Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 17: Technology

For me, technology is VERY important.  It's pretty much the only way I have to keep up with my people in the States... oh who does that include?  All my family, Teh BFF, Teh Bear, Teh 2nd Parents.... pretty much anyone I know that isn't in Bahrain, which would kinda make sense.

Computers are the one thing that keep me connected to the rest of the world.  MY laptop is the bestest of them all though.

Hello, Dell XPS 17, my lovely laptop, I love you.
This is one of the best backgrounds I've found so far, which Teh HP Wizard sent to me at a point when Bahrain was almost completely unbearable for me.  Also, Oscar's "beard" contains all blue icons, which I considered for my something blue day, but moved away from.  There is the notepad, where Teh Bear leaves me love notes when he remotes into my computer to fix it or move stuff from Dropbox.  The 3 different temperatures?  From top to bottom:  Bahrain, Lenoir, NC, and Lexington Park, MD.  It's very exciting to see such low numbers on the bottom two!  Finally, the photo of Teh ZepZep, who is the most amazing dog ever, is actually a photo slide show gadget that constantly rotates through my photos.


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