Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 14: Eyes

I was excited to see this one on the list.  I've been takin' creepy eye pics probably since I got my point and shoot in 2003.  Apparently, they can be pretty creepy.. But mostly if I'm comin' at you with a camera saying, "Keep your eye open.  Yes, this is going to blind you.  Shh.  Just go with it.  Stop laughing!  Ok.  Ready?  Close your eye.  3.  2.  Open it.  HA!  Got it!"  I'm kinda like an eyeball creeper.

I'm sure Mrs. Boomkin and Mr. Voices remember having their eye photos taken!  :)

I know this look like all the rest of the eye ball shots I have posted (on FB), but I swear I took this one today!


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