Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25: Something pink

Let me state this for the record: I'm not a pink fan.  Most everyone that knows me, know this fact.  I'm not a pink girl.  I like all colors, but I don't choose to have all colors around me.  Except that.. I found several pink items while doing this challenge!  Wooooah, Sparky!  Luckily, these items were minimal, which is the only things that made this realization acceptable.

When contemplating what to shoot for Something Pink, I instantly thought of my perfume that Teh Advising Sister was wearing/had sitting out the one time I ever stopped by her place.  Vera Wang Princess.  Maybe its actually supposed to be purple, but just the word "princess" conjures images of pink tutus crowns in my head.  /shiver.  I'm not a princess-y girl, but I love the way this perfume smells.

Then something else happened as I went into the bathroom to take the photos.  The most recent bottle I received came with a makeup bag that I'm currently using (for the first time ever, which you will see why) since I'm in the middle of moving...  AND my toothbrush is PINK?  WHAT?!  I'm not actually sure why I have a pink toothbrush, but I'm judging myself.  Shoulda Been a Cowgirl will grin ear to ear when she reads/see this post.

OMG so much pink!  Along with the most spectacular toothpaste evar.

I love the light shining through the liquid and the crown shadow on this shot.

This was probably my favorite pink shot.
For most of the challenge photos, I didn't do any post editing.  Had I known the perfume bottle was so gross, I would have washed it off, but I didn't notice until it was loading on my computer.  At that point, the shot had nothing wrong with it technically, so I just left it.. I mean, I'm not shooting for magazines or anything crazy.. so perfection isn't necessary.

Side note:  This bottle didn't come with 2 different colors toppers.  They were actually both silver.  But, I did something super cheesy for Teh Bear, since this is his fave perfume of mine.  While he was here, I finished my original bottle off, which had come with a gold crown/ring.  Smell is one of the strongest ways to remember something, so I switched the rings on the bottles.  Then I gave the empty bottle to Teh Bear.  It's super cheesy, I know, but totally something that I would like (if Teh Bear wore cologne).


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