Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: Animals

There is stray cat around my building that gets fed by the mall security guards.  I considered finding him, but I've only seen him a handful of times in the last year.  Once he was under my car.  Another time he was on top of the Jeep that parks beside me.  A few nights ago, I scared the bejesus out of both of us when I was going into the market because he was in the bushes and I stepped on a piece of wood which made a loud sound which freaked him out, and he freaked me out by jumping out of the bushes.  I felt so bad I apologized to him.  He just looked at me with disdain, but stood his ground.

Kitty was probably going to be too much of a challenge just to locate, so I went with something that is allowed within the confines of my flat and sleeps with me every night...

Fake Teh ZepZep...
Yes, I sleep with a stuffed animal.  But this guy is super soft so I usually hold him in the hand of the arm that I'm laying on.

Don't judge me.
At least I don't use a night light anymore......

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