Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 16: Long exposure

Ok, I have to come clean.  This was a photo I took a while ago.  I could have put this one off until I felt like going outside during the evening to get some shots of the cars at dusk, but that doesn't usually happen (the feeling like it part).  It's hot outside, its gross outside, the cars are always honking their horns, the cars usually stink (hello no emissions regulations), wah wah wah.  

Also, I really, really like this shot.  I think its one of my best night shot I've ever gotten, and I this was one of the first times I had focused on doing just night shots... which are definitely NOT easy..  add to that, traffic going by you at pretty fast while you're standing on a partition = scary.

 Bahrain World Trade Center along King Faisal Highway
My 2nd long exposure option was also shot a while ago.  This was actually the night Teh Kaar got locked in at the Grand Mosque and Shoulda Been a Cowgirl and I had to walk home...  The night was miserably hot and humid, which had a lot to do with my impatience at getting super good shots.  They aren't the worst photos, but definitely not the best.

The Fountain from Hell...
Hrm.. Just realized I never actually posted a blog about the Fountain adventure with Shoulda Been a Cowgirl.  Was pretty sure I had done that because the night was so absolutely ridiculous.  Well alright then, there's your future blog warning.


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