Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23: Sunflare

Most photographers don't generally want sunflare in their shots unless that is the specific look they are going for.  I fall into the don't want sunflare category.  There isn't really a time I can think of that I thought sunflare added anything to my photograph...

This was another challenge I had to do some research on to make sure that shooting sunflare was obtainable.  Directions:  Open aperture.  Point camera at sun.  Shoot photo.  Well alright then.

The day I started the photo challenge.  I was thinking of shooting the green light, but knew that would cause some discontent in the drivers behind me.  So for their sake, I just settled on the red light.

My first ever conch.  Yeah, its ugly.  I'm super depressed I forgot to put this in my packout, but it stays outside my door.  Same when I was in GTMO, but this time its my balcony, so the cleaners don't throw it away.

After reading the instructions, this is what happened.  Hello Sunflare!
This was a cool challenge for me, because I don't normally include sunflare purposely.  Now maybe I will?

Do you think sunflare is a cool effect or do you think it shouldn't be used?


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