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I'm 25.  That's a very "adult" age.  Right?  Right.  So?  I'm 25 and considering dressing up for Halloween.  Instead of candy (which would be nice), the party that I'm attending requires payment in the form of alcohol and a costume (much preferred).  Adult party = check.  None of this is an issue... except Halloween is less than a week before I'm off this island.. and finding a costume that isn't slutty or expensive is practically impossible in Bahrain.

But, I think I have a solution.

I decided to join the Navy a few years ago.  And now you're seriously confused.  HA!  One of the biggest things the Navy is known for besides blue water capability?  Uniform changes.  The Navy no longer utilizes the Utility uniform (see what I did there? haha).  I have 4 sets of these "high class" uniforms and I have nothing to do with them.  Meaning.. I can do whatever I want with them... including making a Halloween costume.
Images of the utility uniform are ridiuclously hard to find!  (image)
Welcome to Shitbag Booter costume idea.

Here's what I'm thinkin:  Utility uniform.  I'll remove my names and have Booter name tapes made, which is a simple process from the tailor, and the only cost for the entire costume (besides whatever I initially paid for that piece of crap it).  The most difficult part?  Making the uniform wrinkly, lol.  I'm assuming it will take several washes to get it as wrinkly as I'm aiming for.  Along with never being hung up again.  Since I was an E3 when I wore them, I had no rank on the blouse anyways, so its perfect for my "Booter" status.

Side note (for the non-Navy):  A "Booter" is someone who is straight from bootcamp or training school.  In Old School Navy, a Booter was anyone who hadn't graced the decks of a ship, but because that is more and more common now, if someone referred to me as a "Booter", I'd probably have a few select things to say to them.  Mostly to the effect of, how have you actually contributed to the War on Terror?
A "shitbag" is someone who has to be corrected on something/everything.  Be it personal appearance, personal attitude, timeliness...  Things that most adults would regulate themselves, but some just can't seem to do it on their own.

I'll make sure to wear my hair up, but instead of in a tight bun like I would for work, I'll make sure it look like some Air Force hair styles I've seen (nothin' personal to any Air Force homies, its just that.. your female hair regs.. wouldn't pass in any other branch).  Meaning, how I'd wear my hair at home.  I'm thinking instead of my boots, I'll prob wear flip flops (mostly because I'll have flip flops still with me (that didn't get packed out)).  I might also get crazy and paint my finger nails a crazy color and wear some very UN-natural makeup.

I'm thinking that I'll button the shirt crooked (which may or may not have actually happened to me before).  I might also have a fight with some powdered sugar so it looks like my uniform is "unkept".

Pretty much, anything that I'm supposed to do, I'll "do" it, but with minimal effort, if at all, because that's what a Shitbag does.

There are some issues potentially.  In Bahrain we're not supposed to wear uniforms out in town, and while Utilities is still technically a uniform of the USN, I could remove the U.S. Navy tape and then it'd be a crappy blue button down shirt and a even crappier pair of pants that give me a foupa.  Also, there are some people that love the Navy and don't like to see the USN get trashed on, which is pretty much what my shitbag booter idea would be.  Yet, at the same time, knowing the group that will be at the party, I don't think it will be too much of an issue (hopefully).

And for an added touch, I'll make sure to wear my Recruit hat.  :)

This is an interesting use of the shirt! (image)

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