Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 13: 13 Things

For this topic, I struggled.  I needed 13 things!  Because I was behind, I was able to look at other member's of the challenge for ideas.  I often read Marsh Mellow Goodness, because I think Kate is highly amusing and  she joined the Peace Corps (which is something I've always only ever heard about) and she did 13 things of the same thing.  Clever.  I worked off that idea too.

1.  Me.
2.  My shirt is from GTMO.  It's also a US Marine Corps shirt, the only one I own.
3.  Camera
4.  4th book in Tales of the Otori (which I recommend to anyone who likes historical/feudal Japan/Asia) without its paper cover so I don't rip it to shreds.
5.  Remotes for TV and DVD player.
6.  Crappy Bahrain cell phone
7.  iTouch, which lends to awesome workout jams/dances
8.  My Camelbak water bottle from Worldwide Jesus Lover
9.  La computadora
10.  Paper
11.  Pen
12.  B.o.B.
13.  Lysol wipes (these snuck in the photo, but pretty much fully embraces my take on cleaning: as simple as possible)

My water bottle has lines on it for 8, 16, and 24oz.  I estimated 13 oz of water in my bottle.  I probably had to drink 13 ounces just to get around 13oz left in my bottle!


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