Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Close-up

I <3 macro photography.  Seriously.  Obsessed.  Bought a $375 lens because I love it so much.  LLOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEE close-up photos.  I could have chosen from sooo many pictures for this day.. but for me, this challenge was about shooting something new to post.  So much for showing off all my beautiful flower shots that I have.

Arabic Coca-Cola.  I liked the fact that it has Bahrain info and the can was made in Saudi Arabia.  Also, the Arabic and English really floats my boat.
Marshmellows!!!  I actually have these in a bowl on my counter and Teh Bear thought they were just something that I'd grown up having around all the time.  Nope, I just like to randomly eat marshmellows.

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