keep watching the movers.  

Yaay!  There go the candles getting wrapped.  No issue at all.  Fantastic.

Correction:  the guys have markers and are writing on the boxes.

I think they also understand a least a moderate amount of my Southern Drawl.  This is good.

Only 4 bottles of liquor could get packed.  Well alright then.  Full bottles of: Sailor Jerry, Absolute, and Malibu.  The other stuff I think I can definitely sell considering they are also mostly full to never been opened.  Anyone interested in an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels?  A mostly full bottle of Bombay gin?  A half full bottle of Skyy vodka?  A quarter bottle of Absolute Citron?  a whole bunch of liquors (creme de menthe, creme de cacao, amaretto, peppermint schnapps (good for brownies))?  I'm looking for donations on opened bottles and close to full price on unopened bottles.

The movers have all gathered in the hallway where I can't see them.. or in the storage room.  I'm slightly concerned.  I will resist the urge to go "check on things"..  These guys are professionals.. Right?

Is the point of hitting the sides of the box and the top to make things settle?  I could only wish that was how hard my boxes were going to get hit and be thrown around...

The kitchen is packed!

Apparently they are going to take a break and come back in an hour?  They've only been here for an hour!  Hrm.  That's annoying.  So much for doing anything today..

It's so quiet in my apartment with no one else here!

YAY they are back!  Almost to the minute an hour.  Impressive!  Commence noise!

Hrm.. one of them just did the head bob.  I was so impressed until that point.  He wasn't talking to me, that was the only saving grace.

Teh Lumberjack entertained me while the movers were doing their thing.  It was a fun chat!

So many cleared surfaces!!!! this is progress!!!

Yay for doing this all at once instead of breaking it up into 2 packouts.  That means that everything will get there by November!!!  Which means less time living out of a suitcase!

They have this roll of bubble wrap that is slightly shorter than me.  I want to steal it and run around with it over my head yelling, "I'm am the victor!!!!"  (not like the name, like the adjective).

We were worried, but it appears the table WILL fit in the box.  Magical.

I'm totally taking a photo of me with the bubble wrap.  Its ok that they think I'm crazy.  Seriously.

Good-bye diploma frame.  Good-bye Teh Sister+Teh Megan photo collage!  I'll see you soon!

Did he just put my hookah case in with my very important frames?  And he only wrapped those very important frames in a single layer of bubble wrap?  /cue nerves.

As more and more full boxes appear and less and less stuff can be seen, I'm starting to feel protective of my belongings.. Although it really could have been the way he didn't appreciate my diploma frame.

It really is convenient that hotels offer hair dryers.. That way mine can be packed out!  :)  And its also super awesome that my hair straightener is for wet hair.  Just sayin.

Yep, I'm ready for these guys to be done.  They started a little before noon and it's now almost 3.  They also took an hour break.  I will keep myself distracted by thinking about how much like Christmas it will be to unpack all these mystery boxes!

Time to start praying that nothing gets broken/damaged during shipment.

Prayer call.  They aren't stopping.  Good call.

How can they not be done yet?!  I don't have THAT much stuff!  I think I pack stuff faster.  This is what I get for owning more stuff than would fit in my car.

Should we place bets on if they will clean up the mess or not?

I've never seen furniture in boxes before now.

These guys stand up all day long.  I remember when I worked at HellValue and stood up all day long.  The best part of my day was getting to my car and sitting down.  Sometimes I'd just sit there for a few minute before driving off.

Mannnn.. They taped the bubble wrap closed before I could wrap myself in it!

Hrm.. someone just picked up the floor.  Totally impressed.

Everything is packed.  So many boxes!

The funnest part of moving is sneaking around with the bubble wrap while the movers are carrying things out... hehehehehehehhe

Yay 2 blogs from moving day!  Photos AND this "status update" one.  Winning!

after 4pm.  Really, they can finish this job anytime now.

I don't understand how taking out each load of stuff is taking longer and longer.  I thought we took the big stuff out first?

Waiiiiiiitttt... It doesn't all fit.  Fantastic!

Papers signed!

Last mover is doing the last of the clean up work and taking out the empty boxes.

Empty apartment... /exhale.

The END!!!!!!!

Uh oh.. it won't all fit!  Please also note how awesome my building looks in the reflection on the car windshield.. :)


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