Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Challenge Update

I know I'm several days behind on the photo challenge.  Shitbag, aye.  One of my goals on my 2 days off was to get caught up (maybe even get ahead some)..  But, I have a migraine that has decided to stick around.  It loves me so much that its only making one side of my head hurt.. per day.  Yesterday it was the right side, today it is the left.  It's a great time.  Not seriously.

I'd love to lay down and nap this sucker away, but sleep and I are apparently having a lover's quarrel that I wasn't aware of until recently.  No bueno.

I will definitely be completing the challenge, no matter how difficult finding something blue (besides the sky and my furniture) will be.  Now.. to take my migraine meds.  Helloooo feeling better soon.

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